South Highline National Little League: Field Addresses

Brighton Fields
Rainier Little League
42nd Ave. S. and S. Juneau

Get Map to Brighton Fields 4600 38th Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98118
Phone: 206-233-0055

Chelsea Park

Get Map to Chelsea Park 699 SW 136th Pl
Seattle, Washington 98166


Get Map to Crestview 16200 42nd Ave S
Tukwila, Washington 98168


Get Map to Delridge 4501 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, Washington 98106

Des Moines Field House

Get Map to Des Moines Field House 1000 S. 220th St.
Des Moines, Washington 98198

Evergreen High School

Get Map to Evergreen High School 830 SW 116th St
Seattle, Washington 98146
Phone: 206-205-6722

Foster Memorial Park

Get Map to Foster Memorial Park 13919 53rd Ave S
Tukwila, Washington 98188

Garfield Park

Get Map to Garfield Park 23rd Ave E and East Cherry
Seattle, Washington 98109
Phone: 206-684-4788

Hiawatha Fields

Get Map to Hiawatha Fields 2700 California Ave SW
Seattle, Washington 98116
Phone: 206-233-0055

High Point

Get Map to High Point 6920 SW 34th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98126

Kiwanis Park

Get Map to Kiwanis Park 815 Union Ave NE
Renton, Washington 98059

Lee Phillips Playfield

Get Map to Lee Phillips Playfield 13919 53rd Ave S
Tukwila, Washington 98188

Little Liberty

Get Map to Little Liberty Bronson Way N. & Houser Way N.
Renton, Washington 98055

Madrona Elementary School

Get Map to Madrona Elementary School 20301 32nd Ave S
Seatac, Washington 98188

Marvista 1, 2, 3
Marvista Elementary School

Get Map to Marvista 1, 2, 3 19800 Marine View Dr S
Normandy Park, Washington 98166

Maywood (Lower & Upper)
Maywood Elementary

Get Map to Maywood (Lower & Upper) 1350 S. 200th St.
Midway, Washington 98148

McKnight Middle School

Get Map to McKnight Middle School 1200 Edmonds Ave NE
Renton, Washington 98056

McMicken Elementary School

Get Map to McMicken Elementary School 3708 S 168th St
Seatac, Washington 98188

Miller Playfield

Get Map to Miller Playfield 330 19th Avenue E
Seattle, Washington

Moshier 1 & 2

Get Map to Moshier 1 & 2 460 S. 156th St.
Burien, Washington
Phone: 206-439-3169

Mt View Elementary

Get Map to Mt View Elementary 10811 12th Ave SW
Burien, Washington 98148

Newport H.S.

Get Map to Newport H.S. 4333 128th Ave SE
Bellevue, Washington 98006

Newport Hills Park

Get Map to Newport Hills Park 6029 120th Ave SE
Bellevue, Washington 98009

Normandy Park 1, 2, 3

Get Map to Normandy Park  1, 2, 3 801 SW 174th St.
Normandy Park, Washington 98166

Normandy Park Community Center

North Hill Elementary

Get Map to North Hill Elementary 19835 8th Av S
Des Moines, Washington 98148

Olympic (Aviation High School)

Get Map to Olympic (Aviation High School) 615 S 200th St.
Des Moines, Washington 98148


Get Map to Pacwest 14649 16th Ave S.
Burien, Washington 98168

Petrovitsky Fields

Get Map to Petrovitsky Fields 16646 Petrovitsky Rd
Renton, Washington 98058
Phone: 206-205-3890

Rainier Fields

Get Map to Rainier Fields 3700 S. Alaska St
Seattle, Washington 98118
Phone: 206-233-0055

Sumner High School

Get Map to Sumner High School 1707 Main Street
Sumner, Washington 98390

Sunset Playfields

Get Map to Sunset Playfields 13659 18th Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98188
Phone: 206-973-4679

Teasdale Park

Get Map to Teasdale Park 710 S. 23rd Street
Renton, Washington 98055

Underwood Memorial Park

Get Map to Underwood Memorial Park 21800 20th Ave S
Des Moines, Washington 98198

Valley Ridge Ballfields

Get Map to Valley Ridge Ballfields 4644 S 188th St
Seatac, Washington 98188
Phone: 206-973-4679

Zenith Park

Get Map to Zenith Park S 240th and 16th Ave S
Des Moines, Washington 98198

Judkins Playfield

Get Map to Judkins Playfield 2150 S. Norman Street
Seattle, Washington

White Center Stadium
White Center Stadium 2

Get Map to White Center Stadium SW 102nd St & 15th Ave SW
White Center, Washington 98146
Phone: 206-205-6722