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Tournaments continue...

  U14 Team

Next tournament is March 23rd. 


U15 Team

Next tournament is March 23rd. 



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Thursday, March 20
U14 Thunder Tournament - Mar 23rd

We will be at Highline CC.  Food provided by Gracie's and Jensen's families.

Players need to be there by 8am! We do not have the pool play bracket, they said it would be handed out at the coaches meeting that morning.

Here is tournament info

General Information:Volleyball tournaments Hosted by Sports For Youth

Foundation General Tournament Information: The doors open at 8 am; coaches meeting at 8:20am; players and parents meeting at 8:40am; plays starts at 9am sharp.

Construction work at Highline College…. The locker area will NOT be available for the rest of the season. Rest rooms are located in Blg. 29 (at the top of the stairs near the gym). Parents will NOT be allowed to drive next to the gym… any team food will need to be carried from the parking lot to the gym area… no cars will be allowed!!-

Team Food and Team Food Area: We are NOT charging a fee for the “team area” outside the gym… However…. The College says the PARENTS, and PLAYERS must do a better job of cleaning up at the end of the day… or it will be NO FOOD ALLOWED ON THE CAMPUS!!! Let’s make sure we do not get to that point… Coaches and Parents… Remember… Team food and Coolers need to be kept outside of the Gym and other buildings. Individual portion sizes of food are allowed inside the gym. Coaches PLEASE…. Remind your coaches and parents to clean up your area around your team “tailgate area”. Each year the parents tailgate area seems to get messier…. PLEASE… encourage your parents to clean up after themselves. PLEASE… let your parents and players know of this situation.

Seating is limited…. Parents should plan on bringing their own chairs… ALL CHAIRS MUST… have something under them to protect the basketball floor. (i.e. blanket or towel)