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2018 Hoopmaster Easter Classic Columbia, MO - March 31
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3-5 STOP CLOCK games - Boys and Girls Teams 9th - 12th (seniors welcome) - $225.00 

3-5 Stop Clock games -  Boys and Girls Teams 7th - 8th  - $200.00

3-5 Stop Clock games -  Boys and Girls Teams 5th - 6th 150.00

School Team and Open Divisions 


 Columbia College (3 Courts) and other participating Columbia venues as needed.

Round Robins or pool play into winners & consolation brackets  


       Everyone leaves a winner 


Awards, Certified Refs, Quality Facilites, Event T-shirts for sale! 

Full event every season.  We always have to turn teams away.  Please enter early.


2018 Show-me Showcase-St. Louis - April 20-22

Missouri's longest running Girls Spring Exposure Event now includes a Boys Division (NCAA certified)


Where: Jefferson College, Hillsboro, MO

Cost:  $250.00 One day 3 games / 300.00 Two day 4 games and Combine (including Profile, and video) 


3-4 Pre-Scheduled Games

Always full early with great games and competition for all

 We turn teams away every season, so enter early! 

The Meltdown - 21st Annual Basketball Event - July 6-8th

 Boys and Girls teams 7th - 12th NCAA Certification applied for again.

3-5 Stop Clock games during Division 1 viewing period.  Top Qualities Venues within minutes of each other, certified refs, great competition, all in Missouri's best family vacation destination!  Come enjoy basketball by day, and Branson by night!

2018 The Ozark Mountain Slamboree - JULY 21-22 College Exposure

BRANSON, MO  The Ozark Mountain Slamboree is the Meltdown Follow-up!  Play one day or both, play one weekend or both! 


Boys & Girls Grades 6th - 12th  


3-4 Stop Clock Games

2 weekends of Great Competition, great location, great bang for your buck!

The Meltdown is a College Coaches Magnet.  Include your team to early to secure a spot.

   More than a games, this is an event.


Stop clock games
Great Facilities
Great Prices