St Francis H.S. (Sac.) Cross Country: Past XC News

Saturday, November 8
Do you ever think it’s only the runners at the front of the race that matter? Do you ever think just because you’re #6 or #7 on the team that you’re not that important. Check this out. At last Saturday’s Subsection Meet in Frogtown, Colleen Slamkowski was racing mid-pack, almost four minutes behind the leaders. But she kept going and trying her hardest. Five Troubadours had already finished for the JV’s (scoring 35 points for St. Francis) but Colleen knew her job was not done.   Oakmont’s #5 runner had still not finished and Colleen bravely dusted her by 17 seconds, displacing her by one spot, and adding one point to Oakmont’s total. Oakmont finished with 36 points, one slim point behind St. Francis, and St. Francis were the JV Subsection Champions. Thanks to Colleen for her 25th place effort - as well as hard running by all of the Junior Varsity. Even if Oakmont had tied St. Francis 35-35, the Troubies would have won thanks to Colleen besting Oakmont’s #6 runner. Kristie and Kari were also ahead of Oakmont’s #6 runner. This is a TEAM SPORT so thanks to Colleen and EVERYBODY throughout the pack in all races for wearing the red and yellow with pride and determination. That’s the kind of running we need this week. Go Troubies!

Friday, October 10
Caitlin Chock's story in the Oct. 10 Sacramento Bee
Senior Caitlin Chock of Granite Bay, one of the nicest young ladies around, is the 3-time Division 2 Section Champion and the 2002 State Champion. She also won the Jr. Olympic National Championship in 2000. In this article she has a frank dialogue about the process of overcoming her eating disorder. She looked great at the Yolo meet so continued 'Good Luck' to Caitlin!
Great XC Story... a 51-minute 5K Hero in South Carolina

Friday, August 8
Maggie Toole top finisher at Race for the Arts
A little over 20 minutes, she sure looked good doing it. Results soon... think she was 2nd in her age group.

Saturday, August 2
Maggie Toole finishes 2nd at Susan B Anthony

Tuesday, July 15
DyeStat's 2003 State Meet Preview
Division 1, 2, 3 Girls

Thursday, December 5
St Francis Fulfills its Coach's Dream
"What took a group of dedicated and talented St. Francis runners less than 20 minutes to accomplish Saturday was more than 20 years in the making for their coach, John DuCray:
They won a state cross country title."
Read the rest of Mark McDermott's story in the Sacramento Bee.

Sunday, December 1
St. Francis H.S. Wins State Title
Area runners claim 4 titles: Caitlin Chock, Rachel Bryan, Jesuit and St. Francis win.
Story by Robert S. Johnson - special to the Bee

Sunday, December 1
DyeStat Final Team Rankings
Division III Girls:
1. St. Francis, Sacramento (CCS)    (CCS? no respect, sigh...)
2. Campolindo, Moraga (NCS)
3. San Lorenzo Valley, Felton (CCS)
4. Placer, Placer (SJS),
5. Northgate, Walnut Creek (NCS)
(Wonder why Placer is 4th?, they beat SLV at State)

Thursday, November 28
State Meet Preview - Jesuit HS's Run of Success
Jesuit High has qualified for all but one state meet and is favored to win Saturday’s Division II title.
By Mark McDermott - Sacramento Bee Staff Writer

Thursday, November 28
Local Runners Bid for State Title
Dynamic Duo - State favorites Rachel Bryan and Caitlin Chock, both juniors, have combined to win more than a dozen invitationals.
By Mark McDermott - Sacramento Bee Staff Writer

Thursday, November 28
Sarah Krtil - Preps Plus Athlete of the Week
By Mark McDermott - Sacramento Bee Staff Writer

Saturday, November 25


MAP TO FRESNO (from Jesuit website)
Awesome Course Map from Walt Lange/Jesuit website
Woodward Park Elevation Profile from Walt Lange/Jesuit website

D2 Girls Race Time - 11:10am (Awards 11:50)
Fresno Weather
The CIF State Cross Country Meet will stay in FRESNO!

