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The Story of Our Volleyball Ninjas!!!

It began in the Spring of 2014....9 of the Lowcountry's brightest and best young volleyball players decide they want to take on the Nations Best!! After completing their club season, the Clan of Select Volleyball Ninjas decide to band together and work toward a common goal.....To Be The Best, They Can Be!! 

The Qualities of a Volleyball Ninja:

1. Zen-like calm

Zen like calm is an ability to remain focused and not be stressed by all the things that are out of your control. Can you "JellyFish" away a missed called by the officials?

2. Ruthlessness

Saying ‘NO’ to as many distractions as possible. Focus and Heart are the keys to a Ninja being victorious. Could you afford to be more ruthless in your focus?

3. Skill-Savvy

Rely on our training to know What to Do, When to Do It and Trusting Your Skills to Know you'll do it right, when called upon. Do you have good communication systems in place and is it easy to track who does what?

4. Stealth and Camouflage

Be Confident, but not Vain....let your actions speak for you. Never let your emotions control your actions, let your actions control your emotions. Can you separate yourself from the chaos?

5. Loyalty

Never place yourself above the CLAN....Know your responsibilty is to the Clan as a whole and not as an individual. Take inspiration from unusual (as well as usual) places.

6. Agility

Have good systems to help you react and respond quickly. Are there opportunities to discuss the storm during the calm before it? Plan ahead!

7. Mindfulness

Ask youself good questions and avoid stress. Are you a good listener – to yourselves and to others?

8. Preparedness

Knowing that rest, relaxation and good organizational skills are important. If you’re over-stretched, can you see light at the end of the tunnel? If not, change it!

9. Human not Superhuman

You might be surprised to learn that to be a Volleyball Ninja is not like being a superhuman. Essentially we are human beings not human doings. Humans make mistakes and we shouldn’t try to be perfect. Aiming for perfection is often the quickest way to get stuck. The important thing is to finish, not to be perfect. Celebrate your mistakes – use them for good.

Adopting a Volleyball Ninja mind-set is a great way to create a safe space to innovate and ultimately, to change the world!

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