Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC: Shooters Sponsors


  132 Nanyang Lu
Proud to be the sponsor of the Shanghai Shooters. Come to Big Bamboo, China's premier sports and entertainment venue. The place to be seen!!

HB Associates

HB International was founded in 2002 to mentor clients in the development and execution of their international sourcing strategy by forging strategic relationships between our client’s and international manufacturers. The primary industries we serve are Food Service Disposables, Medical Disposables, and Moving & Storage for client’s seeking to 1) reduce costs through low cost high quality labor, 2) improve speed to market and / or lower capital investment into new products or expanding markets and 3) those interested in expanding their international sourcing initiatives without the critical mass or desire to justify local infrastructure and resources.

Our mission is to 1) locate the right source for each product & client, 2) provide comprehensive management of the suppliers to ensure best practices from product design & development to logistics, which meet each client's exact requirement with our, in-country, highly skilled & trained personnel.

Phone: +1.336.638.5397

Synventive Molding Solutions

The Geisha

the Geisha

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