Division IV Boys Race 8:30am
Division V Boys Race 9:00am
Division IV Girls Race 9:30am
Division V Girls Race 10:05am
Division I Boys Race 10:40am
Division II Girls Race 11:10am
Division III Boys Race 11:45am
Division I Girls Race 12:15pm
Division II Boys Race 12:50pm
Division III Girls Race 1:20pm
DyeStat's Preview Headquarters


Rk. Team, City
1. Carondelet, Concord (North Coast)
2. Ayala, Chino Hills (Southern)
3. Los Gatos (Central Coast)
4. Brea Olinda, Brea (Southern)
5. Edison, Huntington Beach (Southern)
6. Newport Harbor, Newport Beach (Southern)
7. Woodbridge, Irvine (Southern)
8. Ponderosa, Shingle Springs (Sac-Joaquin)
9. St. Francis, Sacramento (Sac-Joaquin)
10. Oak Ridge, El Dorado Hills (Sac-Joaquin)

# - Division - School - State Ranking - #1 runner
1        SJS        Ponderosa        8         Deborah Maier 2nd
2        SJS        St Francis        9          Nicole Mendoza 5th
3        SJS        Oak Ridge        10       Alex Kosinski 1st
4        SS        Ayala               2       Grace Gonzales 10th
5        SS        Brea Olinda        4       Vanessa Hancock 8th
6        SS        Edison               5       Hillary Hayes 5th
7        SS        Newport Harbor        6       Taylor Bryson 9th
8        SS        El Modena                 
9        SS        Simi Valley                 Anna Sperry 2nd
10        SS        Ventura        
11        NCS        Carodelet        1       Nicole Hood 2nd
12        NCS        Washington               Elizabeth Raymond 8th
13        NCS        Arroyo                        Ashley Chan 5th
14        NCS        Montgomery        
15        NS        Chico                        Hannah Dillard 1st
16        CCS        Los Gatos        3       Kaela Townsend 5th
17        CCS        Gunn                        Alegra Mayer 3rd
18        CCS        Mountain View                 Mary Reynolds 4th
19        CS        Clovis                        Meghan Marvin 1st
20        CS        Edison                        Tiffany Hannah 8th
21        SDS        West Hills                  
22        SDS        University City                 Sarah Vitug 1st
23        SDS        Mt Carmel                 Erin Menefee 4th
Note: #7 ranked Woodbridge did not qualify as a team.

Their finish place does not affect the team race

Section Finish - Bib - Runner - Year - Section - School - Div - M/F
1        1912 Christine Babcock SO SS Woodbridg 2 F
1        578 Jacque Taylor FR NCS Casa Gran 2 F
1        119 Stephanie Barnett SO CCS Leland 2 F
2        1111 Jessica Sandoval SR SDS Oceanside 2 F
2        3 Amy Schnittger JR CCS Aptos 2 F
3        1363 Rebecca Hbtamu JR SJS Roseville 2 F
3        1876 Janina Emery JR SS University 2 F
4        1597 Stephanie Fleix JR SS La Mirada 2 F
4        1277 Danzel Bradshaw SO SJS Fairfield 2 F
5        874 Hannah Soza-HodgSR NS Pleasant V 2 F
5        1126 Alicia Park JR SDS San Pasqu 2 F
6        1296 Caitlin Clark SR SJS Granite Ba 2 F
6        1680 Kevyn Murphy SO SS Mira Costa 2 F


Friday, November 10

Our annual colossal section preview on Dyestat.

Saturday, November 4

RACE TIMES: FS Girls 10:00, JV Girls 10:47, Var Girls 11:05
2005 Subsection Results
Google Directions (from Jesuit HS) - Yahoo Map of Frogtown area
3-mile course profile - 3-mile course map - Varsity and JV
2-mile course profile - 2-mile course map - Frosh/Soph

