SDBASS Nation: 2013 Spring Fling


Triton Boats
Triton Boats is a heckuva sponsor!  Triton is one of our biggest supporters, and this company is one of the main reasons that we have such a strong Federation!!  SDBFN members, make sure you check out the Alliance package!!

If most of our SDBFN members didn't have their Mercury motors on the back of their boats, they'd just be sitting on the beach or going non-boater, like me!  Mercury is a loyal BASS Federation Nation Alliance sponsor.  

Motor Guide
Thinkin' back over the years of bass fishing, my first memories are of a Motorguide trolling motor up front.  Today's models are so simple to use that even I look like a pro!  I can't imagine being without one!  I know that I appreciate them! Never stop, baby!!

Lowrance's new HDS High-Def System is absolutely awesome.  Check out the top-of-the-line 10-inch HDS-10 GPS!  It's unbelievable!  As part of the BASS Federation Alliance, Lowrance keeps us pointed in the right direction! 


MSH Architects
MSH Archtects
When you hear that your doctor is considering building a new clinic, or the manufacturing plant that you deliver to needs a new warehouse, call us.  As some of you know, Miller Sellers Heroux has become MSH Architects!  Another year and more pre- and post- tournament beverages could be coming!  And much, much more!  I've convinced my business partners that SDBFN is a good investment in OUR future, so help me KEEP them convinced! Share this web address with people you know, and email Dave with any leads you might hear of! 


Skeeter has come through again!!  Skeeter gave us a trio of Skeeter-Signature Kistler rods! Wow!  When you get a chance, take a look at the i-Class Series boats!   Engineered like no other! 



Culprit!!  They are only one of two double entry sponsors that we have this year! In addition to the great stuff they donated, They've DOUBLED the discount from last year to 30%!! The discount code may be used each time an order is placed online.  It may also be used on all SALE items!  Their new Creature Craw, FAT Max, and T-Rex have received a lot of initial interest, and they wanna keep it goin'!  The 30% OFF discount code that has been assigned specifically for South Dakota BASS Federation Nation is BCC0052

DB's Bait & Tackle
DB's Bait & Tackle

DB's Bait & Tackle = Derald Bachmann and Mel Williams!  Next time that you are in Winner, stop by and check out their tackle!  If there is something you need just ask, or email them at


Hope you got to see the new tackle bags that Plano sent us for our Spring Fling auction!  Talk about awesome!  It's incredible to me that Plano is able to develop bigger and better tackle storage solutions every year.  Take a peek at their Liqua-Bait Locker Systems if you use plastics with integral scents!

Bass Assassin
Bass Assassin
Bass Assassin is here for us year after year!  You know that their lures are hot, so keep buyin" "em!  Hey, has anyone tried the Swimmin" Assassin or the Mud Minnow?  Ya just gotta check out their website!

Danalco SealSkinz
Danalco Seal Skinz
Danalco SealSkinz was generous enough to send us several pairs of RealTree Sveltz hunting gloves.  They are really nice, and I suspect that those that got 'em will be usin' 'em during blastoff at our spring tourneys!  If you didn't get a pair, you can either admire those that did or check into buying your own!

Team Marine USA
Team Marine.  I know that you've heard their name!  They added several of their awesome BASS Pro Fizz FZ-1 fizzing tools to our auction!  We nearly had some fights over who was gonna get 'em!  Jeff Brown, our illustrious Conservation Director, will be glad to give you instructions on how and when to use this fantastic new sponsor of our Spring Fling!

Stanley Lures
Stanley Lures.  You all know the Ribbit Frog.  You saw the baits that they sent us this year!  These babies are somethin" else!  Hope that you were one of the lucky dogs that got these in your goody bag!  Be sure to go to their website!

Evan Wiliams Bourbon
Evan Williams
Heaven Hills Distillery and Evan Williams Bourbon has been a sponsor of BASS Federation Nation for as long as I've been around.  Did you know that their bourbons age between four and twenty years before it hits the bottle and then the store?  That's a long term investment, man!  The longer you wait, the better it gets.  I get it!!  Keep an eye on EW's website!

