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In most races, teams are allowed to enter 7 runners. If a runner wins, they finish 1st and they get 1 point. If a runner finishes 10th, they get 10 points. The finish places of a team's TOP 5 runners are added together. For example: 1st + 10th + 15th + 20th + 40th = 86 points. One exception: the individual runners (runners who don't have 4 other girls from their school at the meet) are disregarded. The lowest team score wins the team portion of the meet. 15 is the lowest possible score (1+2+3+4+5=15). What if there is a tie? This is when the 6th place runner comes in. If two teams are tied for first, whichever team's 6th place runner was fastest wins the meet. This happens more than you might think. At last year's State Meet in Division 2, Lizzy Eskildsen, #6 for College Park, was the hero of the day. CP tied Sultana with 73 points and Lizzy (19:13) was 27 seconds faster than Sultana's #6. (19:13 was #6? Good grief! CP's #7 was 19:24, faster than most team's #1.) To put in another way, the girl that finished 44th in the race, won the race, at least as far as her team is concerned. Also, Montgomery of Santa Rosa won a big meet in Hawaii a couple years ago thanks to their #6 runner. Obviously, the lesson here is never stop trying, no matter what place you are in.

Sunday, August 31
NEWS FROM COACH JOHN (summer 2008)
COLLEGE SIGNINGS: GREAT NEWS to send to you...Three of our SF XC and T/F athletes have signed Letters of Intent to run in college...How FANTASTIC...Katherine and Meghan Enabnit both sign to run at Univ of North Dakota...This is the former stomping grounds of their Mom and Dad...Sarah Bolce just signed to run at Seattle Univ...All three of them better bring plenty of rain and snow gear...Katie Bolce will be running XC at Sonoma State...They do not offer a track program.  Congrats to all the girls and what a highlight for the XC and T/F programs at SF...Hard work, staying the course, and faith paid off for all these Scholar/Athletes at SF...It can be there for anyone who wants to continue their running careers in college, if they are not afraid to put in the time to succeed...The coaches like to encourage all the athletes/runners to run in college, so they can experience the sport at the next level...It will help them become a better person in life...  
Update: The word on the street is that Maggie Lloyd will be going to MIT to continue her educational studies and running career...Super...There is another senior that I must include in our superb senior class of scholar/athletes...Her name is Brittani Lum...She gave the XC program 3 great years of running...Brittani ended up getting a scholarship to the Univ of Hawaii to play soccer...Of course, running XC gave Brittani that extra edge to land that scholarship...That is the way we like to spin the story...Once again, congrats to Maggie, Brittani, Katherine, Meghan, Sarah, and Katie...
Coach John, Tom, Megan

1) Oregon Coach Bill Bowerman placed a swoosh on the Nike protypes Steve Prefontaine was wearing at one race. Pre pulled off the applique. What was his comment?
    Please don't choose my sponsors, coach
    Needless wind resistance <<< CORRECT
    That's one way to 'Stop Pre'
    Do you have any PF Flyers?
2) Nike Co-founder and running legend Bill Bowerman created new shoes with what device...
    Molding silly putty
    His daughter's EZ BAKE oven
    His wife's waffle iron <<<< CORRECT
    A lathe (not a Tom Laythe, just a regular lathe)
3) At the time of his death, Steve Prefontaine held every Ameican record from 2000 meters to 10000 meters.
    True <<<< CORRECT
4) How did Pre die?
    Plane crash on the way to the 1976 Olympic Trials.
    Car crash in 1975 following a race in Eugene, OR <<<< CORRECT
    Bus crash with Univ. of Oregon team.
    Natural causes.