The annual subsection contest will be held in Frogtown this coming Saturday. We leave our league foes behind (Folsom, Sheldon) and now hook up with all the same-sized schools for the rest of the year, which is to say for St Francis, Division 2. All SJS Division 2 schools gets the opportunity to race at Frogtown, but Only the top eight varsity teams get to advance to the Section finals. The 3 mile varsity course begins with a flat first mile but has a rollicking double hill that starts early in the second mile, followed by a steep descent. The course is then flat for a half-mile around the baseball fields. Starting at the 2.25 mile mark, there is a gradual hill that goes on the outskirts of the fairgrounds buildings. The course finishes near the cattle pens and the stage where the annual frogjumping contest is held each May.
Our opponents for the next two weekends include...
Ponderosa - ranked #2 - SVC league champs
Fairfield - ranked #3 - MEL league champs
Oak Ridge - ranked #7 - SVC 2nd place
Woodcreek - ranked #9 - SFL 2nd place
Roseville - ranked #12 - SFL 3rd place
Rocklin - ranked # 16 - SFL 4th place
Vacaville - ranked #17 - MEL 2nd place
Galt - ranked #19 - SVC 5th place
So including SF, that's 9 teams in the Top 20 that are in Division 2. Somebody's season is ending on Saturday. (St. Francis is currently ranked 5th in SJS.)

Last year, competing in Division 3, the St Francis varsity did not win subsections. Union Mine had 41, SF had 49. But St Francis came through and won the section meet 6 days later. Subsection Results:
1 1 2360 Brianna Atkins DEL ORO 18:57
2 2431 Hillary Kigar EL CAMINO 19:01
3 2 2790 Nicole Mendoza ST. FRANCIS 19:35
8 6 2772 Katherine Enabnit ST. FRANCIS 20:07
12 10 2773 Meghan Enabnit ST. FRANCIS 20:27
13 11 2762 Katie Bocle ST. FRANCIS 20:28
23 20 2803 Diva Winje ST. FRANCIS 21:14
26 23 2786 Brittani Lum ST. FRANCIS 21:23

One of the great things about cross country is that the section championship is contested at all three levels... varsity, JV, frosh-soph. Last year St Francis won all three levels in Division 3. The JV and frosh/soph must do the same thing the varsity does... finish in the Top 8 here, and rise to the occasion on November 10th.

Saturday, October 28

Here are the team results from the past two meets. As you can see, St Francis won both previous varsity meets and is in very good shape to win the league title. Not 100% sure, but I believe if SF finishes at least 2nd, that guarantees the league title because that's 8 points for SF (this meet is double points) and SF would have 18 points, an insurmountable lead because Folsom and Sheldon can only get to 17. But obviously the goal is to win the league championship meet itself as well as the points title. For the frosh/soph, it's pretty cut and dried. SF and Folsom are tied at 7 points, so whoever wins this meet is the league F/S champion. So lots of drama in store Sat AM for this one between two very, very good F/S teams. It doesn't take much of a detective to predict that Folsom will be pointing toward this race.
1 SF 19 (5)
2 Sheldon 54 (4)
3 Folsom 84 (3)
1 SF 21 (10)
2 Folsom 40 (7)
3 Sheldon 75 (7)

1 Folsom 23 (5)
2 SF 36 (4)
3 Sheldon 88 (3)
1 SF 26 (9)
2 Folsom 44 (9)
3 Sheldon 72(6)

Individually here are the 2006 winners so far:
Delta River #1 - Varsity - Nicole Mendoza, SF, F/S Alicia Segura, Folsom (in brutally hot conditions)
Delta River #2 - Varsity - Katherine Enabnit, SF, F/S Nicole Mendoza, SF
Delta River Championships - VARSITY - ????, F/S - ????


TIMES: F/S 7:15am, Champ Varsity 9:40, Div 3 Varsity 12:25, JV 1:20

Go to the meet website to see all the entered teams.

CLOVIS takes all the entered teams and divides into four groups based on enrollment. We are in the third group of four (based on school size) so we'll be Division 3 for the Varsity Race. We will have 7 runners in the Championship Race, 7 in the D3 Varsity Race, the other juniors and seniors in the JV Race, and the other freshman and sophomores in the Frosh/Soph Race. This is on the state meet course where we hope to be on November 25th, so that makes it a very popular meet.

