South End United Female 1989 Premier: Nationals!

2004 U16 Club Nationals - Quebec
Congratulations to the Manitoba girls for their very strong 4th place finish. They defeated Saskatchewan, Albert, Nova Scotia, and lost only to Quebec and BC.

Manitoba boys ended in 10th position.

riasing the cup
We're Going to Nationals in Halifax!
Congratulations to the players, coaches, and parents. Everyone contributed to this success - and we will all enjoy the reward! This is the experience of a lifetime for these young ladies, and we will endeavour to make the most of it!

By the way, congratulations to the SEU U14 Boys, who are also off to Halifax! And congratulations also go out to the NorthWest U16 girls and boys who are off to Nationals in BC after defeating the SEU girls and boys in the MSA Cup Finals in Winkler. Overall, a very strong SEU showing in the MSA cup this summer!

I will update the info below as I receive it:

1. We have three bingos to do:
August 15, August 25, and September 5 All at McPhillips Station.

2. We are travelling to Halifax October 8 - 13. CSA will reserve 24 seats for us to cover the team, coaches and staff, and chaperones. Girls flights are booked: LV Winnipeg 5:45 am Wednesday Oct 8 AC190 to Toronto LV Toronto 10:15am AC 622 To Halifax Arr 13:16
- LV Halifax 17:00 Monday Oct 13 AC627 to Toronto
LV Toronto 19:55 Ac 175 to Winnipeg Arr 21:31

3. A block of hotel rooms has been allocated to us by CSA (7 rooms). The parents will be at the Lord Nelson, the team at the Holiday Inn Select. Rooms have been booked at both hotels, parents confirmation numbers have been provided.

4. Our trophy is back from MSA and engraver.

5. The fundraising committee has met and is planninga number of fundraising events to help with costs. Of course, we also get money from the three bingos. Stay tuned - and check the Financial/Fundraising page on our website.

6. We will be getting some financial assistance from the various soccer associations - CSA, MSA, SEU.

7. I have provided a link to website that has (or will have) more detailed information about the Nationals and the schedules.

8. Fred has already obtained the trading pins that we will require from the City and Province. MSA will also provide pins.

9. Information packages have arrived and been distributed to parents.

10. Transportation to/from airport and hotel is provided for teams, parents are on their own.

11. There are bleachers at the soccer field.

12. Sightseeing: Peggy's Cover is about 40 minutes from hotel, and requires about 90 minutes to visit. We will likely book a tour for the players. It might also be cool to visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, as it has a large Titanic display. I'll provide more tour info when I have it.

13. Fundraising info can be found under the FInancial/Fundraisig tab of this website.

Schedule is on the Calendar. Everyone plays 4 games.
Pool A: Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick
Pool B: Quebec, Manitoba, PEI
Pool C/D: Alberta, Nova Scotia, BC, Saskatchewan

Fri Oct 10 1:30 Manitoba vs. PEI
Sat Oct 11 2:00 Quebec vs. Manitoba

Oct 12 2:00 Semi 1st B vs. 1st C/D
OR Oct 12 2:00 3rd A vs 3rd B
OR Oct 12 4:30 2nd B vs 3rd C/D
Oct 13 8:00 Winners of 4:30 games
OR Oct 13 9:30 Losers of 4:30 games
OR Oct 13 9:30 3rd A vs 3rd B
OR Oct 13 12:30 Bronze (losers of semis) and Gold games (winners of semis)

Halifax Hotels
The girls are staying at the Holiday Inn Select. The website link is here, or above.
Holiday Inn Select

The parents may stay at the Lord Nelson. Room rates 127/night.
Lord Nelson Hotel

Winnipeg Free Press Article - Sep 17
South End United heading east for soccer nationals

Wed Sep 17 2003

By Martin Zeilig

HUGH Swan stresses defence to his soccer squad, the South End United Titans Premier U-14 girls' team.

"For every goal we don't let the opposition score, it's one less goal we have to get," says Swan, co-coach of the Titans.

The young ladies learned their lesson well. They defeated Winnipeg's North West 2-1 to capture their age group at the provincial championships in Brandon last month. Now the Titans will travel to Halifax to compete in the 2003 Canadian Club Championships from Oct. 8 to 13. They will be joined by the South End United Premier U-14 boys' team, which also won a provincial championship.

"It feels awesome to have won the championship because no one expected us to win," says Melissa Hamilton, a forward on the team. "We're having extra practices now in preparation for Halifax."

Swan and co-coach Bill Warnick were asked to take over the team at the end of last season. At the time, Warnick was coach of the St. Vital Flames 15- to 16-year-old girls' team. Swan started helping him out with the coaching duties, and the team won the provincial championship and competed at the nationals.

"We've been coaching together since I moved here from Vancouver nine years ago," says Swan. "This is now our fifth time at the nationals with a Manitoba team." He emphasizes that the Titans are very dedicated to their sport.

