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09-19-18 11:20 PM
Los Angeles Local Weather
Coach Chris Faulknor
323 997 9386
Los Angeles, California

Friday, September 19
Southern California Running Cougars

Our purpose is to help young people between the ages of 6 and 14 years become the finest amateur athletes -and citizens - possible. SCRC trains young athletes without regard to gender, ethnicity or socio-economic capability, based upon individual athletic ability and demonstrated motivation to participate in team sports. SCRC emphasizes team play and individual excellence. Our goal is to create athletes capable of participating in state and national competitions. As a member of the USATF, SCRC adheres to policies and regulations that govern that organization and its members.

Jamming by Bob Marley

LA84 Fun Run
SCRC and the LA84 Fun Run
Wednesday, September 5
PRE-SEASON TRAINING - So Cal Running Cougars Pre-Season Training Information


Pre-Season Training for 2018 - 2019 Track Season begins November 15th each Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

Pre-season training starts November 15, at 6:30 p.m., each Tuesday and Thursday.  Meet at the Kenneth Hahn Soccer Field / Ladera Baseall Field (park in the lower lot) on Fairfax between Stocker & Slauson.

Also each Saturday at 7:00 a.m. at WLAC, meet at Jefferson and College (entrance to WLAC). 

For further information, please call Coach Chris at 323 997 9386 or e-mail

Thank you! Coach Chris      


Nia Medals
Coach Julie, Nia and Coach Chris
Friday, July 27
2018 USATF Junior Olympics at Greensboro, NC

Adam Lee and Nia Faulknor

Nia Faulknor 8 under

      *4th in the 400m!!!

      *Long Jump National Champion, 3.86m!!! 

Adam Lee 11/12 year old

     *High Jump, 1.50m - 9th overall  


*****Congratulations to our USATF-SCA Junior Olympic Qualifiers!!!*****

Adam Lee - High Jump

Ariya Winstead, High Jump

Nia Faulknor, 400m and Long Jump!


*****Kudos to the other Cougar Athletes that qualified at the SCA Meet to compete at the Region 15 Qualifier*****

Dior Willingham - Long Jump

Octavian Shepherd - 200 Meters and 400 Meters

Kaden Willingham - Long Jump  


Sunday, July 15
Coach Sade and Kassadi AAU WEST COAST CHAMPION

Coach Sade and Kassadi 2018 AAU WEST COAST CHAMPION, 5yo division 1st Place 100 200 and 400m

Coach Sade and Kassadi

2018 West COast JO'S
SCRC at the 2018 West Coast JOs at Warren High School
Saturday, July 14
Congratulations to our Cougar 2018 AAU JO Qualifiers!!!

Congratulations to our Cougar 2018 AAU JO Qualifiers!!!

Ariya Winstead -100m, 200m, 400m,800m,

HJ Hannah Evans - 100m, 400m, 800m

Kassidy Bolden - 100m, 200m

Kennedy Bolden -100m, 200m

Nia Faulknor- 100m, 200, long jump

Adam Lee - 100m, 200, High Jump

Armond Durr -100m, 200, long jump

Jae’Andre Phillips-Blount - 100m, 200, long jump

Julian Cooper - 100m, 200m, long jump



Reno AAU
Saturday, June 30
Cougars at the 2018 AAU West Coast JO's in Reno, Nevada


Nia and Dior
Sunday, June 3
Cougar 8 and Under Girls Place second Overall at the PCS Track Meet!



Nia Faulknor -

1st Place Long Jump

1st Place 200m

1st Place 100m

2nd Place 8UG Overall Team Champion  

Sunday, July 9
West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games - Warren HS, July 8-9, 2017

Nia Faulknor - F7 Champion


200m, 36.11, 1st place

400m, 1:17.54, 1st place (PR)

Long Jump 9-01.50, 1st place

F8 Ariya Winstead

100m, 17.70, 3rd place

200m 37.92, 3rd place

400m 1:28.54, 2nd place

F13 Hannah Evans

200m 30.04, 7th place

400m 1:09.20, 7th place

F15-16 Alexandria Williams 

100m 13.33p, 13.47, 8th place

200m 27.71p, 27.82f, 8th place

400m 1:03.83, 5th place (PR)