Here are the 19 teams in the Clovis Championship Girls Race ... they include FIVE of the TOP TEN TEAMS in Cali.
We already finished ahead of #9 Royal at Stanford, but maybe they had people missing, who knows?
What's cool is that probably the two best D2 teams in the State - Ayala and Brea Olinda will be here. An early state meet preview??
And for an added bonus, you'll be at the same meet as Jordan Hasay of Mission Prep, the National HS XC Champion. (races at 8:45 am)
And for the second week in a row, you get to race against Marie Lawrence of Reno, the National HS Runner-up three years in a row.
Reno                 NV        7th at Stanford, Regional NTN Top 10
Buchanan         Div 1        Ranked #1 CS Division 2, Ranked #5 in NTN California
Crescenta Valley         Div 1        Ranked #3 SS Division 1, Ranked #7 in NTN California
Davis         Div 1        Ranked #1 SJS Division 1, 5th at Stanford, Ranked #8 in NTN California
Royal         Div 1        Ranked #4 SS Division 1, 15th at Stanford, Ranked #9 in NTN California
Dana Hills         Div 1        Ranked #6 SS Division 1
Quartz Hill         Div 1        
Highland (Palmdale)         Div 1?        
Ayala         Div 2        Ranked #1 SS Division 2, Ranked #6 NTN California
Brea Olinda         Div 2        Ranked #2 SS Division 2
St. Francis(Sac)         Div 2        Ranked #1 SJS Division 2, 9th at Stanford
Fairfield         Div 2        Ranked #2 SJS Division 2, 13th at Stanford
Newport Harbor         Div 2        Ranked #4 SS Division 2
Los Gatos        Div 2        2nd at Stanford (D2 race… 99 min team time)
Claremont         Div 2        
El Camino (Sac)         Div 3        
South Pasadena         Div 3        
Marlborough         Div 4        Ranked #2 SS Division 4
Leland         Div ?        

Sunday, September 24

Div School City State Section Div
? Palisades CA x
1 Buchanan Clovis CA CS 1 x    <<<<<< RANKED #5 IN CA NTN REGION
1 Carlmont Belmont CA CCS 1 x
1 Centennial Bakersfield CA. CS 1 x
1 Davis Senior Davis CA SJS 1 x    <<<<<< RANKED #8 IN CA NTN REGION
1 Glendora Glendora CA SS 1 x
1 La Costa Canyon Carlsbad CA SDS 1 x    <<<<<< Cal NTN watch list
1 Los Osos Rancho Cucamonga CA SS 1 x
1 Madera Madera CA CS 1 x
1 Rancho Buena Vista Vista CA SDS 1 x
1 Thousand Oaks Thousand Oaks CA SS 1 x
1 Torrey Pines Del Mar CA SDS 1 x    <<<<<< RANKED #2 IN CA NTN REGION... #7 IN U.S.A.
1 Trabuco Hills Seal Beach CA SS 1 x
1 Upland Upland CA SS 1 x
2 Fairfield Fairfield CA SJS 1 x <<<<<< RANKED #6 CA Div 2
2 Leland San Jose CA CCS 2 x
2 Peninsula Rancho Palos Verdes CA SS 2 x
2 St. Francis-Sac Sacramento CA SJS 2 x    <<<<<< Cal NTN watch list
3 Corona del Mar Newport Beach CA SS 3 x   <<<<<< RANKED #1 IN CA NTN REGION... #2 IN U.S.A.
3 El Camino SJ Sacramento CA SJS 3 x
5 SF University San Francisco CA NCS 5 x
AZ Mountain Ridge Glendale AZ None 1 x
HI Punahou Kailua HI None 1 x
NV Reno Reno NV None 2 x    <<<<<< RANKED #8 IN NTN Southwest Region
NV South Tahoe South Lake Tahoe CA None 3 x    <<<<<< RANKED #7 IN NTN Southwest Region
OR Jesuit-Portland Portland OR None 1 x   <<<<<< RANKED #1 IN NTN Northwest Region... #10 IN U.S.A.
OR Sunset Portland OR None 1 x
UT Timpanogos Orem UT None 1 x
WA Mt. Spokane Spokane Wa None 2 x    <<<<<< RANKED #9 IN NTN Northwest Region
- 8 out of state teams! (S.L.Tahoe is physically in Cal, but they compete in Nevada.)
- 3 of the Top 10 Teams in the Nation! ... Corona Del Mar, Torrey Pines, Jesuit (OR)
- 4 of the Top 10 Teams in the California NTN Region, including #1 and #2!
- 2 of the teams on the CA NTN watch list (St. Francis and La Costa Cyn)
- 4 teams that are ranked in the Top 10 in other regions
- only four Division 2 California teams

