South End United Female 1989 Premier: Around the League

Saturday, June 12
MSA Cup Qualifying Games
Flames 5P defeated Bonivital 4R
SEU 5P defeated Phoenix 5R
Phoenix 5P defeated Bonivital Blaze 5R (in shootout)
Portage Trail 5P defeated Bonivital Inferno 5R
Flames 5P defeated NW 5P

SEU 5P defeated Phoenix 5P
Flames 5P defeated Portage Trail 5P

FINAL will be SEU 5P vs. Flames 5P


2004 Premier Outdoor Season Results
Following a very competitive round robin of U15 Premier, SEU remains in first place, as the only undefeated team.

SEU & Phoenix tied 1-1
Flames defeated PT 1-0
Phoenix defeated NW 2-1
SEU defeated Flames 1-0
SEU defeated Portage Trail 2-1
Flames beat Phoenix 1-0
SEU beat NW 3-0
Phoenix beat Portage Trail 5-0
NW beat Portage Trail 3-0
NW lost to Flames 0-5

1 - SEU Titans
2 - Flames
3 - Phoenix
4 - Northwest
5 - Portage Trail

SEU Div 6 Regional
Check out their website for more updates on how Coach Mo's team is doing.

Sunday, May 4
Div 6P Game Results 2003
Flames 6-0-0
SEU 4-2-1
Northwest 2-1-3
Phoenix 1-1-4
Portage Tr 0-0-5

May3 Flames 8 vs. Phoenix 1
May4 SEU 5 vs. PortageTr 0
May5 Flames 4 vs. Northwest 1
May5 PortageTr 0 vs. Phoenix 2
May12 Phoenix 0 vs. SEU 2
May12 Northwest 5 vs. PortageTr 2
May14 PortageTr 0 vs. Flames 7
May14 SEU 5 vs Northwest 3
May21 Flames 1 vs SEU 0
May21 Northwest 3 vs Phoenix 0
May30 PortageTr 0 vs SEU 5
May30 Flames 5 vs Phoenix 0
Jun23 Northwest 0 vs Flames 8
Jul02 SEU 0 vs Phoenix 0
Jul09 Northwest 1 vs SEU 1

Jun23 Phoenix vs PortageTr
Jul02 PortageTr vs Northwest

Sunday, June 1
Div 5P vs. Div 6P Game Results 2003
Game Scores:
May30 Phoenix5 1 vs Flames6 3
Jun01 SEU6 0 vs SEU5 1
Jun03 Phoenix5 2 vs SEU6 0
Jun03 NW6 5 vs NW5 2
Jun04 SEU5 8 vs PortageTr6 0
Jun03 Flames6 0 vs Flames5 1
Jun05 PortageTr5 0 vs NW6 3
Jun05 NW5 1 vs Flames6 2
Jun10 NW6 1 vs SEU5 5
Jun10 Flames6 2 vs PortageTr5 1
Jun10 SEU6 1 vs Flames5 3
Jun17 NW5 1 vs SEU6 1

May29 NW5 vs PortageTr6
May29 Flames5 vs NW6
May29 SEU5 vs Phoenix6
Jun01 Phoenix6 vs Phoenix5
Jun01 PortageTr6 vs PortageTr5
Jun05 Flames5 vs Phoenix6
Jun10 Phoenix6 vs NW5
Jun10 PortageTr6 vs Phoenix5
Jun15 Phoenix5 vs NW6
Jun15 SEU5 vs Flames6
Jun15 PortageTr5 vs Phoenix6
Jun15 Flames5 vs PortageTr6
Aug28 SEU6 vs. PortageTr5 (6:30 SturgeonRdN)

Monday, May 5
SEU Regional Updates
Div 6R (Coach Mo)
Played their first game against NW, and lost 3-1, despite having many many chances. Second game was against the Mighty Bonivital, who beat them 3-2 ... according to Maurice, it won't take 11 games to get their first win this year!
And we were right about that - as Game #3 provided the first win, 4-0 vs. Phoenix Blue. Congratulations!
Game #4: SEU 1 vs. Phoenix Red 2

Div 7R (Coach Bruce)
There is one premier, and two regional teams at Division 7 again this year. SEU is the only club with two regional teams. One team is coached by Jenn's dad (Bruce), and has Jenn's and Taylor's little sisters on it.
Game#1 The two SEU Div7R Teams had a great game against each other. Final score was 2-0 for the "other" team.
Game#2 SEU 0 vs. Phoenix 1
Game#3 SEU 1 vs. Bonivital 1
Game#4 SEU 3 vs. NW 2
Game#5 SEU 3 vs. PortageTr 3
Game#6 SEU 5 vs. PortageTr 1
Game#7 SEU 4 vs. Phoenix 0
(The other SEU Div7R team remain undefeated, with a tie vs Bonivital 1-1)

Tournament News: Div 7R were runners up in Grand Forks. They lost in the Consolation Qtr Final at the Golden Boy Tournament. They performed very well there, considering that they were a 13 regional team in a 14 premier competition. No blow-outs, and one tie and one win! (1-1-3).