If you could only have one musical group on your I-pod, who would it be?
B*Witched :) - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - It would be really hard to pick just one! - Most likely it would be U2 - Panic! at the disco - Queen or maybe The Fray – U2
What is the single best song to listen to get pumped up for a race?
Badlands (?--so many) - either “Music makes you lose control” or “Blue” – “Elevation” by U2 - Fighting Dreamers - "What you waiting for?" by Gwen Stefani - I have a secret CD that I listen to – One
Which musical group is way more popular than they should be?
Pussycat Dolls (3 responses) - Evanescence - Gwen Stefani – P Diddy
What's your #1 favorite song right now?
All my life –K-Ci and Jojo....old but good - Definitely Maybe by FM Static - Forever Young- it always makes me cry! - Had Aerosmith's "Jaded" in my head this week (RANDOM) – One – “Rosalita (Come out tonight)” by Bruce Springsteen – “Show Stopper” by Danity Kane
How do you acquire most of your music? (vote for one or more)
Purchase CD's in stores (5 responses) - Share CD's with friends (4 responses) - Download off internet (3 responses) - Purchase CD's online (1 response) - Buy one hit wonders off itunes (1 response) - I buy every "Now" CD ever made - Sister's itunes
1) Name one of your teammates - no matter how fast - that has really impressed you so far this year, for any reason. Explain why briefly.
Amy Lackner- she runs no matter what happens. - Annie Coranado - Annie Mowlds, it’s her 1st yr. & she’s so determined - Elicia. Because she’s having an amazing season! - Its so hard to narrow down, everyone is great! - Katherine and Meghan - we can always count on them - Jackie Lee, this is because she was determined - Jamie O and Kelly! They are so determined - Katherine Mahaney is great for our team. - Katherine Mahaney- huge improvement from last year – Annie Mowlds - Katherine Mahaney-she has improved so much! - Maureen May has really pulled through for us!
2) Name one girl from another team that you have watched race - or run against - that impressed you for whatever reason. Explain why briefly.
All of the Carondelet girls, they seem really good - Casey O’Day, she didn't stop. - Jordan Hasay – Kate (Rio Americano) - she's "leading the charge!" - Lauren Saylor - Maria Lawrence - Nicole Hood. She's only a frosh & is very good! - I still need to learn names... I'm working on it.
3) Name a guy from Jesuit - or any another school - that you think is doing great this year. Explain why briefly.
Chad Hall (two votes) - Evan Watchempino- he has been winning - Is it fair to mention siblings? (Yes Kristine, that sounds like one vote for Nick Csicsery!) - KYLE LACKNER! he's my hero. - Michael Cybulski - Scotty Donahue, well he's always been really fast (two votes)

As a group you guys got five out of six, very good. Only miss was Men's Soccer in the second question.
They put an age limit of 25 on that because it's supposed to focus on the up-and-coming stars.
The Olympic Motto is 'Citius, Altius, Fortius'. What does it mean?
Swifter, Higher, Stronger (15 responses)   71%
In big Cities, at high Altitudes and inside Forts! (4 responses)   19%
Norbolethone, Androstenedione, Durabolin (2 responses)   10%
What is the only summer sport that has an upper age limit?
Gymnastics (11 responses)   52%
Women's Marathon (8 responses)   38%
Men's Soccer (2 responses)   10%
Where are the 2008 Summer Olympic Games?
Beijing (17 responses)   77%
London (4 responses)   18%
Cairo (1 response)   5%
In which of the sports below do men and women compete on an equal basis?
Equestrian (12 responses)   55%
Table Tennis (10 responses)   45%
At the 2004 Athens Games, what event was contested at the exact site of the ancient Olympic games?
Men's Shot Put (13 responses)   62%
Modern Pentahlon (5 responses)   24%
Beach Volleyball (3 responses)   14%
Which St Francis cross country coach attended the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens?
Coach John (17 responses)   81%
Coach Tom (2 responses)   10%
Coach Megan (2 responses)   10%
Q:        The Olympic Motto is 'Citius, Altius, Fortius'. What does it mean?   
A:        Swifter, Higher, Stronger
Q:         What is the only summer sport that has an upper age limit?   
A:        Men's Soccer (Age 25 limit, Intended to showcase younger talent)
Q:         Where are the 2008 Summer Olympic Games?   
A:        Beijing
Q:         In which of the sports below do men and women compete on an equal basis?   
A:        Equestrian
Q:         At the 2004 Athens Games, what event was contested at the exact site of the ancient Olympic games?   
A:        Men's Shot Put
Q:         Which St Francis cross country coach attended the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens?
A:        Coach John

What meet are you most looking forward to in 2006?
State Meet (10 responses) (ed. note: Good Answer!)
Yolo @ Muller Ranch (6 responses)
Stanford (5 responses)
Granite Bay (4 responses)
Ed Sias (4 responses)
Clovis Invite (3 responses)
League Finals (3 responses)
Sections (3 responses)
Concord/DeLaSalle (2 responses)
Subsections (2 responses)
Bronco Invite (1 response)

Karen Lysaght, SFHS Class of '81, has the PAL 8th grade record
at 5' 2" when she jumped for St. Mary's grade school (1977). As a
Troubie, she had a huge high jump at the 1980 California State Meet.
Besides the SFHS School Record, which other record did she set that still stands?
ANSWER: Karen cleared 6'0" and is still the National Catholic HS record holder in that event as of the most recent update on the website.
Almost everybody had 6'0" correct but most of the respondents guessed Karen held the Section mark, not the Catholic mark.