I get more phone calls every year from members asking if Cabela's is going to have their Outfitter's discount available at the Spring Fling.  Well, heck yeah!! Cabela's offers all kinds of help throughout the year, so look up Kacie and tell her, "Thanks, I'm from SD BASS!"

Big Hammer Lures
Pete Wolf from Big Hammer Lures sez, "Heya!" I hope that you get one of their swim-bait packs in your goody bag!  They are absolutely awesome!  And when you visit their website, I give you this warning: DO NOT GET ANY OF THE SALT SHAKER WORMS!  They are reserved only for true professionals!  If you're nice to me, I might loan you one someday.  But I repeat DO NOT BUY ANY!  They are not for amateurs!

Mason Tackle Company
The Mason Tackle Company joined us for the first of what we hope is many years of sponsorship for SDBFN!  I don't know a lot about this company, but doing some research, there are lots and lots of retailers carrying this leader! 

Bill Lewis Lures
Every year, Bill Lewis Lures sends Rat L Traps for our Spring Fling!! I don't know a single person in the Federation that doesn't have at least a half dozen or more!  One of the best all-around crankbaits that we've ever run across!  That panicked baitfish sound . . . wow and how!  Ask Ernie Tweet if I like to throw the ol' one-ouncers!

Tyndall Motors
Tyndall Motors

Stop by Tyndall Motors and give Tom Logue a big hug!  That big 'ol Teddy Bear has been up to lots of good for the Federation again!  Tom brought us another great sculpture for our fundraising efforts!  Tom's got a lot of nice cars and boats for sale, and a danged good service department ready to help you out.  Check out his inventory online.

Cequent Performance Products
Cequent Performance Products donated a great load of floating key chains for our Spring Fling from Fulton!  If you don't know who Cequent is, take a look at Fulton's website!  You'll find that you may already have their towing products on your trailer or truck!  Also, check on Cequent's other family of companies, like Draw-Tite and Reese!! This is Fulton's centennial celebration, so take at look at their products online!

Frogg Toggs
Frogg Toggs
Fantastic!! Frogg Toggs is one of the best known outerwear companies in the world!!  They've been fantastic by giving us a couple of certificates for a Pro Action or Pro Advantage rainsuits!  Is that cool (and dry) or what?  Whaddaya think?  Wanna arm wrestle over 'em?  I'm not nearly as strong as I look except when it comes to Frogg Toggs!

Gear. Passion. Sports.  Scheels kicked in some great stuff again this year!  Next time you're in the store, say "Howdy" to Troy! And don't forget to say "Thanks!"  Scheels wants us to know that they've got lots of gear that we might be interested in!! And don't forget your school sports, hunting, camping, and other outdoor equipment too!

Reel Grip
I don't know how many of you have Reel Grips on your reel handles, but they are great!  Reel Grip sent us a goodly number of pairs, and hopefully you got some!  But then again, I hope that Jim Gacke didn't steal 'em from you when you weren't lookin'! Get Real . . . Get Reel Grip!


Baitmait Fish Attractant
Wisconsin Pharmacal asked if they could send us some bottles of Baitmate Walleye Attractant.  I told Molly that I didn't quite understand it, but some of our guys actually like to catch walleyes almost as much as they do bass!  Bring "em on!! Support Baitmate.

B & D Lures
B & D Lures:  Many of you lucky Spring Fling Banquet attendees should have gotten a bag of this SDBFN sponsor's product!  We're proud to have B & D join us this year!  Go to their website and tell "em "Thanks!" while you're giving them a new order for some custom poured plastics!

Shady Rest Motel
Bon Homme Bass Club member John Spurling donated a night's stay at our favorite Tyndall Hotel!  This year, he called me instead of waiting for my appeal (something about the newsletter and that he was kinda sensitive!).  Check out his website!

