Shamrock Seals Swim Team: All-Stars Information

Selection Process

To help you understand the All-Star Selection Process in Oconee County, we’d like to provide you with some information regarding how the team is selected and what you can do to have your child’s times considered.

The 2017 All-Star season runs from June 26 through July 15. The All-Star selection meeting is held the day after the OSL Championship Meet. Practices begin the following Monday.

Please note, your child does not have to finish in any particular place at the County Meet to be eligible for All Stars. In fact, if your child isn’t able to swim the county meet, he or she may still apply to be considered for the All-Star team given they meet the following criteria:

  • He/She is a resident of Oconee County
  • Proof of age as of May 31, 2017 (ages 7-18 are eligible to apply)

Georgia Recreation & Parks Association (GRPA) is the governing body of the All-Star teams and hosts both the District and State Swim Meets in our state. The criteria for participation is set by GRPA.

The Oconee All-Star team is made up of swimmers from all of the Oconee County swim programs including Shamrock, Summer Hill, Oconee Club, Friendship, Georgia Aquatic Center, and Jennings Mill Country Club.

When applying, the swimmer must make a commitment to compete in the DISTRICT and STATE meets, to represent Oconee County if they are selected to be a part of the Oconee All-Star Team. The most important item on the form for parents to understand is the COMMITMENT you are making to Oconee County. When applying, you will be committing your child to swim at the DISTRICT Meet on TBA at the Ruby C. Fulbright Aquatic Center in Clarkesville, GA.

In addition, if your child is a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finisher in any individual event or any relay at the DISTRICT Meet, then you are committing your child to swim at the STATE meet in Tifton, Ga. July 14 for 10 & Unders or July 15 for 11 -18 year old swimmers.

Even if your child is a top 3 finisher in only one relay event, you are COMMITTED to the State Meet. If you choose not to go to STATE, after your child has qualified, then your child will be BARRED from competing on any Oconee County team for the next 2 summers. This is a very strict rule imposed by GRPA and they are serious about this commitment. It is important for parents to think this through and realize that if your child makes the State Team on one relay, you are committed to making the trip to Tifton for the State Meet.

Selection is primarily based on fastest times in each event; however, it does not mean that the fastest swimmers in the county make up the All-Star Team. The team is made up of the fastest swimmers WHO APPLY to be considered for the team. Coaches will determine selection of events for the swimmers.

Many folks can not commit for the entire summer, which leaves spots open on the team for many kids who might not have thought they had a chance. Oconee County prides itself on selecting QUALITY coaches for this season and holds practices every day. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids who are not quite ready to end their swim season. Furthermore, this All Star team provides a good insight to year round swimming, if the child is thinking about it. Most children make huge improvements in their stroke proficiency and times during the All Star season.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ellison Bates (  You may also like to talk to some other parents who have participated to hear about their experience too.