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Shambles Football Team
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Shambles Football Team
Peter Snow Cao
86 1388 2266 575
Shamrock Bar and Restaurant
No. 17, 4th Section, Renmin Nan Lu
Chengdu, China

Chengdu DaXue ShiFan XueYuan (Ying Men Kou) on Jin Fang Yuan Heng Jie.

Or going by bike follow these instructions:
By bike: The pitch is just North of the 2nd Ring Rd.
Coming from the East, turn right off the 2nd Ring Rd onto Jiaoda Lu (???) Keep going till you get to Walmart (don't go past it), then turn left. Keep going till you see the campus on your right (after about the third set of traffic lights).
From the West, turn left off the 2nd Ring Rd onto Yingmenkou Lu (Under the flyover). Then take the first proper right onto Jinfangyuan Xilu (?????). At the first crossroads turn left. Follow the road around as it turns a sharp right. When you get to the first set of traffic lights, you'll see the campus on the left.

The only bus that stops near the college is the no.179
Directions written 2009-04


  Chengdu DaXue ShiFan XueYuan (Ying Men K
Chengdu, Sichuan 61000

Behind Golden Night Dance Club
This location has TWO grass pitches. If you don't find us at one, check the other.

They are located behind the Golden Night Dance Club on the southwest corner of Renmen Nan Lu and Yi Huan Lu (1st Ring Road).

Access is from Yi Huan Lu: From the corner of Renmen Nan Lu and Yi Huan Lu (1st Ring Road) go west along the south side of Yi Huan Lu past the sports shops to the first driveway and turn left.

The Claustrophobic Pitch: Go in the main gate about 20 meters and turn LEFT onto a small path between the buildings. Go about 50 meters past the paved tennis courts to the pitch.

The Wide Open Spaces Pitch: Go in the main gate about 20 meters and turn RIGHT. Walk past the clay tennis courts to the steel doors on the left and enter.

  Chengdu, Sichuan Peter Snow Cao
Phone: 1388 2266 575

Chengdu Sports College Grass Pitch
Located west Chengdu in Wuhou District, inside the 1st Ring Road. Coming from Renmin Nan Lu along the 1st Ring Road go about 3.5 km past the SW Minority College and the Chengdu Book Center. The entrance is at a traffic signal opposite Jule Road (¾ÕÀÖ·). Go straight in the main entrance about 200 meters turn left at the first road and the grass pitch is on the right.

ÎäºîÇø Wu Hou Qu (Wuhou District)
³É¶¼ÌåÔº Chengdu Tiyuan (Sports College)

  chengdu, Sichuan 610041
Peter Snow Cao
Phone: 1388 2266 575

Chengdu Ti Yu Yun Dong Xue Xiao map
Chengdu Ti Yu Yun Dong Xue Xiao map
Chengdu Ti Yu Yun Dong Xue Xiao, near 2nd ring road east

View Larger Map

From the Shamrock, head north along RenMinNanLu, turn right (east) along 1st ring road and go along 1st ring road until you reach the Jiao Zi Yin Yue Ting music venue and turn right (south-ish) along Shui Nan He. Carry on along that road and go over/through the 2nd ring road. Shortly after that, on your right you'll see a park (Ta Zi Shan Gong Yuan). As its name suggests, it has a large buddhist tower in it. The school (Chengdu Ti Yu Yun Dong Xue Xiao) is on the left (on the other side of the road from the 'tower park'.

  Chengdu Ti Yu Yun Dong Xue Xiao
Chengdu, Sichuan 610000

Foxy's school
It's the school where Foxy works.

Hua Xi Medical University Astro-turf Pitch
It is located on the east side of Ren Min Nan Lu, north of the 1st Ring Road about 1 km where there is the entrance gate to the University. Go through the east gate and continue going east about 500 meters. The pitch is on the left side.

Hua Xi University Grass Pitch
Google maps :,+104.067199&vps=1&jsv=151e&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=12.657515,28.300781&ie=UTF8&geocode=FdKL0wEdf_AzBg&split=0
Or go to Google maps and enter in the search window: 30.641106,104.067199

From the Shamrock head north (towards TianFu Square). Stay on the same side of the road as the Shamrock. Go over the junction with 1st Ring Road, so you are still on Ren Min Nan Lu. When you get to the Hua Xi university entrance (on Ren Min Nan Lu, there is one place where there is an entrance on your left and one on your right - you need the one on the right as you head north).
Go into the university and after about 100 metres, look right and head in and you'll se the grass pitch.

  Ren Min Nan Lue
Chengdu, Sichuan 61000

Our Usual Pitch - Sichuan University Astro-turf Pitch
Enter Sichuan University from the Main Gate First Ring Road. Go 100 meters (toward the big old red building with all the steps) and turn LEFT. Go straight about 600 meters and will find the new playing fields and basketball courts on the right side behind a long yellow one-story building. Call Fox at 139-8040-9390 or Peter at 1388-2266-575 if you need help.

  Chengdu, Sichuan, Sichuan Peter Snow Cao
Phone: 1388 2266 575

Sichuan Uni East Pitch (astro-turf pitch with running track)
Chuan Da East Pitch Map
The pitch is located about 500 EAST of the place we usually play football near the Sichuan Museum (chuan da bo wu guan).

1. Walking out of the gate of the usual pitch at Sichuan University (two
side-by-side pitches) turn RIGHT

2. Walk 50 meters then turn RIGHT along side the outside of our usual pitch.

3. Climb the four steps and continue between the buildings.

4. Continue STRAIGHT along the wall about 500 meters (do NOT go down the
road to the south gate and stadium).

5. The pitch is on the LEFT inside a low concrete wall with a running
track and a small grandstand for spectators. On the right is the
Economics Building.

If get lost, ask for the Sichuan Museum (chuan da bo wu guan).
- enter Sichuan University at the gate which opens straight onto the Fu Nan River (east gate = dong men)
- once inside the campus, head straight up the road to the lake
- take a right at the lake and the pitch is infront of you. Enter from the opposite side

  Sichuan University
Chengdu, Sichuan
Peter Snow Cao
Phone: 1388 2266 575

Sichuan University Grass Pitch
This is located in Sichuan University behind the Sports Stadium in the south part of the campus.

  Chengdu, Sichuan Peter Snow Cao
Phone: 13541311031

Taipingsi Grass Pitch
About 20 minutes by bicycle or about 15 minutes by taxi from the Shamrock just outside the third ring road off the Ya'an/Leshan highway. This area is WIDE open, has relatively fresh air, and surprisingly few people. It's only 2 minutes by bike if you're Peter.

Chengdu, Sichuan 610000
Peter Snow Cao
Phone: 1388 2266 575

Guangzhou Football Pitch
Somewhere near the airport.

Shambles Football Team
Shambles Football Team
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