Speaking of girls cross country only, which Sac-Joaquin Section High School has the current longest streak for qualifying their girl's varsity team to the CIF State Cross Country Meet? How many years in a row is the current streak at?
ANSWER: A little bit of a trick question. The choices were Placer, Granite Bay, Woodcreek, and Vacaville, but the answer was 'none of the above'(or St. Francis). The Troubies have qualified for 7 straight state meets in a row, and in the 2005 season St Francis will go for Number 8. 10 people guessed Placer HS and only 8 guessed "none of the above/St. Francis". That's OK, we won't tell John.

Which early season invitational does EVERYONE run the same distance?
ANSWER:It's the Ed Sias Invite on Sept. 10. Varsity, JV, and frosh/soph all run 2.0 miles at this race.
Which early season invitational is run at a vineyard?
ANSWER:It's the Yolo County Championships hosted by the Muller family at Muller Ranch. This will be the 3rd annual Yolo meet and it is becoming a big hit because of the competition and scenery. (Your clue was the grapes on the photo on the Meet Schedule for the Yolo County meet.)

The last two Olympic Trials for track and field have been right here in Sacramento (2000 and 2004). Since we are most interested in female distance running, the following three questions ask IN WHICH EVENT at the trials in 2004 did the three listed runners finish 1-2-3 and represent the USA at the Olympic Games in Athens. The winners of each event are pictured below.
ANSWER: 1) Carrie Tollefson 2 Jennifer Toomey 3 Amy Rudolph finished 1-2-3 in what event?    1500 meters
2) 1 Deena Kastor 2 Elva Dryer 3 Kate O'Neill finished 1-2-3 in what event?    10000 meters
3) 1 Shayne Culpepper 2 Marla Runyan 3 Shalane Flanagan finished 1-2-3 in what event?    5000 meters
Everyone that answered did well. Everyone knew Tollefson and co. were in the 1500, and most knew the other two answers also. Good guess (or good research, haha).

Culpepper - Tollefson - Kastor

This Question just asked your favorite training shoes.
Remaining shoes... 2nd Brooks 6 votes... 3rd Mizuno 4... 4th New Balance 3... 5th Nike 2.

As discussed by Coach John and Coach Tom, what are the 'FIVE POINTS'
of the St. Francis Cross Country team. VOTE FOR FIVE ANSWERS.
The correct answers are on the Mission Statement page.
ANSWERS: It was time to get serious and everyone got it right. 22 correct answers, 0 incorrect.

Roger Bannister's struggle to break the impenetrable four-minute mile barrier is the subject of the newest ESPN original movie, 'Four Minutes' which will be airing Thursday night and hopefully after that, too. ESPN, the leader in sports TV, has branched out into movies, series, and - alas - even reality TV shows. These four questions were about ESPN Movies...
1- Who was the college BB coach in "Season on the Brink"?
Bob Knight 15 votes, Gene Hackman 2 votes, John Wooden 2 votes. Correct answer: Knight.
2- What baseball player was featured in "Hustle"?
Pete Rose 16 votes, Shoeless Joe Jackson 2 votes. Correct answer: Rose
3- Who was the college FB coach in "The Junction Boys"?
Billy Bob Thornton 9 votes, Bear Bryant 8 votes, Woody Hayes 2 votes. Correct answer: Bryant
4- Who was the race car driver in "3"?
Dale Earhardt, Sr. 17 votes, Danika Patrick 1 vote, Mario Andretti 1 vote. Correct answer: Earnhardt, Sr.

