Set Point Volleyball Club: Player Information

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Set Point Volleyball Club aims to give all players a great volleyball experience, including skill development and competitive play throughout the club season.  Understanding the expectations that the club has of its players in return is important - so please familiarize yourself with our player guidelines.


  • Please wear your practice shirt to all practices; it makes you look like a TEAM! 
  • Coaches will always have Medical Release Forms for all players at practices and tournaments.
  • Coaches are instructed to not discuss playing time or other player issues with parents at tournament sites - make a separate appointment.
  • Coaches are instructed to NEVER be alone with a player, same sex or not. If coaches want to talk privately to a player, they will do it within eyesight of someone else. Coaches will not give players rides unless it's more than one and then only in unusual circumstances.
  • Coaches will not leave any practice or tournament site until all players are accounted for.
  • If the team has an officiating assignment at the end of the tournament day, or any other duty, everyone stays until all leave, no matter how many are required to work.
  • Players are not to drive to tournaments without an adult in the car.
  • No alcohol or tobacco use by players at anytime and coaches when representing Set Point.
  • No use of controlled substances by players or coaches at any time.
  • All representatives of Set Point are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. Coaches will demand it from players, and encourage it from parents. 
  • Players are expected to share the workload with officiating at tournaments and take pride in the job.
  • Coaches will not accept less than a player's best effort.
  • We will encourage aggressive play. "Just get it in" is not the way the game should be played. A good swing that goes out at 5-5 is the same as a good swing that goes out on game point. We would appreciate parents’ support for this.

If you are still considering if our club is right for you or have general questions about how we operate, these Frequently Asked Questions may be helpful.

Additional Player Advice - Nutrition

Coaches, parents and players must pay special attention to proper nutrition in order to withstand the high levels of demand placed on one's body.  Here are four tournament mistakes you should strive to avoid: 

  1. Not eating prior to early morning games
  2. Not eating properly prior to competition
  3. Not refueling/hydrating properly after each game
  4. No refueling/hydrating before and directly after each tournament
Read the full article by Jackie Berrning and specfic details on the food he recommends.  Also, check out the snack ideas for tournaments on our handouts page, compiled by a player's parent.