400mh 1:13.99, 1st place (PR)

M10 JaeAndre Phillips-Blount

100m, 14.98p, 15.05f, 7th place

200m, 30.93p, 30.71f, 6th place

Long Jump 10-10.75, 3rd place



Friday, June 30
West Coast National Championships 2017, Reno NV - Thursday, June 29 - Sunday, July 02

Nia Hannah and Ariya


F 15-16 Alexandria Williams
100m dash 13.71

200m dash 26.99

400m dash 1:04.30, 6th place

400m hurdles 1:16.05, 7th place

F 8 & Under Ariya Winstead
200m dash 36.60

400m dash 1:20.62, 5th place

800m run 3:19.08, 2nd place 

F 13 Hannah Evans
200m dash 30.10

400m dash 1:07.91

800m run 3:04.83 8th place

F 8 & Under Nia Faulknor
100m dash 16.46, 5th place

200m dash 33.31, 3rd place

long jump 9-07.25, 2nd place 

Friday, June 30
AAU West Coast Primary Championships, Reno, NV, June 30, 2017

Nia and Ariya

SCRC Results 

F 8 Ariya Winstead

400m dash 1:27.03 - 2nd place

800m run 3:20.82 - 1st place

long jump 8-03.00 - 2nd place


F 7 Nia Faulknor

100m dash 16.61 - 2nd place

400m dash 1:19.56 - 1st place, Meet Record

long jump 9-03.50 - 1st place


Sunday, June 18
2017 AAU Region 23 National Qualifier Track & Field Championship - June 18, 2017, Orange Glen HS



F 7 Nia Faulknor
 200m dash 35.14, 4th place

 400m dash 1:20.06, 5th place

 long jump 9-09.00, 3rd place

F 8 Sienna Schneider

100m dash 18.72

200m dash 41.63

Long jump 7-0.00  

F 8 Ariya Winstead
 800m dash 3:09.50, 4th place

 400m dash 1:18.99, 4th place

  long jump 8-06.00, 7th place

F 13 Hannah Evans
 200m dash 30.18

 400m dash 1:06.63

 800m run 2:38.95, 8th place 

F 15-16 Alexandria Williams
 100m dash 13.54, 6th place

  200m dash 27.40, 4th place

  400m dash 1:02.98, 2nd place

M 10 Jae'Andre Phillips-Blount
 100m dash 14.75, 4th place

 200m dash 30.90, 6th place

 long jump 12-11, 3rd place

Sunday, June 11
2017 USATF Southern California Association Junior Olympic Championships


M9-10 JaeAndre Phillips-Blount

200m 31.00

Long Jump 11-0.75

M13-14 Marceese Yetts 

100m 12.00

200m 24.24

M15-16 Aidan Blain

400m 52.28

800m 2:02.62 

F8 Ariya Winstead

800m 3:11.77

Long Jump 8-03.50  

F13-14 Hannah Evans 

800m 2:41.56 

F 15-16 Alexandria Williams 

100m 13.70

200m 27.92


Friday, October 14

Congratulations 2016 USATF Region 15 JUNIOR OLYMPIC QUALIFIERS!

The following Cougar Athletes have qualified for the USATF Region 15 Championships to be held on June 24 - 26 at Cerritos College:

Savanah Williams 100 200 400

Kelis Hicks 100

Natalia Clark Long Jump

Aidan Blain 200  

Friday, October 14
Congratulations to SCRC's 2016 AAU Region 23 Champions!!!

The following Athletes have qualified to compete at the 2016 AAU Junior Olympics being held in Houston, Texas!


