St Francis H.S. (Sac.) Cross Country: 2007 Results

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Friday, August 31
Granite Bay Invite
Place: Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
Distance: all races 2 miles
Team ResultsVarsity: 2nd place  -  F/S: 2nd place  -  JV: no 'JV' race
Pix: from Sig Csicsery - from Joe Hartman on DyeStatCal
Coach comments: "It was HOT and DUSTY and not the best conditions for racing, but the SF XC teams placed second in both of the team races...Our guests from Assumption HS in Louisville, Ky won both races and I know their Coach Barry Haworth is proud of the effort they showed...We will keep an eye out on them as they have a serious chance to win a State Title this year...Coach Barry's team placed second last year in their State Championship... Nicole Mendoza and Meghan Enabnit paced the Varsity Team; Erin Matranga paced the F/S Team; and Elena Losada and Amelia Leon paced our team in the 2 mile open race...It was a very good day by all SF XC runners...Go Troubies..."

Saturday, September 8
Ed Sias Invitational
Place: Hidden Valley Park, Martinez, CA
Distance: all races 2 miles
Team ResultsVarsity: 3rd place  -  F/S: 4th place  -  JV: 1st Place
: from Sig Csicsery - from Margaret Gallagher on DyeStatCal
SF Rank -         Time -         Name -         Gr -         Place -         Race -
1         12:27.8        Nicole Mendoza        Jr        5        varsity
2         12:42.8        Meghan Enabnit        Sr        10        varsity
3         13:12.1        Katie Bolce        Sr        17        varsity
4         13:23.9        Sarah Bolce        Sr        26        varsity
5         13:39.2        Erin Matranga        Fr        4        fr/so
6         13:42.5        Maggie Lloyd        Sr        31        varsity
7         13:47.5        Maureen May        So        6        fr/so
8         14:09.0        Kim Anderson        Jr        45        varsity
9         14:21.4        Macy Fuhs        Jr        6        jv
10        14:29.2        Kristine Csicsery        Jr        57        varsity
11        14:41.0        Noelle Peterson        Sr        9        jv
12        14:44.2        Jaime Openshaw        Jr        11        jv
13        14:45.2        Elizabeth O'Kane        Jr        12        JV
14        14:56.3        Dylana Jones        Jr        2        unlim
15        15:03.2        Amy Riehl        Sr        14        jv
16        15:05.0        Shelby Vollmer        Fr        35        fr/so
17        15:05.5        Kristabel Sandoval        Fr        37        fr/so
18        15:05.6        Margaret Kashuba        Fr        3        unlim
19        15:05.7        Amelia Leon        Fr        38        fr/so
20        15:10.6        Marian Styer        So        4        unlim
21        15:15.7        Emily Lehman        Sr        21        jv
22        15:35.9        Katherine Mahaney        Jr        31        jv
23        15:49.8        Paige Klugherz        Fr        9        unlim
24        15:57.3        Victoria Tacherra        So        62        fr/so
25        16:08.4        Morgan Rivera        Fr        18        unlim
26        16:15.9        Erin Perez        Fr        21        unlim
27        16:31.5        Moriah Haworth        So        28        unlim
28        17:23.8        Natalie Winje        So        51        unlim
29        17:25.7        Kristina Wtulich        Jr        53        unlim
30        17:40.3        Lauren Burns        So        62        unlim
31        20:56.0        Molly Flohr        Jr        143        unlim

Saturday, September 15
Yolo County Championships
Place: Muller Ranch, Yolo, CA
Distance: Varsity 5k (actually 3.25 miles), F/S 2 miles
Team ResultsVarsity: 2nd place (Large School)  -  F/S: 2nd place  -  JV: no team
Pix: from Sig Csicsery - from Margaret Gallagher on DyeStatCal - from Spencer Allen on DyeStatCal - from Joe on DyeStatCal
Coaches Comments: "Today we showed the depth of our SF XC teams at the Yolo Invite...We had eight girls taking ACT exams this morning and a few others who are still nursing injuries and our teams still placed in the top 2 in every race...The Varsity 2nd, the F/S 2nd, and even though the JV team ran with only 4 runners, they would have placed no worst than 2nd place...The Varsity team was led by Nicole M 3rd place finish, the F/S team by Maureen M 3rd place finish, and the JV team was led by Jamie O 3rd place finish, Dylana J 4th place finish, and Katherine M 5th place finish...Everyone had an outstanding race..."
Joe's mini-Preview: This is one of the hilliest courses of the year - in a very nice and scenic venue which will have you reaching for a bottle of Cabernet when you get back home. (The adults, not the girls!} A fine girls race is expected...4 of the Top 5 Girls teams in the SJS will be there: #1 Davis, #3 St Francis, #4 Placer and #5 Folsom.. although Folsom is young and racing alot of their runners in F/S early in the season. Davis and Placer are healthy and will be a handful for the Troubadours! Like St. Francis, they're strong but really haven't exploded out of the gate (which is what you want), so expect some good racing at Yolo - and even better racing as we move on. Individually some of the best are here too. I would have to go with Laurynne Chetelat/Davis, Maria Malone/Folsom, Nicole Mendoza, and Jordan Burke/Placer as potential top 3 candidates. (NOTE: Laurynne was 1st, Maria 2nd, Nicole 3rd, and Jordan had ACT's) Kelly McEnenerny/CB, Maddie Hall/Davis, Jonah Weeks/Davis, Shannon Harcus/Placer, Natasha Brown/Del Campo, maybe a handful of other Troubadours are good bets to be Top 10 placers too. It should be very exciting!!! (Also, keep an eye on a new Davis girl, a x-fer from Loretto Juliana Green, who will get better with each varsity race.}

