Set Point Volleyball Club: Welcome

Set Point Volleyball Club 2014-15 Tryout Schedule (full information will be posted soon)

U12, U13, U14

Day Date Time Activity Group Site
 Saturday  October 18*  9:30-11:30 AM  Open Gym  U12-U14  New Hope
 Thursday  October 23*  6:00-8:30 PM  Tryout 1  U12-U13  New Hope
 Saturday  October 25*  9:30-11:30 AM  Tryout 2
 U12-U13  New Hope
 Sunday  October 26  1:30-4:00 PM  Tryout 1  U14  Gateway YWCA
 Monday  October 27  6:00-8:30 PM  Tryout 2  U14  New Hope
 Tuesday  October 28*  6:00-8:30 PM  Makeup tryout  U12-14  New Hope
 Thursday  October 30  6:00-8:30 PM  Signup Meeting  U12-U14  New Hope

 *State playoff date

** Optional, we may not need three sessions

U15, U16, U17, U18

 Day Date
 Time Activity  Group Site
 Sunday  November 2  1:00-3:00 PM  Tryout 1  U15  Gateway YWCA
 3:00-5:00 PM  Tryout 1  U16  Gateway YWCA
 Monday  November 3  6:00-8:30 PM  Tryout 1  U17-18  New Hope
 Tuesday  November 4  6:00-8:30 PM  Tryout 2  U15  New Hope
 Thursday  November 6  6:00-8:30 PM  Tryout 2  U16  New Hope
 Sunday  November 9  1:30-4:30 PM  Tryout 2  U17-18  Gateway YWCA
 Tuesday  November 11  6:00-8:30 PM  Signup Meeting  U15-U18  New Hope

 See the Set Point News tab for a compilation of the year's announcements.