F 15-16 Alicia Houston

100m dash 13.19

200m dash 28.17

F 12 Hannah Evans

200m dash 31.75

400m dash 1:09.65

800m run 2:45.68

F 12 Jasmin Williams

100m dash 14.30

200m dash 30.30

F 9 Jentle Brannon

100m dash 15.66

200m dash 31.99

F 11 Shelbi Johnson

400m dash 1:11.66

F 13 Sophia Coon

400m dash 1:04.60

800m run 2:33.92

1500m run 5:32.71



M 15-16 Aidan Blain

100m dash 11.61

200m dash 23.95

400m dash 55.74

400m hurdles 1:17.02

M 9 Jae'Andre Phillips-Blount

100m dash 15.00

200m dash 31.28

400m dash 1:12.89





Monday, June 29
Congratulations 2015 USATF JUNIOR OLYMPIC QUALIFIERS and Region 15 Participants!


Jazmyne Frost (13-14 Girl) - 100m, 2nd place 12.33 and 200m, 1st place 24.95

Indiah Turner (15-16 Girl) - 100mh 3rd place,16.31

2015 Region 15 Participants:

Natalia Clark (8 and under Girl) - Long Jump, 9th place, 2.48m

Sophia Coon (11-12 Girl) - 800m, 7th place 2:38.89

Indiah Turner (15-16 Girl) - 200m, 1st in the prelims, 26.31; Long Jump, 8th place, 4.56m

Taryn Davis (15-16 Girl) - 100m, 13th place, 13.63

Aidan Blain (13-14 Boy) - 100m, 7th place, 11.79m

Travys Davis (13-14 Boy) - 100m, 15th place 12.40; 200m, 10th place 25.06

Monday, June 22
Congratulations to SCRC's 2015 AAU Region 23 Champions!!!


The following athletes have qualified to compete at the 2015 AAU Junior Olympics at NSU in Norfolk, Virginia!

F 11 Hannah Evans 800m run 2:50.73

F 12 Sophia Coon 400m dash 1:08.20; 800m run 2:42.80; 1500m run 5:37.18

F 10 Tamea Sayles 100m dash 15.25

F 15-16 Taryn Davis 100m hurdles 20.74

F 10 Troi Harvey 400m dash 1:13.23

F 9-10 4x100m relay A 1:02.06: Merci Hart, Shelbi Johnson, Tamea Sayles, Troi Harvey

M 14 Aidan Blain 100m dash 12.09; 200m dash 25.17

M 10 Deshunn Powell 100m dash 14.35; 200m dash 31.49

M 8 & Under Jae'Andre Phillips-Blount 100m dash; 15.54; 200m dash 32.87; 400m dash 1:14.62

M 17-18 Taylor Davis 100m dash 11.82; 200m dash 24.46; 110m hurdles 17.32; 400m hurdles 1:02.81

M 14 Travys Davis 100m dash 12.12; 200m dash 24.65; 400m dash 56.05 

Monday, June 22
Congratulations to SCRC's 2015 USATF Region 15 Qualifiers!!!

Jazmyne Frost, 13-14 Girl, 100m and 200m 2015 USATF-SCA Champion

These Athletes will compete at the USATF Region 15 meet at Cerritos on June 27 and 28, 2015 for qualification to the 2015 USATF Junior Olympics!

