Saturday, September 21


Welcome! To the San Diego Flag Football League.

The league is dedicated to all the managers, players, officials, sponsors and fans who have made this league what it is today, a recreational sports league that promotes camaraderie, sportsmanship and athletic competition. 

This avenue of information will hope to inspire and provide all participants and fans of the league an opportunity to see how dedicated you players are.  The San Diego Flag Football League originated in 1979 as a small "In-House" recreation league with a total of 7 teams. Under the supervision of past Director Kurt Vozely, the league developed into the largest and most successful flag football league at one sight, in the West. In the Fall of 1992 Kurt graciously handed the "BALL" to me. Over 42 teams and 1000 players hit the gridiron each Spring and Fall and play in one of four skill Divisions.

 The league has been home to many outstanding and nationally recognized teams: SPA STORE, FRESH CONNECTION, TIKI, SWARM and currently NEW HUSTLE AND SD XPRESS. Although the league has grown to maximum size, the dedication of the players, the support of sponsors and fans, the consistency of the officiating crews and the leagues commitment to promote fair play and sportsmanship continue to maintain the spirit of the league.  

Flag Football continues to grow. The popularity of the 4 on 4 leagues has promoted participation, fast pace action and big prize money for elite teams. Associations like USTFA and METRO UNION continue to develop a universal rank system which allow teams to travel and play for national recognition. International tournaments with teams from United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe are being scheduled and played.    

The San Diego Flag Football League is committed in providing teams and players a quality recreation sports program. We will continue to work hard in bringing you everything you need to know about Flag football. If you have any suggestions, photos or stories to share, please contact the league. 

 Be a part of San Diego Flag Football History! 

Thank you for your support and remember: 

Play hard, Play safe and most importantly, Have fun! 

Kevin Wiggins, League Director

Centerfield (Let's Go!)