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Shambles Football Team
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Shambles Football Team
Peter Snow Cao
86 1388 2266 575
Shamrock Bar and Restaurant
No. 17, 4th Section, Renmin Nan Lu
Chengdu, China
  My Site News: Current list of members, May 4th 2006  

Thursday, May 4
Current list of members, May 4th 2006
List of members for the year 2006
If your details are wrong, let us know.
Numbers are random - they are not shirt numbers.


1        Andrew Scanlon
2        Andy Pask
3        Arnaud Huysentruyt
4        Carl Sladen
5        David Argyle
6        Forest Atkinson
7        Foxy Wei
8        Francois
9        Franz
10        Giggs
11        Jeff Hu
12        Joel Barrand
13        Jose Castro
14        Julien
15        Kaleb Mayfield
16        Kevin
17        Lee (Zhang Li Wu)
18        Li Bai
19        Luis de Freitas
20        Mark 10
21        Mark Allen
22        Mark Guan
23        Mark Wheeler
24        Matt Vegh
25        Norm McIntosh
26        Peter Snow Cao
27        Rich Barwick
28        Ryan
29        SH Eng
30        Simon Dawson
31        Skiddo
32        Will Beloe
33        Ype Vink
34        Guy Bojesen-Trepka
35        John (Chinese)

Shambles Football Team
Shambles Football Team
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