Natalia Clark (G8), Long Jump 2.75m

 4x100m Relay (G9-10) - Troi Harvey, Shelbi Johnson, Tamea Sayles, Merci Hart

Sophia Coon (G11-12), 800m run 2:37.69

Jazmyne Frost (G13-14), 100m 12.42; 200m 24.83

Indiah Turner (G15-16), 200m, 26.32; 100mh, 16.57; Long Jump, 5.00m

Taryn Davis (G15-16), 100mh, 21.32

Kasahn Johnson (B8), 200m 31.38

Aidan Blain (B13-14), 100m 12.23

Brayden Borquez (B13-14) , 400m 53.73

Taylor Davis (B17-18), 110mh 17.42, 400mh 104.05

2014 USATF National Junior Olympics Track and Field Championships

Kai Nickerson, 5th Place, Pentathlon

Outdoor Pentathlon 11-12 Division Girls

5th place - Kai Nickerson - 2553 points


800m - 13th, 2:54.97 

80m Hurdles - 8th, 14.26

High Jump - 4th, 1.35m

Long Jump -3rd, 4.39m

Shot Put - 5th, 9.09m

Long Jump 11-12 Division Girls

12th Kai Nickerson 4.72m

Shot Put 11-12 Division Girls

24th Kai Nickerson 9.07m  


Kai Shot Put

Monday, June 23
2014 Region 15 JO Championships

Boys 13-14 Relay Team



Girls Long Jump 11-12

1st place - Kai Nickerson, 5.03m Q

Girls High Jump 11-12

8th place - Kai Nickerson, 1.30m

Girls Shot Put 11-12

5th place - Kai Nickerson, 9.16m Q

Girls 200m 13-14

6th place - Jazmyne Frost, 26.55 p / 26.60 f

Girls 400m 13-14

4th place - Jazmyne Frost, 58.63 p / 59.02 f Q



Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 13-14

5th place - Brayden Borquez, Travys Davis, Solomon Hassen, Lamont Hurt, 48.18 Q

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 13-14

5th place - Brayden Borquez, Travys Davis, Solomon Hassen, Lamont Hurt, 3:51.13 Q






Monday, June 23

Indiah Turner

Congratulations to our SCRC, AAU Region 23 Particpants and Champions!

Boys Long Jump 11

8th Atu Verner - 3.49m (Q)

Boys 100 Meter 11

12 Atu Verner - 15.40

Boys 200 Meter 11

11 Atu Verner - 30.83

Girls Long Jump 12

7th Camren Aaron - 3.70m (Q)

Girls 800 Meter 12

3rd Camren Aaron 3:00.92 (Q)

Girls Long Jump 13

6th Cerenity Aaron - 4.30m (Q)

Girls 100 Meter 13

3rd Cerenity Aaron 13.32 (Q)

Girls 200 Meter 13

3rd Jazmyne Frost - 26.54 (Q)

4th Cerenity Aaron - 26.72 (Q)

Boys 100 Meter 13

5th Travys Davis - 12.75 (Q)

6th Brayden Borquez - 12.80 (Q)

Boys 200 Meter 13

6th Travys Davis - 26.07 (Q)

8th Brayden Borquez - 26.69 (Q)

Girls Long Jump 14

2nd Indiah Turner - 4.95m (Q)

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 14

2nd Indiah Turner - 16.14 (Q)

Girls 100 Meter 14

9 Alicia Houston - 13.61

Girls 200 Meter 14

1st Indiah Turner - 26.24 (Q)

8th Alicia Houston - 27.78 (Q)

Boys 100 Meter 14

10 Solomon Hassen - 12.29

12 Lamont Hurt - 12.51

Boys 200 Meter 14

7th Solomon Hassen - 25.28 (Q)

10th LaMont Hurt - 25.71

 Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 15-16

7th Taylor Davis - 20.38 (Q)

Boys 100 Meter 15-16

14 Taylor Davis 12.29

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 14

2nd Brayden Borquez, LaMont Hurt, Solomon Hassen, Travys Davis - 49.80 (Q)

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 14

2nd Brayden Borquez, LaMont Hurt, Solomon Hassen, Travys Davis - 4:00.32 (Q)


Monday, June 2
2014 USATF SCA JO Championships - May 30 - June 1, 2014

Coach Chris and Cougar Alum

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2014 Regional 15 Qualifiers!!!

Moriah Willard, Kai Nickerson, Indiah Turner, Jazmyne Frost, Brayden Borquez, Travys Davis, Solomon Hassen, LaMont Hurt