Which was the toughest hill for you at Mt. SAC?
Switchbacks (12 responses) Poop-Out (7 responses) Are you kidding? All of them! (1 response)
What will you remember most about Mt. SAC?
Just being with the team (6 responses) How well we did in the race (5 responses) Disneyland (5 responses) Team Dinner (1 response)   Coach Tom's broken leg (1 response) Everything! (1 response) Limo (1 response)
The next time I run Mt. SAC I’m going to….
Run faster (2 responses) Win (2 responses) Be watching b/c I will be in college! (1 response) Finish the race (1 response) Get a medal!!!! (1 response) If I could go there again...go faster! (1 response) Kick butt!! (1 response) Not be there. (1 response) Not go out too slow (1 response) Run the hills harder (1 response) Show up on time (1 response) Start faster (1 response) Start slower and finish stronger (1 response) Win a medal (1 response) Work da hills! (1 response)
Which race by one of your teammates impressed you the most at Mt. SAC?
Nicole Mendoza (6 responses) Stephanie Bolce (3 responses) Sarah Bolce (1 response) Jackie Lee (1 response) Everybody! (1 response) ummm everyone? (1 response) varsity sweepstakes (1 response)


Team resource area for pertinent nutrition and medical info
+ Group asks for cigarette-style warnings on SODA POP beverage cans.
+ Lance Armstrong's coach talks about hyponatremia. Sodium replacement...mix in some Gatorade with that water!
+ Teens need more sleep! from Brown Univ website.
+ Track for Teens... and its benefit from
+ It's smart to eat breakfast from the Dairy Council.
+ Info on Anemia - Iron deficiency is a common problem with female runners.
   Article Highlights
   Get Tested.... Eat Food High in Iron (Red Meat, Pork Chops, Raisins, Spinach, Apricots, etc.)
   Using Iron Supplements??... Take with Vitamin C for best absorption.

Play PRE Jeopardy!
PRE/NIKE Photo Album

"As other kids who were aspiring baseball players might hear of Babe Ruth, that's how I would hear about Pre." - Alberto Salazar, 3-time winner NY Marathon, 2-time Olympian, Broke NY and Boston marathon records.

1        Anderson, Kim        So
2        Barrett, Hayley        So
3        Bolce, Katie        Jr
4        Bolce, Sarah        Jr
5        Bolce, Stephanie        Sr
6        Burns, Lauren        Fr
7        Canaveri, Denise        Fr
8        Cheney, Megan        So
9        Coronado, Annie        Sr
10        Csicsery, Kristine        So
11        Dinnini, Angie        Fr
12        Earl-Lynn, Haley        Jr
13        Ely, Rachel        Sr
14        Enabnit, Katherine        Jr
15        Enabnit, Meghan        Jr
16        Ensign, Olivia        Jr
17        Esquivias, Steph        Jr
18        Fernandez, Alicia        So
19        Fischer, Kelly        Jr
20        Gilbert, Jenna        Jr
21        Haworth, Moriah        Fr
22        Haydu, Laurissa        Sr
23        Jones, Dylana        So
24        Kane, Emily        Sr
25        Kimball, Jessica        So
26        Lackner, Amy        Sr
27        Lee, Jackie        Sr
28        Lehman, Emily        Jr
29        Lloyd, Maggie        Jr
30        Lowery, Jamie        Sr
31        Lum, Brittani        Jr
32        Mahaney, Katherine        So
33        May, Maureen        Fr
34        McCallum, Sarah        Jr
35        McHale, Allysa        Jr
36        Mendoza, Nicole        So
37        Morazzini, Amanda        Fr
38        Morris, Julia        Fr
39        Mowlds, Annie        Sr
40        O'Brien, Shannon        Jr
41        O'Kane, Elizabeth        So
42        Openshaw, Jamie        So
43        Ortega, Sarah        Jr
44        Owyang, Allison        Sr
45        Pearson, McKenna        So
46        Peterson, Noel        Jr
47        Pinnow, Jen        Sr
48        Pursley, Kaitlyn        So
49        Riehl, Amy        Jr
50        Romo, Gina        Fr
51        Ross, Katherine        Sr
52        Ross, Theresa        Jr
53        Russell, Brittany        Sr
54        Styer, Marion        Fr
55        Tacherra, Victoria        Fr
56        Wiley, Tatiana        Sr
57        Winje, Anna        So
58        Winje, Diva        Sr
59        Winje, Natalie        Fr
60        Ziegler, Helen        Jr