Shamrock Seals Swim Team: Volunteer Duties

We need volunteers for every meet, home and away. If possible, please try to volunteer for one half of each meet in some way. If you sign up to volunteer for a particular meet and see that you will not be able to make it, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Angie Ash at If you must cancel due to illness or injury on the day of the meet, please call Angie @ 706-255-6846.


Timers will start their watch at the sound of the horn or whistle or whatever is used by the starter to signal the start of the race. When the swimmer first touches the wall (whether by hand or by head), the timer stops the watch. When the race has started, check to make sure your watch started. If it didn't start or if you are uncertain that you started your watch at the appropriate time, ask for a back up timer.

The backup timer usually starts 2 watches at the signal of the start of the race for the purpose of giving the watch to a timer in the above situation. Each lane will have 2 timers, one from each team. Your times should at least be within .30 of each other; if the times are further apart, raise your hand and address this problem with the meet referee so that a solution can be found. The problem may be in the watch itself so please don't hesitate to let them know. Our children deserve the most accurate time possible for their efforts. At the conclusion of each race, the timer will record the time of the swimmer in his lane on the lane timer sheet.


With hand held timers, sometimes the times do not indicate the true winner of the race. This is why the finish judges exist. They judge the order of finish of all the swimmers in a particular heat. The finish judge results will take precedent over the timed results.

An example of this would be a bang bang finish between swimmers with the timers showing lane 2 @ 16.05, lane 3 @ 15.26, lane 4 @ 15.42, lane 5 @ 15.35. The finish judges are at each end of the pool where the finish occurs. They write down the finish of the race as they see it (in order of finish by lane). In the above example, if both finish judges concur that lane 4 was the first to touch, lane 4 will be the winner! A finish judge shall record a tie if a place distinction cannot be made.


Runners will collect the lane timer sheets from each lane when they have been completed and take them to the timing room.

Runners will also be responsible for collecting the finish judge sheets from each finish judge after each race. Once they collect the finish judge sheets, they will be responsible for reviewing each to make sure the finish order on both sheets match. If they do not match, the runner will take the sheets to the Meet Referee for further instruction. If they do match, then they will take them to the timing room for drop off.


The bullpen is the designated area for the swimmers to report to before the start of their race. At most meets, the announcer will say when a particular event is to report to the bullpen. Usually, a swimmer should report to the bullpen at the start of the event prior to the one he is swimming in. If he is in event 25, he should be AT the bullpen by the start of event 24. Bullpen workers help the swimmers get behind the blocks in their designated lane for the start of their race. This helps avoid delays throughout the meet. The bullpen workers are helpers. They are not responsible for swimmers that do not report to the bullpen on time. They may call out the names of swimmers that are missing; however, they are not responsible for knowing all of the swimmers, and they will not leave the bullpen to go find them!