Div 6R also went to Grand Forks and had a great time. They played in our division, but we didn't meet each other. In the Golden Boy tournament, they lost in the Consolation Qtr Final. 0-1-3 was their tournament record.

trophy 3
Sunday, February 16
Challenge Cup News Div 7
Division 7:
Feb16: Flames 7 vs Northwest 1
Feb18: SEU 3 vs Kilcona 3
Feb20: Kilcona 2 vs. Flames 4 (8:30 Gateway)
Feb20: Northwest 3 vs. Portage Tr 5 (8:45 7Oaks)
Feb23: Portage beat Kilcona (8:30 Coverall)
Feb26: Flames 4 vs SEU 1 (6:00 WWC)
Mar04: SEU 7 vs. Portage 0 (7:15 Coverall)
Mar04: Kilcona 4 vs. NW 0 (8:30 Gateway)(SCORE NOT CONFIRMED)
Mar11: Portage 1 vs. Flames 7 (7:15 Coverall)
Mar12: NW 2 vs. SEU 4 (6:15 7Oaks)

Challenge Cup Standings At End of Round Robin:
1.Flames: 4W-0L-0T=12pts GF=22,GA=5
2.SEU: 2W-1L-1T=7pts GF=15,GA=9
3.Portage: 2W-2L-0T=6pts GF=6,GA=17
4.Kilcona: 1W-2L-1T=4pts GF=9,GA=7
5.NW: 0W-4L-0T=0pts GF=6,GA=20

Challenge Cup Finals:
Mar16 7:15: 2nd SEU 4 vs. 3rd Portage 1 (Semi)@7Oaks
Mar16 8:30: 4th Kilcona vs. 5th NW @7Oaks
Mar27 6:00: 1st Flames 5 vs. SEU 2 @Coverall

Other Divisions - Challenge Cup
Division 7 Regional:
SEU Strikers play NW in semi final Monday Mar 17 7:30pm @7Oaks
Bonvital is waiting to see who they meet in the final

Division 6:
Seu beat Flames
Kilcona beat NW
Division 4:
SEU 2-0-0 in Challenge Cup Play

Congratulations Team Italy - Mini World Cup Champs!
A couple of South End girls were on this team - Caterina and Katelyn Aiello - and it was coached by Joe The Soccer Coach! Congratulations girls.
Also, the boys team coached by Joe Anania also won!
Way to go Joe!

Sunday, April 13
Mini World Cup
An Update from Joe - Mini World Cup Coach:
The girls
team called "ITALY" (Caterina's team) has 4 wins and no losses. This team is very exciting to
watch as they pass the ball very well together. With this win that we had
today it should put us in the finals which will be on Saturday. We have one
more game before Saturday, at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday at SEVEN OAKS. Wish us
luck and put us on the web site.

P.S. --I'm also coaching the Italy boy's team (combined ages of the '88,
'87, '86 and '85) and they have 3 wins and 1 loss and have one more game on
Tuesday and it looks like they will also be in the finals on Saturday. I
sure lucked out on the teams this year, they are a great bunch of kids to
coach. I'm having a lot of fun and so are the kids and that's what it is all
about...having fun!!!

Indoor League Standings & Info
Premier Division 7 Unofficial Standings:

1.Flames 10-2-1 32pts
2.Kilcona 5-2-6 17pts
3.SEU 5-2-6 17pts
4.North West 5-1-7 16pts
5.Portage Trail 1-2-10 5pts

Regional: (Will the STORMERS be the Dark Horse again? Maybe so, since the one win they had in the Snickers Christmas tourny was against the might Bonivital!)
South End United Strikers 8-2-3 26pts
Bonivital Vipers 8-2-3 26pts
North Kildonan 3-3-5 12pts
East St. Paul 3-0-9 9pts
South End United Stormers 1-0-12 3pts

The WYSA website (click the "What I know about the other teams") has the Official Standings.