Saturday, September 22
Trojan Invitational
Place: Willow Hill Reservoir, behind Folsom HS, Folsom CA
Distance: Varsity and JV 5k, F/S 3300 meters
Team ResultsVarsity: 1st Place  -  F/S: 2nd place  -  JV1st Place
Pix: from Sig Csicsery - from Joe on DyeStatCal - Girls - Boys
Coaches Comments: "Oak Ridge Invite:  Another great day at the races for the SF XC Team...Two first place finishes and one third...Hard work, quality and team depth were on display again today at Folsom HS...Meghan Enabnit (#2) and Nicole Mendoza (#3) led the team to a first place finish in the Varsity race...It was great fun to see Meghan and Nicole try to chase down the number one runner...Katie, Sarah, and Maureen rounded out the top 5 for SF...Noelle Peterson led the JV team to a first place finish ...She was third overall and was followed by Macy, Kristine,  Jamie,  Dylana, and Ana...Moriah and Erin M. led the F/S team to a third place finish...They were followed by  Shelby, Elena, Paige, and Lauren Flores...Once again, another outstanding day by the SF XC team..."

Saturday, September 29
Stanford Invitational
Stanford Golf Course, Palo Alto, CA 
Results: Girls Seeded  -  Girls Div 1/2 JV
St. Francis Results - SF 9th in Division 1/2 Jr Varsity Race - SF 11th in Varsity Seeded Race
Distances: Varsity- 5K  - JV- 3K
Stanford XC Site - PDF Info File
When: Saturday, Sept. 29 - Times JV Girls 1:06 PM,  VAR Girls 3:44 PM
Where: Stanford Golf Course, Palo Alto, CA
Course Maps:  5K PDF Map - 3K PDF Map  
Last year:
2006 Results

9. 258 ST. FRANCIS-SAC (12:42 63:29)
1 31 3380 Erin Matranga FR SJS 12:212
2 41 3377 Moriah Haworth SO SJS 12:332
3 53 3374 Kristine Csicsery JR SJS 12:432
4 65 3376 Macy Fuhs JR SJS 12:552
5 68 3383 Jamie Openshaw JR SJS 12:572
6 ( 95) 3378 Shelby Jones FR SJS 13:242
7 (104) 3384 Noelle Peterson SR SJS 13:302
11. 261 ST. FRANCIS-SAC (19:42 98:28)
1 21 3382 Nicole Mendoza JR SJS 18:55
2 25 3375 Meghan Enabnit SR SJS 19:10
3 38 3373 Sarah Bolce SR SJS 19:28
4 66 3372 Katie Bolce SR SJS 19:50
5 111 3379 Maggie Lloyd SR SJS 21:05
6 (119) 3371 Kim Anderson JR SJS 21:23
7 (126) 3381 Maureen May SO SJS 21:44

SJS Girls Teams Stanford Comparisons
Top 7 SJS Schools -
Column 1 by Team Time  AND Column 2 If all SJS Schools ran in an SJS-only race

Rank Race School Rank Pts School
1 Seed DAVIS SENIOR 96:24 1 95 Davis
2 Seed PONDEROSA 97:57 2 132 St Francis
3 Seed ST. FRANCIS-SAC 98:28 3 138 Ponderosa
4 Div 2 WOODCREEK 99:58 4 160 Woodcreek
5 Div 3 DEL ORO 100:08 5 161 Del Oro
6 Div 3 PLACER 100:50 t6 205 Granite Bay
7 Div 2 GRANITE BAY 101:19 t6 205 Placer
note 1: there were 33 total SJS teams
note 2: "team time" = the cumulative time of the Top 5 runners