Most Teams in this race are not running 7 runners. (We don't know which ones.)
1 Amador Valley Pleasanton CA NCS 1 x
2 Atwater Atwater CA SJS 2 x
3 Buchanan Clovis CA CS 1 x
4 Casa Grande Petaluma CA NCS 2 x
5 Centennial Bakersfield CA. CS 1 x
6 College Park Pleasant Hill CA NCS 1 x
7 Davis Senior Davis CA SJS 1 x
8 Deer Valley Antioch CA NCS 1 x
9 El Capitan Lakeside CA SDS 2 x
10 El Toro Lake Forest CA SS 1 x
11 Enochs Modesto CA SJS 1 x
12 Eureka Eureka CA NCS 2 x
13 Evergreen Valley San Jose CA CCS 1 x
14 Fairfield Fairfield CA SJS 1 x
15 Flagstaff Flagstaff AZ None 2 x
16 Folsom Folsom CA SJS 1 x
17 Foothill Pleasntn Pleasanton CA NCS 1 x
18 Freedom Oakley CA NCS 1 x
19 Galileo San Francisco CA SFS 1 x
20 Glendora Glendora CA SS 1 x
21 Grace Davis Modesto CA SJS 1 x
22 Irvington Fremont CA NCS 2 x
23 Kamehameha-Kapala honolulu HI None 2 x
24 Lodi Lodi CA SJS 1 x
25 Los Altos los altos CA CCS 2 x
26 Los Gatos Los Gatos CA CCS 2 x
27 Madera Madera CA CS 1 x
28 Milpitas Milpitas CA CCS 1 x
29 Mission San Jose Fremont CA NCS 2 x
30 Monterey Trail Elk Grove CA SJS 2 x
31 Mountain View Mountain View CA CCS 2 x
32 Mt. Spokane Spokane Wa None 2 x
33 Mtn. Ridge Glendale AZ None 1 x
34 N. Medford Medford Or None 2 x
35 Napa Napa CA SJS 1 x
36 Newark Memorial Newark CA NS 1 x
37 Oak Ridge El Dorado Hills CA SJS 2 x
38 Oakmont Roseville CA SJS 2 x
39 Palo Alto Palo Alto CA CCS 2 x
40 Palo Verde Las Vegas NV None 1 x
41 Patrick Henry San Diego CA SDS 1 x
42 Petaluma Petaluma CA NCS 2 x
43 Pittsburg Pittsburg CA NCS 1 x
44 Presentation San Jose CA CCS 2 x
45 Punahou Kailua HI None 1 x
46 Rio Americano Sacramento CA SJS 2 x
47 Rodriguez Fairfield CA SJS 1 x
48 Royal Simi Valley CA SS 1 x
49 San Benito Hollister CA CCS 1 x
50 San Ramon Valley Danville CA NCS 1 x
51 Santa Rosa Santa Rosa CA NCS 2 x
52 St. Francis-Sac Sacramento CA SJS 2 x
53 St. Mary's Academy Portland OR None 1 x
54 Steele Canyon Spring Valley CA SDS 2 x
55 Thousand Oaks Thousand Oaks CA SS 1 x
56 Torrey Pines Del Mar CA SDS 1 x
57 Trabuco Hills Seal Beach CA SS 1 x
58 Ukiah Ukiah CA NCS 1 x
59 Upland Upland CA SS 1 x
60 Valhalla El Cajon CA SDS 2 x
61 Vintage Napa CA SJS 1 x
62 Will C. Wood Vacaville CA SJS 2 x
63 Woodcreek Roseville CA SJS 2 x
64 Woodland Woodland CA SJS 2 x


