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Thursday, November 4
Samantha Ford-One of the Best

Samantha Ford Team Visit

Samantha Ford Makes Visit to Synergy Team! Talks to the girls about her career and college.

October 23, 2010

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From Heybucket Interview of Samantha Ford by Numero Uno Thu Dec 20, 2007 1:07 pm

We recently had the pleasure of talking to our friend Samantha Ford. Losing was never and still is not an option for Samantha. She sleeps, dreams and lives for Victory... She is one of the best that ever played the game.

What is your name? Samantha Ford

What is your age? 40

Do you have any nick names? Sam, a few friends call me Sami

What High School did you or do you go to? Hart High School

When & Where were you born? Iowa in 1967

When did you start playing softball? I think I was 10 or 11

Do you play any other sports?

What do you do for fun? Read—anything non-fiction or realistic fiction

What are you greatest softball accomplishment?
2 NCAA Championships at UCLA and 5 ASA National Championships

Who is your #1 fan? Probably my family

What would you like to tell the younger softball
players that you were told or wish someone would have told you? I think I got fantastic advice, but my new favorite is: Hard work and desire beat talent almost all of the time.

Who are your favorite bands? I like just about anything current, except country.

What is your favorite food? I’d have to say I’m partial to Mexican food.

What are your plans in the future? I hope to teach elementary school for 10-15 more years and continuing coaching pitchers.


Pitched for 1985 US team prior to softball becoming an Olympic Sport. Pitched for 5 ASA National Championship teams. Pitched 9 games in 2 days to win 1984 ASA National Championship. Played in 3 National Championship games at UCLA, winning 2, 1988 and 1989.[/color] Part of only softball National Championship 3-peat (’88-’90). Threw a perfect game against Oregon State. Holds CIF records for consecutive wins in 1 season (26). Named CIF Softball Player of the Year as a freshman. Holds CIF record lowest season ERA (0.00) along with a record 20 strikeouts in 1 game. Threw 9 no-hitters (including 3 consecutive and 2 in 1 day), 7 1-hitters, 16 shutouts, hit .600 in the CIF playoffs and compiled 373 strikeouts in 202 innings (2 k’s per inning) giving up only 65 hits in just her freshman season alone. Ranks on the CIF career strikeout list (1,124 in 600 innings) while only pitching 2 years in High School due to injury. Samantha was featured on the television show “That’s Incredible” and struck out Manny Mota at Dodger Stadium.
Samantha has 20+ years experience as a pitching instructor. Best rise ball in fastpitch softball. 
High School Career Numbers:
Overall record of 71-13, 18 no-hitters, 52 shutouts, 0.23 ERA. 26-1, 0.00 ERA as a junior.
2 National Championship Rings. Played in 3 Title games. Threw perfect game vs. OSU. Record 0.14 ERA 1989. Record 173 K’s 1986. 9th All Time Wins – 59. 8th All Time in Innings Pitched – 555. 10th All Time in ERA – 0.53. 10th All Time in Strikeouts – 460. 9th All Time in Appearances with 84. 5th All Time in season ERA – 0.14. 19th All Time in season Strikeouts – 173. Pac 10 All Decade Team.
Sue Enquist on Sam: Daily News:
“She is one of the few people I’ve ever known who is motivated to win just because she hates to lose,” said Enquist. “A lot of people are motivated because they want to get better, but she just hates to lose, and she will do anything within the rules to be successful when she is on the mound.”
Dr. Holland UCLA Athletic Director:
“It’s my job to
watch kids grow. Sometimes we’re successful with them, sometimes we’re not. Sam is more of a success story. She’s her own success story. She has been through a lot here, and that’s not unusual. Most kids 18 to 22 years of age go through a lot. It’s something you would expect. It’s how they handle it that makes the difference. Sam has handled hers very well. Sam Ford is the reason I stayed in this business.”