Wednesday, October 10
Delta River League Meet
Distances: Varsity- 5K - JV- 3300m
Where: Granite Regional Park, Sacramento CA
Course Maps:    3 mile - 2 mile  courtesy Jesuit XC
TEAM RESULTS: Ouch! A 1-pt varsity loss to Folsom.  Varsity 2nd, Frosh/Soph 1st!
     Varsity: Folsom 34, St Francis 35, Sheldon 65
     Frosh/Soph: St. Francis 21, Monterey Trail 51, Sheldon 75
INDIVIDUAL RESULTS:   VAR: Nicole Wins!  Meghan 2nd!

Friday, October 12
Roughrider Invitational
Distances:  FS and JV - 2.2 miles  -  Varsity 5K
Where: Woodward Park, Fresno CA
Course Maps:  5k  
Elevation Profile
TEAM RESULTS:  Another Ouch!  A 2-pt varsity loss to Woodcreek, JV Girls are perfect, F/S 3rd
     Varsity:  Woodcreek 44, St. Francis 46, Grace Davis 133
     JV:  St. Francis 15, Bret Harte 56, Golden West 89
     F/S: Buchanan 25, Clovis 46, St. Francis 80
INDIVIDUAL RESULTS:  VAR: Meghan Wins!  Nicole 4th  
JV: Kim Anderson Wins!

Saturday, October 20
Moreau/Mariner Invitational
Meet Preview by Doug Speck
St Francis is on the
cover of Dyestat
Story and Results on -  Story Index
St. Francis loses by one point (again!) in Large School competition vs College Park
Place -Bib -Name -Time -Score -Behind Winner Spread
5. 1073 Nicole Mendoza 20:06.3 3. 00:34.7
7. 1071 Meghan Enabnit 20:29.4 4. 00:57.8
17. 1070 Sarah Bolce 22:15.0 12. 02:43.4
23. 1069 Katie Bolce 22:28.8 18. 02:57.2
26. 1068 Kim Anderson 22:34.7 20. 03:03.1
31. 1072 Maggie Lloyd 22:48.2 (23.) 03:16.6
36. 1053 Christine Csicsery 23:02.5 (28.) 03:30.9
Spread between the scoring runners 02:28.4
Total time for scoring runners: 1:47:54.2
Team Results
1. College Park HS 1, 6, 11, 16, 22   56
2. St. Francis HS 3, 4, 12, 18, 20   57
3. Washington HS 2, 9, 10, 19, 33   73 
1. 1076 Hannah Brassmassery Sr St. Joseph HS 14:20.9 -- 
3. 1057 Macy Fuhs Jr St. Francis HS   14:39.8 2.
5. 1064 Amy Riehl Sr St. Francis HS   14:47.4 3.
7. 1062 Jamie Openshaw Jr St. Francis HS   15:00.5 4.
8. 1060 Katherine Mahaney Jr St. Francis HS   15:15.7 5.
11. 1058 Dylana Jones Jr St. Francis HS   15:29.6 8.
13. 1059 Emily Lehman Sr St. Francis HS   15:39.3 9.
51. 1056 Molly Flohr Jr St. Francis HS   17:52.7 23.
Team Results
1. St. Francis HS 2, 3, 4, 5, 8   22 
2. Carondelet HS 6, 7, 10, 11, 12   46 
1. 687 Anika Adeni Fr Moreau Catholic HS 13:58.0 1.
8. 1039 Moriah Haworth So St. Francis HS   14:37.9 4.
13. 1038 Lauren Flores Fr St. Francis HS   15:08.5 8.
14. 1041 Paige Klugherz Fr St. Francis HS   15:13.0 9.
15. 1051 Shelby Vollmer Fr St. Francis HS   15:14.0 10.
24. 1049 Marian Styer So St. Francis HS   15:39.4 17.
31. 1040 Margaret Kashuba Fr St. Francis HS   15:55.4 21.
37. 1050 Victoria Tacherra So St. Francis HS   16:08.0 25.
42. 1046 Natalie Obaldia Fr St. Francis HS   16:18.6 -- 
44. 1048 Morgan Rivera Fr St. Francis HS   16:27.3 -- 
Team Results
1. Moreau Catholic HS 1, 2, 6, 15, 18  42 
2. St. Francis HS 4, 8, 9, 10, 17   48 