Long Jump 8 & Under Girls

10 Carl, Takiyah 1.55m

11 Willard, Moriah 1.44m

Shot Put 8 & Under Girls

7 Williard, Moriah 3.15m (Qualifer)

800 Meter Run 9-10 Girls

17 Carter, Savannah 2:52.08

21 McCoy, Shaquori 2:55.91

Long Jump 9-10 Girls

10 Carter, Savannah 3.63m

24 McCoy, Shaquori 2.66m

800 Meter Run 11-12 Girls

30 Aaron, Camren 2:56.80

High Jump 11-12 Girls

3 Nickerson, Kai 1.35m (Qualifier)

Long Jump 11-12 Girls

4 Nickerson, Kai 4.85m (Qualifier)

23 Aaron, Camren 3.66m

Shot Put 11-12 Girls

4 Nickerson, Kai 9.00m (Qualifier)

100 Meter 13-14 Girls

10 Frost, Jazmyne 12.71

12 Aaron, Cerinity 12.86

200 Meter 13-14 Girls (prelims)

4 Frost, Jazmyne 26.09q

8 Turner, Indiah 26.05q

14 Aaron Cerinity 26.74

19 Houston, Alicia 27.03

34 Taylor, Heaven 27.99

53 Scott, Deonjoli 29.37

200 Meter 13-14 Girls (Finals)

3 Frost, Jazmyne 25.69 (Qualifier)

6 Turner, Indiah 25.99 (Qualifier)

400 Meter 13-14 Girls (prelims)

5 Turner, Indiah 1:00.00q

7 Frost, Jazmyne 1:00.35q

24 Aaron, Cerinity 1:04.41

400 Meter 13-14 Girls (Final)

3 Frost, Jazmyne 58.98 (Qualifier)

8 Turner, Indiah 1:00.49 (Qualifier)

800 Meter 13-14 Girls

24 Taylor, Heaven 2:37.41

100 Meter hurdles 13-14 Girls

5 Turner, Indiah 16.17 (Qualifier)

Long Jump 13-14 Girls

6 Turner, Indiah 4.74m (Qualifier)

22 Aaron, Cerinity 4.02m

30 Scott, Deonjoli 2.99m

100 Meter 8 & Under Boys

26 Willingham, Kaden 16.10

200 Meter 8 & Under Boys

26 Willingham, Kaden 35.43

Long Jump 8 & Under Boys

12 Willingham, Kaden 2.30m

200 Meter 9-10 Boys

29 Crockett, Bi'chon 31.59

400 Meter 9-10 Boys

33 Crockett, Bi'chon 1:19.25

Long Jump 11-12 Boys

12 Verner, Kylen 3.23m

100 Meter 13-14 Boys

16 Hurt, LaMont 12.39

23 Borquez, Brayden 12.77

200 Meter 13-14 Boys

15 Hassen, Solomon 25.48

16 Hurt, Lamont 25.51

21 David, Travys 26.27

400 Meter 13-14 Boys

19 Davis, Travys 58.72

22 Borquez, Brayden 59.04

23 Hassen, Solomon 59.85

4x100 Meter Relay 13-14 Boys

Borquez, Davis, Hassen, Hurt 50.55 (Qualifier)

4x400  Meter Relay 13-14 Boys

Borquez, Davis, Hassen, Hurt 3:54.48 (Qualifier)

100 Meter 15-16 Boys

17 Davis, Taylor 12.43

200 Meter 15-16 Boys

15 Davis, Taylor 25.58

400 Meter 15-16 Boys

14 Davis, Taylor 57.69






Hannah, Bantam Girl

Sunday, April 6
2014 Phoenix Invitational


Saturday, April 5

Tuesday, July 16
Congratulations to the 2013 SCRC California State Games medalists!

Gertrude Martin -

     2nd place, 400m 17-18 Women, 57.70

     7th place, 200m 17-18 Women, 25.45

EJ De'Vaughn -

     3rd place, 100m 13-14 Boys, 11.75

     3rd place, 200m 13-14 Boys, 24.28

Stefon Goudeau -

     3rd place, 400m 15-16 Boys, 51.58


E-Jayy De'Vaughn
E-Jayy De'Vaughn
Congratulations to our 2013 JO National Championship Participants!!!

