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Welcome to the 2014 Baseball, Softball, and Instructional League

Baseball and Softball   (Grades 1-8) 

Instructional League (PreSchool and Kindergarten)  

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Sport Lay Director, Baseball - Pat Donahue

Co-Director, Softball - Dave Robinson

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Umpire Coordinator - Matt Zack

Monday, January 23
2012 Umpire Information

Individuals interested in being Umpires for the 2012 season can fill out this brief survey to put their name on the distribution list.  Our umpire coordinator will contact you when information regarding Umpire certification becomes available.

Please note:  Umpires must be 14 years old as of May 1 to be eligible.

Umpire Registration
1) Have you been an umpire before
   Yes, but not with CYC
2) Enter Your Name
         write-in your own answer above
3) Enter your phone number
         write-in your own answer above
4) Enter your email address
         write-in your own answer above
5) List any other umpires to associate with this email address
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