    The Yolo County Championships started in 2003 and has become very popular very quickly. Davis HS and Woodland HS are the co-hosts. The meet is held in a vineyard in the rolling hills near Yolo, California. The course is on the property of the Muller family. (Laura Muller ran for Woodland HS and is still the PAL recordholder in the one mile race when she ran for Holy Rosary in the late ‘90’s.) The meet is usually the first weekend in October (the week after Stanford), but because Stanford unexpectedly decided to have their meet Sept 30 instead of Sept 23, everyone scrambled for different dates this year.
    SF has done pretty well at this meet. The St Francis varsity was 4th in the inaugural Yolo meet behind then-powerhouse Granite Bay as two-time State Champ and FootLocker Finalist Caitlin Chock won by 38 seconds. In 2004, St Francis was a close 3rd to Davis and Folsom. The winner was FootLocker Finalist Natasha LaBeaud of Folsom. In 2005 the winner again was from Folsom HS - Maria Malone. Maria (now a soph) is still recovering from a spingtime injury. St. Francis improved once again by one place to take 2nd, only 6 points behind Davis 70-76.
    In frosh soph action from 2003-2005, the Troubies have taken 3rd, 4th, and then 2nd last year. Despite all the St. Francis success, the JV's are the only team with a win at this meet taking the title in 2005 with a 6-point win over Davis, 40-46.
    The #1 Varsity finishers have been Megan Alexander (7th in 2003), Maggie Lloyd (16th in 2004), and Katherine Enabnit (10th in 2005).
    St Francis did have a winner last year! Annie Coronado McNary was the JV Champ with a time of 13:43 as four Troubadours finished in the first eight in that race (Colleen Buehler 2nd, Flora Rutaganira 5th, and Stephanie Bolce 8th).

List of teams competing provided if we find out.


Last Year at Delta Meet #1 the SF varsity won but Folsom's very strong younger squad emerged. They took St Francis in the F/S race 36-51. We'll see what Folsom decides to do for this meet but they have 3 very good Top runners in D1 Section Champ Maria Malone, 2005 Delta Champ Casey O'Day, and Sheldon transfer Shelly Pugh. Shelly Pugh has actually had the best success so far of the the trio, taking 21st at Granite Bay and 10th at Rocklin. Folsom's Frosh Soph were at the top of their game at Rocklin putting four in the top 7 there. But as we know St Francis frosh soph were equally impressive at Ed Sias.
This year's league is now called DELTA RIVER... and the teams are:
Florin - Folsom - Monterey Trail - Pleasant Grove - Sheldon - St. Francis - Jesuit
Sheldon and Florin may have competitive teams too, we'll have to see. Pleasant Grove and Monterey Trails are just building their programs.
SF 44 - Shel 62 - Fol 72 -
Katherine E was 6th, Brittani L was 7th, Nicole was 8th, Colleen was 9th
Folsom 36 - SF 51 - Sheldon 54 -
Stephanie E was 2nd, Sarah B was 4th


2005 - St. Francis Summary - St. Francis Photos - Other Ed Sias Photos - Official Meet Results

2006 Ed Sias - Course Map
This is the first of two invitationals in a row where we see a bit more of the North Coast and Central Coast Section teams than we do teams from within our own Section. In the past, it was a chance to run against future state opponents because D3 is much stronger in the North than D2 is. Since we aren't going to Mt SAC, our only chance to see some D2 state contenders might be Clovis. But anyhow this is a good meet because the course stays the same (mostly) and it might even be faster this year because the bridge looks like it's back after having been under repair for the last 3-4 years.

Acalanes - Amador Valley - American - Antioch
Archbishop Riordan - Berean Chr - Carondelet - Castro Valley
College Park - Campolindo - Clayton Valley - De La Salle
Deer Valley - Dublin - El Dorado Union - Grace Davis
Granada - Irvington - JF Kennedy - Justin Siena
Livermore - Maria Carrillo - Miramonte - Monte Vista
Montgomery - Mountain View - Northgate - Red Bluff Union
Sacred Heart Cathedral - St. Francis Sac - St. Helena - St. Joseph
St. Mary's College - San Rafael - Santa Rosa - Skyline
Tamalpais - Washington