Saturday, October 27
Delta River League Championships

Delta River League Varsity and F/S Champs
Pix from DyeStat
Varsity Women Team Scores
1st Saint Francis 30
(14 pts total)
2nd Folsom 39 (13 pts)
3rd Sheldon 57 (9 pts)
Frosh/Soph Girls (3.4 km)
1st Saint Francis 37
(15 pts)
2nd Sheldon 52 ( 11 pts)
3rd Monterey Trail 54 (10 pts)
Top 5 Varsity: Nicole, Meghan, Sarah, Katie, Kim
Top 5 Frosh/Soph: Lauren, Shelby, Page, Marian, Morgan

Saturday, November 3
SJS Subsections
Saturday Nov 3 - Angels Camp, CA (Frogtown)
Results - Varsity - Frosh/Soph - Jr. Varsity
Varsity - 4th place out of 16 teams in D2, Top 8 move onto Sections
Frosh/Soph - 1st place out of 17 teams in D2. now onto Sections
Jr Varsity - 3rd place out of 13 teams in D1/2, now onto Sections
Top 10's - Varsity: Nicole M - 2nd, Meghan E - 8th, Frosh/Soph: Erin M - 2nd
Top 20's - F/S: Paige K -17th, Mariah H -19th, JV: Kristine C -16th, Macy F -17th

Saturday, November 10
SJS Section Finals

St Francis moves on to State for the 10th year in a row.... back to Fresno!
Joe's Preview, Predictions, and Rankings - Section Format - DyeStat Coverage
Dyestat Photos - D1 - D2 - D3 - D4  ------  DyeStat Results - Varsity - Non-Varsity  ----- CIF Results - Var - JV - FS 

D2 Varsity Team Scores: Ponderosa 45, Woodcreek 74, St Francis 75
D1/2 Jr. Varsity Team Scores:  Davis 26, Woodcreek 29, St Francis 79
D2 Frosh/Soph Team Scores:  Woodcreek 59, St Francis 60, Oak Ridge 79
SJS Varsity Girls Team Section Champs: D1-Davis, D2-Ponderosa, D3-Del Oro, D4-Bret Harte
Varsity Race.
  SF is led by
Nicole Menodoza 5th and Meghan Enabnit 6th
JV Race. SF is led by
Noelle Peterson 12th and Theresa Ross 16th
F/S Race, SF is led by
Erin Matranga 2nd and Moriah Haworth 10th
SJS Varsity Girls Section Champs: D1-L Chetelat, D2-PD Maier, D3-J Burke, D4-K O'Connor

From Coach John:
Another very good day at Sections for the SF XC program...The girls did all the work and they should be applauded for all their running success...The F/S team placed second, but was only one point away from first (59/60)...That was heart breaking news, but it was a great race by all...Erin placed third in the race and the rest of the team was Moriah, Shelby, Lauren, Paige, Marian, and Margaret...The JV team put in a great race as well...They placed third and the team was led by Noelle, Theresa, Jamie, Ana, Macy, Amy, and Liz...The Varsity was in a tough situation with four good teams competing for only 3 spots to go to States...It was an very exciting race and a close score when the results were handed out...Pondo was first with 45 points, Woodcreek second with 74 points, SF third with 75 points, and Oak Ridge fourth with 77 points...The Varsity moves on to States for the 10th consecutive year, the longest continues streak of any girls team in our Section...Congrats to the girls for hanging in there and getting the job done...The Varsity team was led by Nicole, Meghan, Katie, Sarah, Kim, Maggie, and Kristine...
XC DINNER:  We have reserved Giovanni's Pizza for our XC dinner on Sunday, Nov 18th from 3:30pm--5:30pm...We will be given a large part of the room to our party...We will have pizza, lasagna, and salad for our food items and there are plenty of choices for drinks...SF will cover the costs for the girls and I am trying to work a deal to make it an inexpensive afternoon out for all family members...*****  I need a count on how many are coming to dinner...Please email by Tuesday if you are coming and how many from your family will attend...More info in a couple of days...
Uniforms:  Girls, please hand in your uniforms to the coaches during the next week of school...Put your uniform in a bag with your name on it so we can keep track.
Extra Credit:  The girls can raise their XC grade by coming out to practice for the next three weeks...A minimum of one hour and at least 3 times this week, 2 times next week, and 3 times the following week...

Saturday, November 24
CIF State Finals
Woodward Park, Fresno CA - 10:40am
SFHS Mini-Preview       
DyeStat Coverage
Course Map
Jesuit Course Maps Aerial   Profile
(looks perfect)
State Handbook  pdf
Entries from every division
Bee Preview (The Bee acknowledges cross country exists!)