Shelby County Lacrosse: Welcome

Shelby County Lacrosse

Welcome to the offical page of Shelby County Lacrosse


We are a self-ran league of players and coaches, with the support of the community behind us. We currently only have 1 highschool league due to this being our first offical year. Sign-ups will be anytime before this upcoming season which starts mid winter in Januarary. This is a coed league, meaning both men and women are welcomed to join the teams and will be treated as equal. Each team has a required set of 12 players to a maximum of 16 players. All players are also required to have emergancy medical forms, and pay the play cost. Although the play cost may seem alittle over budget, this is also for Spring and Summer seasons(fall is optional). Games will be played on Wednesday nights during the spring, and on Saturday nights, and only Saturday nights during fall to work around football schedules. If you are interested in coaching or officiating for the league, you may contact the S.C.L.L. on facebook, or call 937 726 5108 for league information. Thank you