- Teams we expect to be real tough: Carondolet, College Park, Campolindo (2001 D3 State Champ), Miramonte (2003 D3 State Champ), Montgomery, Northgate, and for sure some others.
- Of the Top 20 girls in last year's varsity race, only three girls appear to be returning:
Erynn Rebol - Red Bluff (6th, 12:58), Eugenie Foote - College Park (10th, 13:07), Sparky Murillo - Campolindo (18th, 13:22)
- Top Returners from 2005 F/S Race: Diana George - Livermore (13:03), Laurie Finnegan - Campolindo (13:14), Jackie Flynn - Sacred Heart (14:02), Amy Cordisco - Skyline (14:09)
- Top SF Times from 2005 - Katherine E (13:39), Meghan E (13:54), Amy L (13:54), Brittani (14:15), Nicole (14:15).
Let's put about eight below 14 this year. How's that?

Gordon CARONDELET 11:27 96 Course Record
Bei MONTGOMERY 11:29 99
Nolan ANTIOCH 11:48 99
Cox SANTA ROSA 11:51 98
Aldridge MARIA CARRILLO 11:54 00
Allen COLLEGE PARK 12:01* 03
Akana LOWELL 12:04 96
Huber ACALANES 12:09* 05
Stevens VACAVILLE 12:10 00
Vieghweg ST. IGNATIUS 12:10 02
Loper-Riley ALHAMBRA 12:12 98
Horn SANTA ROSA 12:13 90
Bowen SAN RAMON 12:13 94
Riley CAMPOLINDO 12:18 89
Martinez WOOD 12:19 91
Bashel MONTGOMERY 12:19 98
McConnell UNIVERSITY SF 12:21 88
Fritzke MT. SHASTA 12:21* 05
Vandenburg BUCHANAN 12:27 00
Pritchard VACAVILLE 12:27 90
Montgomery CARONDELET 12:27* 04
Lambert NORTHGATE 12:28 94
Ksenzulak LIBERTY 12:28 97
Firouz BENICIA 12:28 02
Sparks PIEDMONT 12:28* 04
Lemmon VACAVILLE 12:30* 05
Conley MONTGOMERY 12:32 01
Richardson SLATER JH 12:34 91
Mazza SANTA ROSA 12:34 91
Yonan BEYER 12:36 98
Sojka MT. SHASTA 12:42* 05

Last Year:

Tuesday, September 5

Granite Bay Invitational - September 2nd - Folsom High School

Map to Folsom HS

2 mile Course Map - 5 km Course Map
Note: Frosh/Soph run 2 miles. JV and Varsity run 5 km (3.1 miles)

In 2005, St Francis took 5th, one place ahead of Davis, but behind Reno, Vacaville, Oak Ridge, and Madera. The frosh/soph won their event beating Union Mine 57-63. The #1 varsity finisher was senior Karen Frazier (13th) and the #1 frosh/soph was Nicole Mendoza (9th). In the Open race the #1 Troubadour was Annie Coronado-McNary (8th).

Look at some of these recent high finishers in the varsity and frosh/soph divisions. This meet really brings out the best. Here's a listing of the top finishers and what they went on to do that year. The frosh/soph is normally a highlight because the very best freshman almost always start the year in this event before they are quickly moved up to varsity.
1. Caitlin Chock Granite Bay (State Champ Div 2)
2. Rachel Bryan Laguna Creek   (State Champ Div 1)
3. Natalie White Oak Ridge   (2nd at Sections Div 2)
1 Rachel Bryan Laguna C 19:30   (State Champ Div 1)
2 Natalie White Hiram JOHNSON 19:56   (injured)
3 Michelle Born Oakmont 20:31 (6th at Sections Div 3)
4 Kim Crouch Placer 20:34    (4th at Sections Div 3
1 Katie Fritzke Mt. Shasta (State Champ Div 5)
2 Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge    (Section Champ Div 2)
3 Kim Crouch Placer   (Section Champ Div 3)
4 Caitlin Clark Granite Bay   (4th at Sections Div 2)
1 Marie Lawrence Reno (Nevada State Champ, Nat’l XC 2nd place)
2 Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge (Section Champ Div 2, 5th at State)
3 Chelsea Reilly Davis (3rd at Sections Div 1)
4 Cecily Lemmon Vacaville (2nd at Sections Div 2)