 2013 USATF JO National Championship North Carolina A&T University SCRC Results

Long Jump 11-12 Division Girls

21 Nickerson, Kai 4.28m


100 Meter Dash 13-14 Division Boys Preliminaries

27 De'Vaughn, Elijah 11.78



Sunday, June 23
CONGRATULATIONS Region 15 Finalists/Junior Olympic Qualifiers

4x100m 11-12 Girls, 4th place JO qualifiers

Kai Nickerson (11-12), 1st Place, Long Jump 4.61m

Lloyd Sicard (17-18), 1st Place, 110m Hurdles Finals 14.46 and 1st Place, 400m hurdles Finals 55.73

Maceo Della Catena (11-12), 2nd place 800m Finals 2:31.33  

Hollie Harris (17-18), 4th place 200m Finals 25.92

EJ De'Vaughn (13-14), 4th place 100m Finals 11.82

Joelle Walley (11-12), 5th place, 400m Finals 1:02.02

Shanna Bolden (15-16), 5th place 400m Finals 1:02.63 

Jazmyne Frost, Monica Gonzalez, Skylar Graham, and Joelle Walley (11-12) Girls, 4th place 4x100 Finals 52.52

Other Region 15 Participants results:

Kayla Pickens (15-16), 8th 100m prelims 12.83q (DNS in Finals due to injury) and 9th in 200m prelims 27.05

Hollie Harris (17-18), 6th (Finals) 400m 57.81 

Monica Gonzalez (11-12), 8th 100m prelims13.58q, 7th 100m (Finals); 15th prelims 200m 28.56

Jazmyne Frost (11-12), 12th 100m prelims 13.83.

Brayden Borquez (11-12), 14th 200m prelims 29.03


Bryshon Nellum wins the 400m Pac12 2013
Tuesday, May 14
COUGAR ALUMNI Bryshon Nellum Wins the 400m and 200m at the 2013 Pac 12

Excerpt from DAILY NEWS By Erik Boal, Staff Writer

Nellum made his final collegiate competition at USC's Loker Stadium a memorable one by establishing himself as a legitimate contender in both the 200- and 400-meter races, securing male athlete of the meet honors Sunday at the Pac-12 track and field championships, helping the Trojans finish second with 108 points behind Oregon, which captured its seventh consecutive men's title with 149 1/2 points.

Nellum, a Long Beach Poly graduate, produced personal bests of 20.23 seconds in the 200 and 44.76 in the 400, taking over the NCAA lead in both events and ascending to No. 3 in the world this year in the 400 and No. 4 in the 200. He became only the second male runner in conference history to win both titles at the same championship meet, joining USC's Jerome Davis in 1999. His 200 victory led a Trojans sweep of the podium, including Aaron Brown (20.53) and Devonte Stewart (20.84). "Ever since my senior year in high school, I've doubled in the 200 and 400, but unfortunately I got hurt (as the victim of a drive-by shooting)," Nellum said. "I've been working on this since I got back from the Olympics. Taking part in the Olympic Games brought me to a whole new level of track and field.

Saturday, April 27
COUGAR ALUMNI Jeshua Anderson and Joey Hughes Compete at the Penn Relays

Jeshua Anderson, Imani Fulwilder, Jazmine Harvey, Julie LaBeach and Joey Hughes
Cougar Alumn Jeshua Anderson and Joey Hughes competed at the 2013 Penn Relays as members of the USA Olympic Development Team on the 4x400m Relay.  Way to go Jeshua and Joey!

Monday, August 6
COUGAR Alumni Bryshon Nellum competes at the LONDON 2012 Olympics in the 400m Semi-Finals

When doctors told Bryshon Nellum he would never return to a world-class level of running, he kept pushing forward. Stunned after he was shot three times in the legs after leaving a party near the USC campus, Nellum went through three surgeries to slowly remove the damage and began the process of recovery. Though the recovery was slow, Nellum’s drive paid off when he finished third in the 400m at the Olympic Trials in a personal-best 44.80 seconds and earned a berth on the London Olympic team. For his ability to overcome such tragedy and reach the highest level in sport, Nellum was slected as flag bearer for the Closing Ceremony for Team USA at the London Olympic Games. He is a Public Administration and Social Service Professions major at USC.

At the 2012 Olympics Nellum reached the semi-finals of the individual 400 meters and won a silver medal as part of the 4x400 meters relay team 

Bryshon -400m Semi's LONDON 2012

Monday, August 6

Nia cheering on Bryshon and Team USA in London 2012

Josh Mance 4x400
Thursday, August 9
Josh Mance and Bryshon Nellum on the Silver Medal Winning USA 4x400m Relay Team



Thursday, August 30

USATF National JO's in Baltimore

Congratulations to Jordan Baylis, the Midget Boys Long Jump Champion with a jump of 5.39m.

