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                         ShottSoccer Team Camps    

 Coaches, I offer Great Team Camps during the summer months,long weekends & Holidays when the kids are out of School. Below is a sample format of one of my four day camps, of course we can customize the format upon request. The cost of a 4 day camp is only $115.00 per player, that's over a $50.00 savings compared to other comparable camps and my material is the most up to date available, covering both the Technical and Tactical aspects of the game.

·    Every day starts out with Coerver 1,000 touch w/up routine & Moves, over the 4 days all players will have learned about 15+ moves & will have the 1,000 touch routine down pat.

·    Every day 1v1 attacking games

·    Every day speed conditioning

·    Day 1...the above, then we go into topic 2v1, 3v2, 5v3 in each learning different ways of exploiting numbers up situations, finish w/ scrimmage as per topic.

·    Day up & review Day 1 topic, then go into Day 2 topic: defending concepts, e.i. pressure/cover, then pressure/cover/balance...D spacing & funneling, D-shifting, etc.,etc. and finish w/ scrimmage per topic.

·    Day 3... Brazilian Circut tech. training, review Day 1, review Day 2, then play different possession games, finish w/ scrimmage per topic-possession.

·    Day 4...briefly review Day's 1-2 topics, review Possession games, work on new Topic-Finishing using all parts of the feet, then competitive games, etc.

·    All Campers w/ receive a Camp Tee shirt at no extra fee.

Please Contact me to Schedule a Camp... *We can also set up a 2 or 3 day mini camp...

See ShottSoccer Training Photos and more at

Thank You,

Steve Shott  
Owner/Trainer of ShottSoccer
Premier  A  License Coach (Curitiba, Brazil)
District 4 Director of Coaching
ODP Coach & State Evaluator 

CYSA Staff  Instructor

Coerver Coaching Staff Coach 

Teams....Parents & Players, Check the Calendar page often for updates to training & games...Dates & Times are subject to change...


ODP 93 Team: Jeremy, Anthony, Edin, Kevin, Jacob, Manuel, Justin, Carlos Yehee, Victor, Marco, Conor, Nick, Kyle, Max!, Hunter, Carlos, John. Jormel, Marcos, Sergio

ODP 94 Team: Travis Pillon, Sam Mendez, Lucus Heuer, Tyler Sylvia, Nico Charvet, Noah Gains, Jorge Lopez, Jerry Cruz, Austen Grassini, Victor Ventura, Juan Carlos Romero, Jose Tapia, Max Ornstil, Bobby Gonzalez, Dylan Autran, Jacob Carroll, AJ Riveros, Carlos Nunez, Armando Leon & Ricardo Gutierrez.

ODP 95 Team:  Kyle Labroi, Ceasar Mendoza, Anthony Ruiz, Andrew Konstantine, Aleksey Shimberg, Saalih Muhammad, Jose Orozco, Nathen Evans, Jesus Guerrero, Isaiah Dargan, Edgar Damian, Jose Ramirez, Cristain Cruz, Jordan Zhang, Kellen Simons, Jose Sanchez, Duncan Jones, Jonathan Villeda, Michael Guerrero, Adam Chazin-Grey

ODP 96 Team:  Douglas Acevedo, Reymond Velete, Marko Helfrich, Christian Saucedo, Cristian Gonzalez, Kash Choudhary, Jasper Hebert, Dylan Sheets, Joshua Dull, Fernando Felix, Michael Clancy, Cesar Ramirez, Mariano Gil, Evan Eulner, Harold Erroa, Wesley Nild, Jesus Maldonado, Carlos Saldanta, Estean Berumen, Juan Barrero.

ODP  97  Team: Andre Garcia, Jake Casey, Gabe Thurner, Valentin Huerta, Kevin Perez, Noah Tierney, Miles Johnson, Antonio Carrillo, Seth Kofman, Nigel McIntoch, Jared Rivera, Arnie Marvellas, Diego Renteria, Eric Eisner, Max DeWit, Raleigh Adams, Dylan Yasutake, Alfredo Ornelas, Kevin Macias, Zach Krahnke.

ODP  98  Team: Austin Royce, Zachery Connally, Diego Alfonzo, Andrew Berlin, Diego Ojeda, Colin Nisbit, Ryan Alvarez-Cohe, Lorenzo Chiodo, Jonathan Flynn...

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2010 ShottSoccer Holiday Camp
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