1 Katie Hartman St Francis (7th at Sections Div 3)
2 Natasha LaBeaud Folsom (7th at Sections Div 1, eventual Nat’l FootLocker finalist)
No Data
1 Caitlin Clark Granite Bay (14th at Sections D2, state track qualifier)
2 Lucie McKirdy Nevada Union (50th at Sections D1)
3 Karrah Brown Ceres (17th at Sections D1)
1 Haley Carrigg Roseville 13:45    (15th at Sections Div 3)
2 Jordan Burke Placer 13:54   (6th at Sections Div 3)
3 Brittani Lum 13:59   (22nd at Sections Div 3 – Team Section Champ in XC and Soccer)
1 Maria Malone Folsom    (Section Champ Div 1)
2 Stacey Haack Oakmont   (5th at Sections Div 2)
3 Danzel Bradshaw Fairfield    (4th at Sections Div 1)



Florin - Folsom - Monterey Trail - Pleasant Grove - Sheldon - St. Francis - Jesuit


Individual Section Champion - Alex Kosinski JR - Oak Ridge
Other Top Finishers - 2nd-Cecily Lemmon SR, Vacaville - 3rd-Caitlin Clark JR, Granite Bay
Key Graduations - Cecily Lemmon, Vacaville - Cherise McNair, Sierra - Ursy Bergmooser, Rocklin
Individual Team Section Champion - Ponderosa HS
Other Top Finishers - 2nd-Oak Ridge, 3rd-Vacaville, 4th-Woodcreek

State Individual Champion - Kauren Tarver FR, Serrano
State Top 5 - Christine Babcock SO, Woodbridge (State 1600 Champion), Kevyn Murphy FR, Mira Costa (excellent swimmer),
Anna Sperry JR, Simi Valley, Alex Kosinski JR, Oak Ridge (2-time Section Champ, 2-time State 1600m runner-up, Footlocker Nat'l)
State Team Champion - 1. 150 Aptos ( 19:20 1:36:40)
2nd - 2. 161 Newport Harbor ( 19:17 1:36:22)
3rd - 3. 162 Ventura ( 19:28 1:37:17)
4th - 4. 183 Edison ( 19:29 1:37:23)
5th - 5. 228 Clovis ( 19:39 1:38:14)
Top SJS Finish - 10. 298 Vacaville ( 19:56 1:39:40)

2006 SJS RANKINGS - 8 of the Div. 2 schools are in the SJS Top 15
3 Oak Ridge 2 Alex Kosinski has 'hers', but last chance for four seniors to get their team section title (3rd in '04, 2nd in '05)
4 Ponderosa 2 Young Bruins chose right moment to emerge in 2005. #3 Rachel Mullen is the only senior.
6 St Francis 2 Could elevation to D2 hinder bid for 9th straight state meet berth? The plot certainly thickens.
7 Woodcreek 2 School most hurt by St Francis move. If Ciaraglia returns to her '04 form, there will be high drama in D2.
12 Granite Bay 2 As D2 strengthens in SJS, Grizzlies struggle to adjust. Caitlin Clark could be D2 runner-up in 2006.
13 Vacaville 2 Cupboard not exactly bare for new coach Kay Nekota, but it is a rebuilding year for the Bulldogs.
14 Roseville 2 Rebecca Hbtamu looked sharp late in track season. Tigers will be in the thick of things in D2.
15 Rocklin 2 Coach Pozzi and Ursy B. have moved on, but senior Anna Murdock will score in single digits.

1,996 Junipero Serra
1,975 Menlo-Atherton
1,962 Wilcox
1,897 Santa Clara
1,865 Woodside
1,864 Lynbrook
1,856 Fremont
1,848 Westmoor
1,812 Leland
1,791 Mountain View
1,781 Leigh
1,750 Los Altos
1,740 Gunn
1,721 Westmont
1,720 Lincoln
1,714 Los Gatos
1,709 Palo Alto
1,654 Archbishop Mitty
1,612 Live Oak
1,602 Sequoia
1,574 Yerba Buena
1,573 Mills
1,566 South San Francisco
1,564 Aptos
1,556 St. Francis (Mtn. View)
1,554 Aragon
1,553 Overfelt