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Sunday, September 8
Middle School Standings link

Saturday, August 23
2014 Middle School Schedule

     Date Day Time Visitor Home Field
23-Aug Sat 9:00 AM BM RS MeadF4
23-Aug Sat 9:00 AM T A WF3
23-Aug Sat 10:45 AM LM FR MeadF4
23-Aug Sat 10:45 AM EC N WF3
23-Aug Sat 12:30 PM M Lee WF3
25-Aug Mon 5:45 PM B WW BrooF4
25-Aug Mon 5:45 PM EC T TYRF1C
25-Aug Mon 5:45 PM Lee A WF3
25-Aug Mon 6:00 PM RS LM LandM
25-Aug Mon 7:30 PM FR WW BrooF4
25-Aug Mon 7:30 PM BM T TYRF1
25-Aug Mon 7:30 PM N M WF3
26-Aug Tues 5:45 PM WW BM MCCUF5
26-Aug Tues 5:45 PM T Lee WF3
26-Aug Tues 7:30 PM FR B MCCUF5
26-Aug Tues 7:30 PM M EC WF3
28-Aug Thurs 5:45 PM LM B MeadF4
28-Aug Thurs 5:45 PM EC M WF3
28-Aug Thurs 7:30 PM WW RS MeadF4
28-Aug Thurs 7:30 PM A N WF3
2-Sep Tues 5:45 PM M T TYRF1C
2-Sep Tues 5:45 PM N Lee WF3
2-Sep Tues 6:00 PM BM LM LandM
2-Sep Tues 7:30 PM WW FR TYRF1
2-Sep Tues 7:30 PM EC A WF3
4-Sep Thurs 5:45 PM RS B MeadF4
4-Sep Thurs 5:45 PM A M WF3
4-Sep Thurs 7:30 PM N RS MeadF4
4-Sep Thurs 7:30 PM Lee EC WF3
6-Sep Sat 9:00 AM B BM MCCUF5
6-Sep Sat 9:00 AM RS FR MCCUF5
6-Sep Sat 9:00 AM A EC WF3
6-Sep Sat 10:45 AM B RS MCCUF5
6-Sep Sat 10:45 AM LM WW MCCUF5
6-Sep Sat 10:45 AM Lee M WF3
6-Sep Sat 12:30 PM T N WF3
8-Sep Mon 5:45 PM A T TYRF1C
8-Sep Mon 5:45 PM B M WF3
8-Sep Mon 7:30 PM BM FR TYRF1
8-Sep Mon 7:30 PM N EC WF3
9-Sep Tues 5:45 PM WW B MeadF4
9-Sep Tues 7:30 PM LM RS MeadF4
11-Sep Thurs 5:45 PM FR RS MeadF4
11-Sep Thurs 5:45 PM T EC WF3
11-Sep Thurs 7:30 PM BM B MeadF4
11-Sep Thurs 7:30 PM M N WF3
13-Sep Sat 9:00 AM RS WW BrooF4
13-Sep Sat 9:00 AM Lee T TYRF1C
13-Sep Sat 10:45 AM BM WW BrooF4
13-Sep Sat 10:45 AM Lee B TYRF1
13-Sep Sat 10:45 AM N A WF3
13-Sep Sat 12:30 PM FR A WF3
15-Sep Mon 5:45 PM RS BM MCCUF5
15-Sep Mon 5:45 PM T M WF3
15-Sep Mon 6:00 PM B LM LandM
15-Sep Mon 7:30 PM FR BM MCCUF5
15-Sep Mon 7:30 PM Lee N WF3
16-Sep Tues 5:45 PM EC Lee WF3
16-Sep Tues 7:30 PM M A WF3
18-Sep Thurs 5:45 AM A Lee WF3
18-Sep Thurs 6:00 PM WW LM LandM
18-Sep Thurs 7:30 PM RS EC WF3
20-Sep Sat 9:00 AM EC LM MCCUF5
20-Sep Sat 9:00 AM N T TYRF1C
20-Sep Sat 10:45 AM LM BM MCCUF5
20-Sep Sat 10:45 AM T FR TYRF1
20-Sep Sat 12:30 PM B FR TYRF1
22-Sep Mon 5:45 PM WW Lee WF3
22-Sep Mon 7:30 PM LM N WF3
23-Sep Tues 5:45 PM M WW MeadF4
23-Sep Tues 6:00 PM FR LM LandM
23-Sep Tues 7:30 PM A BM MeadF4

Friday, August 8
The 2014 SRSA Middle School Rosters

Congratulations Girls!




Ashley Kent
Madison Edwards
Hope Futral
Audrey Baxter
Alissa Bolinger
Sasha Morawietz
Gracie Story
Alaurea Paige
Maggie Donaldson
Marti Dunn
Alexis Brandon
Reagen London
Gwen Holbrook

East Coweta

Cameron Thompson
Rebecca Turner
Macie Wiggins
Mollie Peacock
Ashleigh Campbell
Kailey Walton
Madison Lecuona
Aniston Wright
Ansley Gunter
Weslee Upchurch
Evelyn Reid
Emilie Jerome
Zoe Clay


Blythe Bates
Gracie Goodwin
Olivia Hessler
Alex Williams
Morgan Bruce
Megan Brenner
Kayten Madrey
Allison Nutt
Ansley Houston
Iyonna Melson
Zada Smith
Jessica Thomas


Natalie Heath
Kylie Ferguson
Jordyn Crumbley
Caison Bars
Ashleigh Griffin
Eliza Kuhne
Olivia Cook
Sarah Hyde
Brianna Huff
Hanna Miller
Laken Stephens

April Jernigan

Kenndie Cooper 



Sarah Turi
Katie Taylor
Natalie Myers
Sydney Shaneyfelt
Carlie Chastain
Madison Davidson
Morgan Dean
Caitlin Butts
Shaleah Daniel
Kaliyah Matthews
Maddie Hart
Makayla Swanson

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