The Magic of Team Sports

“The old guys have to welcome the new ones. The new ones have to respect the veterans. The back-ups have to guard the headliners and the headliners have to encourage those who make them better. And all of them have to be more concerned about the name on the front of the jerseys than they are about the name on the back -- no matter what the newspapers say. That's a daily decision good kids make, though it is at once an alarmingly simple concept and an amazingly complex predicament.”

“That's the magic of team sports. It's not how good your pieces are, it's how well they fit together. So what happens when your pieces appear to be pretty good and they also lock into place? I'm not certain, but I sure am looking forward to finding out.”

                                        ~Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Coach Sherri Coale


2008 U15/16 Team


Alexa Balboni

Susie French

Stephanie Gallagher

Kayla Janowski

Catie Keenan

Jillian Madden

Haley Marchewka

Shannon Quinn

Niki Taylor

Alyson Towle




Fun team pic