Mitchell Ramada Inn & Suites
Mitchell's Ramada Inn & Suites Conference Center was our host for our 2011 Spring Fling headquarters.  They did a great job for the last two years, and we expect no less next year!  Hope you made your reservations there , and told 'em you're with SD BASS so that you got the group discount!  They also donated a gift certificate for the auction that helped our coffers!  Stay at the Ramada when you are in Mitchell, and check them out on their website!

Charlie Brewer's Slider Company
You've probably read a couple of Bassmasters articles featuring professional anglers touting Charlie Brewer's Slider Company!  Check out their great jigheads and grubs.  They sent a grub kit that was a great door prize at the Spring Fling this year!! Hope you were the lucky dog!  You gotta go check 'em out!

Toyota sent us some great looking apparel and lots of other logoed accessories for our goody bags!  You should check out the new Toyota Tundra pickup truck online.  I want the CrewMax with the flex-fuel 5.7 liter V8 in the Radiant Red color (the truck, not the engine)!!

Interstate Power Systems
Sioux Falls' own Interstate Power Systems has joined the Spring Fling festivities this year!  Providing service on highway engines and transmissions, even power generation, Interstate added a few goodies for our event!

Northview Bait
Northview Bait is a great place to stock up on your fishin' needs!  Sioux Falls store owner Matt Staab helped out again this year.  Matt has added lots more bass fishing gear, so get in there and buy him out!  Northview has live bait and pet food, too!  Tell Matt you're with SD Bass!!

D.O.A. Lures
D.O.A. Lures brooughts us some great lookin' plastic jerkbaits and swimbaits.  I think there are gonna be some believers after you try 'em out!  Be sure to take a peek at the Terror Eyz!  Go to their online store soon!


Yep, Triton Boats is one of our Alliance sponsors, but they also gave us some extra stuff for our goody bags! If you get a chance, shoot a note to ‘em, and tell ‘em you appreciate their support of SDBFN! Check out their great boats at:



Culprit!! They were only one of two double entry sponsors that we had this year. In addition to the great stuff they donated, they doubled the discount from last year to 30%!! This discount code may be used each time an order is placed at It may also be used on all SALE items! Their new Creature Craw, FAT Max, and T-Rex have received a lot of initial interest and they wanna keep it goin’! The 30% OFF discount code that has been assigned specifically for the South Dakota BASS Federation Nation is:  BCC005.

Optimum Baits
Optimum has some really nice lookin' swimbaits.  They not only gave us a few lures, they are offering a 10% discount from anything at their online store.  Use code BASS at Optimum Baits online!

Yamaha Motors gave us a pretty good discount on boat motor oil which we'll be auctioning off at the Fling this year.  Yamaha is one of the best motors out there! 

Mepps was at the Spring Fling again this year with a 40% discount off of the list price for a limited time! Hope you got your order in!

Muzzy was back again! We got some discount coupons and a couple of bow hunting and bow fishing DVDs.  Muzzy is a Bad to the Bone!

Delorme joined SDBFN and sent us a South Dakota state atlas for our auction.  As everyone knows, they are topnotch at mapping, GPS, and digital data technologies, so take a look online!

Lamiglas Rods
Lamiglas Rods gave us another certificate for 50% off of up to three quality rods.  Jon Meyer likes his!! Jon bought the certificate for the second time in two years! Check 'em out online! List prices are from $94 to $280.

Jann's Netcraft
Jann's Netcraft gave us a gift certificate and catalogs.  They have some great parts and pieces to create, repair, or modify your lures!

Powell Rods aren't found much around our Federation, but with they gave us a great 20% discount! You should check 'em out online then call Dave with your order! Fish with Tradition!

Flowmaster helped us out this year with some promotional gear.  Some lucky anglers at the Spring Fling will find 'em in their goody bags!  Cool Gear!

St Croix
St. Croix offered SDBFN two St. Croix products at a discount: 40% off apparel, 30% off spinning reels, and 20% casting reels!

Buck Knives
Buck Knives gave us a fantastic offer of 50% off list prices up to $125. First-come, first-serve, so call Dave and tell him what your choices are.