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Important Dates
March 3rd Picture day schedule
6:15pm: Pinto Dodgers, Mustang Expos, Mini Black
6:30pm: Shetland Cubs, Mini Navy, Pinto Cubs
6:45pm: Mini Royal, Shetland Expos, Mini Red
7:00pm: Shetland Dodgers, Mustang Blue Jays, Shetland Angels
7:15pm: Mustang Cubs, Bronco Dodgers, Pinto Angels
7:30pm: Mustang Dodgers, Bronco Royals, Bronco Orioles
  7:45pm: Bronco Cubs
   March 4th
Opening Day, and Fundraidser Due 
 April 29th 
Picture make up day 
May 6th, 13th, & 20th
 Snack bar deposit refund 



Our mission is to provide leadership skills to our future leaders through competitive sports. Our program serves boys and girls from 3 to 14 years old, and is a non-profit organization. It is an exciting opportunity for youth to learn teamwork and sportsmanship in a competitive yet supportive environment. PONY Baseball Mission is to "Protect Our Nations Youth" by providing experience in youth baseball  that will help young people grow into healthier and happier adults. The name PONY is an acronym for "Protect Our Nation's Youth." The concept for the name originally came from boys at the local YMCA in Washington, Pennsylvania and stood for "Protect Our Neighborhood Youth", but when PONY became an international program in the early 1950's "Neighborhood" was switched to "Nation's."  PONY Baseball divisions are organized utilizing two-year age brackets.  Baseball play is governed by the Official Rules of Major League Baseball and PONY regulations, which contain those exceptions deemed necessary for a youth baseball program.  The PONY rule book also contains regulations relative to league organization and administration.  

There are over 375 former and current Major League Baseball players who are graduates of PONY Baseball. Nomar Garciaparra, Kirk Gibson, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey, Jr., Orel Hershiser, Cal Ripken, Jeff Kent, John Smoltz, and Shawn Green are just a few of the Major League Baseball players who participated in PONY Baseball.


SGV PONY History

In 1996 Mike Proctor, Lydia Proctor, Ernie Nunez and John Karsten helped create San Gabriel Valley PONY Baseball. With hard work, dedication, and leadership, they overcame challenges and obstacles that were put before them.  Collectively, they had 16 years of experience running a youth baseball league.  A handful of managers and their children, who believed in them and PONY Baseball, helped start the league. Their first year the league began with 80 children and has grown to over 400 children for the 2007 season. Although they no longer have children in the league, they continue to push forward. Without their dedication and leadership, we would not be here playing PONY Baseball. It has not only developed our children mentally and physically, but has taught our children how to play real baseball.  It takes more time, energy and diligence than most of us realize to run a baseball league.



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Access To Site

As a precaution, we have closed off some of our site's sections to non-members.  In order to access these sites, you must sign your child/children up to play PONY Baseball and you'll become a member.  This may be an inconvenience, but as a league, we feel responsible to limit information regarding the children.  It is for their safety.  To access site, you will see a screen that says members only log in.  To become a site member you must have children in the league and log in your eteamz user account.  You must click on to user account and fill in information. If necessary you will be notified by our Webmaster when you have been granted access.



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