Serra Cheerleading: Weekly Reminders

Wednesday, August 27
Highlighted cheers are new--please learn them!!!

Defense cheers: 

Block that kickDefenseBlock that kick 

Hit em againAnd hit em hard 

Hold emHold em eaglesHold that line 

Get tough S-H-S 

D-E-F-E-N-S-EGo, defense, Go 

Red  Let’s go defense Take that ball away      

Offense cheers: 

Take it to the goalGo Fight Win 

Serra Eagles  Score 6

 Touch Down    Eagles Score , Score 

First and ten  Let’s go, fight, win  

Push thru  Push thru   Push thru that line 

Touch down  Touch downEagles score 6     

General Cheers: 

Come on crowd  Yell S-H-S   S-H-S

Come on crowd Yell Go Big Red   Go Big Red 

Serra Eagles   We’re cheering for theSerra Eagles 

G-O  Yell it  Let’s go Eagles  

Let’s go Eagles Let’s go 

Eagles-yell it S-H-S 

Red and gold fight  Fight to win    

Who are you cheering for?  Serra Catholic 

S-H-S  Oh yes  We are the best  

S-H-S Yell it  S-H-S  

S-H-S  Go Eagles Go  

Eagles let’s Go   Let’s Go Fight Win  

Red and Gold   Eagles Lets Go  

Hey  Lets Go Eagles     

Go S- Go E- Go SE double R-A 

New Cheers:  (not on dvd)  

Defense  Defense   Get that ball 

O-F-F-E-N-S-E Go offense go 

Touch down Eagles   We want

Touch down   Do it again   Eagle team   Let’s win