"They recognize that we have to play in all types of weather. These kids are so fit. They're ready to participate and don't miss a step," says Swan, who had his long locks shorn by some of his players immediately after their victory in Brandon. He had promised to let the players give him a trim if they won the title.

Swan is quick to credit Warnick's coaching contribution.

"No single coach can manage a team. Bill and I work so well together. We look at things from different perspectives and so this gives us a broader perspective. At this level, you need that to be competitive and successful," says Swan.

The Titans train together year round, including training three times a week at Gordon Bell High School during the winter.

"A coach is always looking for something to take his team to the next level," says Swan. "We knew at the beginning of the provincial championships that we weren't the favourites. So we had to be prepared, smarter and work hard. That's what the kids did." The other team members were Louisa Fontaine, Liz Milovitch-Sera, Kelsi Quinn, Samantha Nedokus, Cassidy Eakin, Lisa Wong, Maria Pawlyshyn, Jenn Richelle, Melissa Kennedy, Taylor Kirourac, Heather Thompson, Katie Young, Nicole Page, Darcie Hanson, Jessica Hill, Caterina Anania, and Krystle Diamond. The team managers were Wendy Kirouac and Nancy Hill, who also served as the trainer.

Click on the link above to get to the webcast of the Nationals Semi finals and final games.

1. Soccer bag is your carry on - but don't overpack it. Extra socks, shoes, shorts, etc should go into your checked luggage. Only pack in it what you really need to play - if it is overstuffed, you will be forced to check it, and we don't want to take the chance of losing any soccer equipment!
2. No sharp objects in your carry on bag.
3. Bring a lunch for the plane. (Or you can purchase one for around $7 - $10 I think)
4. Ensure you have your birth certificate (minimum)or passport. Originals, not photocopies.
5. Bring whatever spending money you need - there will likely be Nationals merchandise for sale (shirts, etc), action photos, videos. We will also likely do a little bit of shopping.
6. Ensure you have your signed code of conduct form turned in to one of the chaperones.
7. Wear your black SEU hoodie and pants for travel. Pack your SEU windsuit.
8. If you expect to need any over the counter medications (Advil, Allergy medication), or blister bandages - please pack them. We may not have a supply of these, and also are not supposed to provide medications.
9. Please ensure that you pack any prescription medications that you need.
10. Advise the chaperones of any medications that the player may use while away. Also advise the chaperones if there is any medication that you definitely DON'T WANT the player to use (due to allergy or otherwise).
11. We are not aware of any food or medication allergies, or special medical conditions of anyone on our team. If these exist - please ensure that the chaperones are aware of them.

My Halifax Journal (Click here)...
Bag Ladies
Wed Oct 8: Our departure from Winnipeg went ALMOST without a hitch (and without a goalie)! A very nice flight to Toronto, thanks to Wally - which was great as we had a number of first time fliers.
In Toronto we changed planes and went on to Halifax.
We had to wait for a short time in Halifax, as we were sharing a bus with the Quebec team. The girls had a practice after we checked in at the hotel, around 4pm. This evening, we ordered Pizzas and Subs, and the girls were free for the evening to meet and mingle.

Thur Oct 9:
Early morning wakeup for continental breakfast and practice. While the girls practiced, Gail and I went to the grocery store to get our supplies for the day, and walked back the couple of blocks and up the back lane pushing our cart. (Hence the "Bag Ladies" photo)
After practice and a serve-yourself lunch, the girls dressed for the opening ceremonies (hindsight - we should have just told all the girls to wear their jersey with their tracksuit). We watched a wee bit of the Quebec/PEI game while waiting for the Opening Ceremonies.
Afterwards, we headed to Peggy's Cove on a very nice tour bus - and a real Titanic buff for our guide. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a calm sea. We ate at the restaurant there (several had Lobster - at our coaxing). We learned that these girls are quite price "aware" when looking at the menu - we had to tell them over and over that they could eat as much as they wanted!
After dinner, some shopping in the gift shop, more photos with the sunset and the moonlight, and then back on the bus. We then did a Ghosts and Graveyards tour. Our guide had many interesting ghost stories to share along the way. Nancy and I tried our damndest to scare the girls in the graveyard, but weren't too successful.

Fri Oct 10
Up early for practice, then the hot buffet breakfast at the hotel.
Our first game of the tournment vs. PEI at 1:30. The bus usually left about 2 hours ahead of game time, so we had plenty of time at the soccer complex.
The girls got off to a slow start in this game, but finished the half 1-0 - a beauty header scored by Caterina off of a corner kick.
Second half, Melissa stole the show with three lovely goals, to bring the final score to 4-0. Unfortunately, Lisa went down late in the game with a terrible muscle cramp in her calves.
After the game the girls showered, and we went for a walk down to the harbour area. Tonight's catastophe was leaving without Krystle. Fortunately, she was smart enough to stay put and wait, knowing that eventually all 18 girls would scream "Oh no, where's Krystle?" in unison, and then Wendy would run back for her. Lucky Krystle got to make the trip to the harbour in a cab, rather than on foot. We had dinner at East Side Marios, then walked down to the docks for the girls to run around and checkout the harbour a little. We walked back to the hotel and had a little time for some swimming and mingling before bed.

