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Saturday, November 9
Boys Tykers and Pockets Lacrosse

Boys Tykers 

Tykers: Born between Sep. 1, 2004 and August 31 2006.

The boys’ game consists of limited contact Lacrosse in the CarBalCo league, 7v7 teams. There are 2 practices per week and 1 Saturday game. You are required to have your own lacrosse stick and shoulder pads. South Carroll Lacrosse will provide a helmet, elbow pads, gloves and jersey/shorts.

**Boys that are 1st grade and have never played Lacrosse, please consider playing in Pockets Game Play (see below)


Boys Pockets

Game Play: Born between Sept 1 2006 and Aug 31 2008

Boys that have already had 1 year in Pockets Instructional or are in 1st grade and are new to Lacrosse. (1 practice and 1 Saturday game per week).  Boys will have instruction and learn the skills to play in a  non-competitive game of lacrosse. Players in Pockets Game Play will wear all the equipment that Tykers wear. You are required to have your own Lacrosse stick and shoulder pads. South Carroll Lacrosse will provide a helmet, gloves, elbow pads and jersey/shorts.

Pockets Instructional: Born between Sept 1 2008 and Aug 31, 2009

Boys that are new to Lacrosse; they will learn the very basic fundamentals of Lacrosse in a fun atmosphere, there are no helmets or pads worn, no contact and the ball is soft. Only 1 skills session per week during the season. You are required to have your own Lacrosse stick. South Carroll Lacrosse will provide gloves and elbow pads.

Monday, October 7
2014 Fees

Our Fee Structure for 2014 is as follows:

Boys Juniors, Midgets, Lightning: $150/player

Boys Tykers: $135/player

Boys Pockets Game Play: $75/player

Boys Pockets instructional: $50/player

Girls Juniors, Midgets, Lightning: $150/player

Girls Tykers: $95/player

Girls Pockets: $75/player

 The South Carroll Refund Policy is as follows: ***** All Refund requests must be submitted in writing. ****** Withdraw on or before January 15, 2014 - 100% Refund (minus $15 administrative fee) Withdraw after January 15, 2014 and before February 15, 2014 - 50% Refund (minus $15 administrative fee) Withdraw February 15, 2014 or after - No Refund


Thursday, August 2
Team Formation Policy

South Carroll Youth Lacrosse Team Formation Policy

Pertaining to Lightning, Midget and Junior age levels:

-Teams are formulated based on evaluation results. Coaches do not pick their team. Teams are put together based on evaluation results and coaches are provided their team by the SCYL board. In the event that teams reach full capacity, those participants that were registered for evaluations will be given preference over those not registered for evaluations.

-All players must register, evaluate, and play at their respective age grouping according to MYLA standards, unless an exception is made by the board. All exceptions are made by the board, not individual coaches.

-After player evaluations end, any age group still needing extra players will first be filled through open registration of players from the appropriate age group.

-If players are needed to move up to an older age group to fill a team (based on the discretion of the board), players will be offered that opportunity based on the order of their evaluation scores.

- Any player not attending evaluations must have an exception from the board in order to be given consideration to play at a higher team level or higher age group. Those players that were not registered for evaluations or did not participate in evaluations and did not have an exception from the board will receive an evaluation score placing them below all participants that attended evaluations.

Thursday, January 19
Equipment Policy

IMPORTANT: Equipment Notice for all South Carroll Youth Lacrosse Participants

Per previous notices, South Carroll Youth Lacrosse no longer provides equipment for evaluations or for the regular season for Lightning, Midget and Junior level age groups.

We will still provide helmets, gloves and arm pads to: Boys Tyker and Pocket Game Play divisions

We will still provide gloves and elbow pads to: Boys Pocket Instructional division

South Carroll Youth Lacrosse will require a $100 check deposit at the time that team uniforms/equipment are distributed. The check will be returned upon returning the uniform/equipment at the end of the season.

It is the responsibility of the player to acquire their equipment.  (Required equipment for boys is: stick, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, athletic cup, and mouth guard.) (Required equipment for girls is goggles, mouth guard and stick.)

We have arranged for Play It Again Sports in Ellicott City Maryland be our preferred provider.   All members of South Carroll Lacrosse, both boys and girls are always eligible for a 10% discount off all lacrosse purchases.  Helmets should be in the South Carroll colors and gloves and arm pads should either be in our colors or a solid black or black pattern.  Play It Again is aware of our colors and will be able to accommodate your request for our colors.