South End United Female 1989 Premier: Tournaments

2004 Tournaments
Plans are well underway for this season's tournaments.
Please click ont the Tournaments tab for more details.
June 11 - 13: MSA Cup Qualifier
June 25 - 27: Golden Boy Winnipeg
July 17 - 25: USA Cup Minnesota

Golden Boy Tournament
We are in the LARSSON Pool with NW Wild R15, Gateway United.
We also will play one cross-over game against Phoenix 88.

Games begin Thursday night
Thu 8:15 defeated Gateway 9-0
Fri 6:45 defeated NW Wild P88 1-0
Sat 11:00 defeated Phoenix P88 3-1
Sat 7:45 1st Larsson (SEU) vs 2nd Italy (Brandon)SEU won 4-1
Sun 8:00am SEU vs. 1st Sweden (Flames P88)
If we win, there is a semi final at 1:30, and then we move on to medal round at 7:00pm either bronze or gold game.

Other tournament results that I know of:
SEU P6 (Georgia's team) advances to Qtr finals tomorrow
SEU R6 (little Richelle & Kirouac) advance to Qtr finals tomorrow (they did so by defeating two premier teams)
SEU P4 finished third in their group, having tied Flames P5, and lost to the Mahotmedi team.
SEU R5 (Maurice's team) had a good outing, defeating a premier team to end up 2nd in their group.

MSA Cup Qualifier
June 11 - 13
Game schedule is posted on the calendar.

Regina Summerfest - Cancelled
June 25 - 27, 2004
We will be staying at the Regina Ramada Hotel.
Please advise Wendy whether you require a room that weekend.

USA Cup Minneapolis
July 18 - 24

Bus will be departing from Kenaston Walmart on July 17th at 11am.

Team will be staying at the Embassy Suites, Airport. Address 7901 34th Ave South, Bloomington.

Please ensure that all people travelling on the bus provide their name, citizenship and birthdate to Wendy in advance. Also, carry your passport/birth certificate/photo id with you.

All Medical and contact information for players to be provided to Wendy.

Game Schedule:
Mon 2:15pm vs. KASA Hornets (Wisconsin)SEU 2 Wisconsin 0
Tue 10:40am vs. IGHSA heat (Minnesota)SEU 7 IGHSA 0
Wed 10:40am vs.PSA Dazzlers (Minnesota)SEU 0 Dazzlers 1
Thu 8:00am vs. North Bay

Thursday, April 10
2003 Outdoor Tournament Information
We are entering 4 outdoor tournaments:
Saskatoon May 16-19 (Completed with a record of 1-1-1)
Grand Forks June 13-15 (Won the Championship)
Golden Boy June 27-29 (Completed with record of 4-1)
MSA Cup August 7-10 (Brandon - booked at the Days Inn - confirm room requirements with Nancy)

Thursday, May 8
Saskatoon Trip Info & Schedule
We will be leaving by Bus from the Walmart Parking Lot on Kenaston at 9:00am Friday May 16. Pack a lunch for the bus.
We are staying at the Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon, rate is $99/night. All rooms are currently reserved to Wendy's card.
We will be leaving from Saskatoon sometime on Monday the 19th, depending upon when we finish playing.
Nancy has sent out a checklist on what the girls should have in their soccer bags.
Game1: Sat 1:00pm
Game2: Sun 8:30am
Game3: Sun 4:00pm
Semi: Mon 9:00am
Final: Mon 3:00pm
BBQ: Sat 3-6pm
Dance: Sat 7-9pm

OK - so now we're home. Girls had a great time, bus worked out very well, the hotel location was perfect, but the weather was awful. Very cold and windy all weekend - which hurt us all over the place.

Monday, May 26
Grand Forks Schedule
We Play:
Sat 8am vs. Moorhead Wildcats (SEU 1-0)
Sat 2:30pm vs. Red River Strikers (SEU 9-0)
Sun 10am vs. Capital City Blast (SEU 2-0)

Coach Mo's team (Div 6R) plays:
Fri 6pm vs. Capital City Blast (1-4)
Sat 2:30pm vs. Moorhead Wildcats (0-5)
Sun 10am vs. Red River Strikers (3-2)
and then hopefully vs SEU in the FINALS

Div 7R plays:
Fri 4pm vs. Red River Inferno (9-0)
Sat 6:30pm vs. Jamestown Jays (1-0)
Sun 10am vs ??? (final, bronze or consolation)

Friday, June 20
Golden Boy Schedule 2003
There are 23 teams in the U14 Girls division, in 6 groups. We are in Group Sweden, with Northwest Wolves, Phoenix Wild, and PortageTrail R7.

We play:
Thursday 6:15pm vs. NW7P (0-0)
Saturday 9:30am vs. Phoenix 6R (5-0)
Saturday 1:30pm vs. Portage Tr 7R (9-0)
Saturday 4:45pm vs. Flames 7P (2-0)
possible Saturday 7:45pm vs. Phoenix 6P (1-2 OT)
possible Sunday 9:15am
possible Sunday 2:15 (Gold or Bronze), or 3:45pm (Consolation)

player of the game
Player of the Game - Caterina!
Tuesday, June 24
MSA Cup Info & Schedule 2003
The itinerary, packing list, and rooming list have been emailed to the team.

We will be departing from Linden Meadows school at 9:30am on Friday. Girls are to bring their packed soccer bag, and a bag lunch. They should wear their gym clothes. The balance of their luggage is to travel with their parents.

Fri Aug 8 4pm Bonivital Blaze 0 vs. SEU 2
Sat Aug 9 11am SEU 3 vs. PortageTrail 1
Sat Aug 9 4pm SEU 3 vs. Phoenix 1
Sun Aug 10 10:30am SEU 2 vs. Northwest 1

Round Robin Groups
A: Bonivital Blaze, SEU, Phoenix, Portage Trail
B: Northwest, Flames, Northwest, Brandon

2003 Tournament Survey - please help us plan for next year!