Sat Oct 11
Up early and out to practice, followed by buffet breakfast. Then we were off to the field to play our "David vs. Goliath" game vs. Quebec. We were definitely the underdog in this matchup, as they had just come off of a 10-0 win over PEI. We shared a bus to the field with Quebec, and learned that they don't like music very much. This game was one of the best defensive efforts I have ever seen us put up. We managed to hold them down to one goal in the first half (right in the last minute, a long lobber that got caught up in the wind and sun). In the second half, we continued to play strong, and they managed to score their second goal late in the game by running over Louisa. (We actually saw the still photos showing Louisa with the ball in her hands, and then the next shot, the player has plowed over her and the ball is rolling into the net). We came out of this game quite proud of the effort we had put in, but very battered and bruised.
This evening, we had the banquet. Getting ready for the banquet in 45 minutes was more stressful than the soccer games were! But we managed to transform 18 bruised and fatigued soccer players into 18 beautiful ladies in under an hour! It seems that we were quite famous for our music, as they asked the Manitoba Girls to stand and perform their Ole Ole song at the banquet. The girls of course were too shy, but many of the BOYS teams got up and did it!
After the banquet, we walked back to the hotel - and then the ELEVATOR INCIDENT. 16 of our girls, plus 12 of the boys, plus one other man, were all piled into the same elevator. Of course, the capacity is about 12 people, so 30 was a problem, and it got stuck. Fortunately, Nancy and I realized immediately what had happened, so the maintenance people were on the job pretty quickly. However, the girls were still stuck in there for about 15 minutes, which seems like an eternity when you are afraid of suffocating! I think we learned a few things this night - especially - never get into an elevator if you have to go to the bathroom!
The girls did a little socializing, and then were allowed to rent a pay per view movie in their room.

Sun Oct 12
This morning the girls were allowed to sleep in. They were too beat up from the Quebec game to practice again. We picked up subs and then took a bus down to the Harbour to do a short tour on the Harbour Hopper. We learned that some Haligonians can talk very very fast! The tour was quite interesting. We then cabbed back to the hotel (except for Nancy, Jess, Taylor, and Caterina, who got left behind and had to walk/bus it back).
Then it was off to the field to play Saskatchewan (seeded 5th). This one was a very big game for us, as a win would guarantee us a higher finish than we were seeded. Saskatchewan was a very friendly team, and we had a pleasant time sharing the bus with them to and from the field.
We played another tremendous game. Our goals this day were scored by Sam, Nikki and Melissa (again). The final score was 3-1, which moved us into the 5th place game.
The girls were given a choice of McD's, Subs, or pizza for dinner and then early to their rooms for the early morning start.

Mon Oct 13
Early wakeup and boxed breakfast before heading out to the field. It was pouring rain (for the first time this weekend) and quite foggy. Our game was vs. Nova Scotia (seeded 6th) - who we were afraid might be more accustomed to the weather. The girls had another strong performance on a very muddy and wet field, and managed to pull off the win! We were thrilled with this victory - as it moved Manitoba into 5th place.
We went back to the hotel to cleanup and dry our jackets, then off to the field for Closing Ceremonies, and then to the airport. We shared a bus with BC - who had just finished winning the Gold. Our girls were great - they all applauded and cheered for every BC player as they came on the bus. Then we left without their coach....
The first leg of the trip home was a blast, as the Saskatchewan and BC teams were on our flight.
After we arrived safely and incident free in Winnipeg, the girls headed off with their families.

Its sooo good to get into your own bed!
We really had a great time, and thanks for entrusting your precious daughters to us for the 5 days.

Website for Soccer Nationals
Click on the link above for the Halifax Nationals website - it has game results, photos, and is a really great site!

U14 Girls National Final Standings
1 - BC (previous yr seeded 4th)
2 - Ontario (previous yr seeded 1st)
3 - Quebec (previous yr seeded 2nd)
4 - Alberta (previous yr seeded 3rd)
5 - MANITOBA (prev. yr seeded 7th)
6 - Nova Scotia (prev yr seeded 6th)
7 - Saskatchewan (prev yr seeded 5th)
8 - Newfoundland (prev yr seeded 8th)
9 - New Brunswick (prev yr seeded 9th)
10 - PEI (prev yr seeded 10th)

Game scores are all available on the Nationals website.
Summary of Manitoba Games:
Win 4-0 over PEI
Loss 0-2 to Quebec
Win 3-1 over Saskatchewan
Win 1-0 over Nova Scotia
3 wins, 1 loss