Seattle Titans Baseball Club 15/16/18: Tryouts

Friday, December 24
Titans Holiday poem

T'was the night before Christmass when all through the town, Not a Titan was stirring they were all bedded down; Bat bags were hung on the wall by the car, Filled with their gear they had taken afar; I in my lazy boy, my wife at the mall, we're wishing for baseball, like Spring, Summer and Fall; When all of a sudden way out in the street, A raucous, a coach and a team not yet beat;
Away to the phone I dialed away, called our coaches and parents, they said "Let's Play";Hey Karsten, hey Jacob, Chaz, Corey and Mark Get up Jaykob and Ryan "It just looks like it's dark!"; Yo Derek!, Yo Trever!, Yo Teddy!, Hey Paul!, Kyle, Bret, Austin; " Lets go play some ball"; A field we found in the blink of an eye, What we needed right now was an Umpire Guy;
When all of a sudden some jingle bells tolled, and out from the parking lot a jolly ump strolled; He had lots of padding, a clicker and gear, and got the game going with a tug on his ear; He called the good strikes, some balls and some fouls; While spectators watched, wide eyed just like owls; The temperature's bitter it's December you know; It's Winter in Seattle, not Summer in Pasco.
Nine innings were over in no time at all, The Titans victorious, they'd played some good ball; They turned to the umpire now dressed in red. A beard, fat ol' belly and cap on his head; the boys had all thought this was really St. Nick, but it was umpire Charlie up to one of his tricks; They wanted to thank him but he was off in a shot, In a red pop top T-Bird, he couldn't be caught; The team was so happy that they'd won the game, When barley heard words from the umpire's mouth came; Keep playin' baseball you're doin' it right, you guys are awesome and all have the fight. Merry Christmas you Titans and to all a Good Night!"