Congratulations to Courtney Corrin, the Intermediate Girls Long Jump Champion with a jump of 6.08m.

Congratulations to Kai Nickerson, who placed 2nd in the Bantam Girls Triathlon (1216 points) competition. Kai also placed 3rd in the Bantam Girls Long Jump with a jump of 4.11.

Congratulations to Mikey Corrin who placed 3rd with a jump of 5.19m in the Midget Boys Long Jump. Mikey also placed 4th overall (out of 40 athletes) in the Midget Boys High Jump competition.

Way to go Cougars!!!

Thursday, June 28
Congratulations to our SCRC 2012 Junior Olympic Qualifiers

Geena Arnold - 4x100, 4x400

Alexa Bates - 4x100, 4x400

Shanna Bolden - 4x100, 4x400

Courtney Corrin - 200, 400, Long Jump

Madison Golden - 4x100, 4x400

Skylar Graham - 100, 200

Kendal Lake- 4x100, 4x400

Kai Nickerson - High Jump, Long Jump, 200 

Jordan Baylis - Long Jump

Mikey Corrin - High Jump, Long Jump

Ronny Hall - 200, 400

Jared Harrell - 100, 200 



CONGRATULATIONS! SCRC Regional 15 Qualifiers!

Jordan Baylis
 Midget 200m dash 26.89
 Midget long jump 4.56
 Midget 4x100m

Michael Corrin
 Midget long jump 4.85
 Midget high jump 1.50
 Midget 4x100m

Solomon Hassen
 Midget 4x100m

Tyler Luckett
 Midget 4x100m

Hunter Williams
 Midget long jump 4.53
 Midget 4x100m

Elijah De'Vaughn
 Youth 4x100m 
 Youth 4x400m

Ilario Della Catena
 Youth 4x100m
 Youth 4x400m

Jared Harrell
 Youth 100m dash 11.70
 Youth 200m dash 23.98
 Youth 4x100m
 Youth 4x400m

Makhai Husband
 Youth 4x100m
 Youth 4x400m

Kaelynn Lamothe
 Youth 4x100m
 Youth 4x400m

Omahni McIntyre
 Youth 4x100m

Terence Mitchell
 Youth triple jump 10.47

Randall Wiley
 Youth 4x400m

Roderick Atkinson
 Intermediate 100m dash 12.62
 Intermediate long jump 5.93
 Intermediate triple jump 12.33
 Intermediate 4x100m

Jesse Audelo
 Intermediate 100m dash 11.76
 Intermediate 4x100m

Zinovian Cannady
 Intermediate triple jump 11.63
 Intermediate 4x100m

Ronny Hall
 Intermediate 200m dash 22.87
 Intermediate 400m dash 49.90
 Intermediate 4x100m

Akinyele Turner
 Intermediate 200m dash 24.34
 Intermediate 4x100m



Kylie Webster
 Sub-Bantam 200m dash 33.91

Skylar Graham
 Bantam 100m dash 14.11
 Bantam 200m dash 29.04

Alexis Lopez
 Bantam 800m run 2:45.56
 Bantam 1500m run 5:33.90

Kai Nickerson
 Bantam 200m dash 29.15
 Bantam long jump 4.21
 Bantam high jump 1.24
 Bantam triathlon 1192

Geena Arnold
 Youth 4x100m 
 Youth 4x400m

Alexa Bates
 Youth 4x100m 
 Youth 4x400m

Shanna Bolden
 Youth 4x100m 
 Youth 4x400m

Madison Golden
 Youth 100m dash 12.46
 Youth 4x100m 
 Youth 4x400m

Kendal Lake
 Youth 4x100m 
 Youth 4x400m

Courtney Corrin
 Intermediate 200m dash 25.83
 Intermediate 400m dash 58.40
 Intermediate long jump 5.58

2011 USATF National Junior Olympics - Wichita Kansas

Jazmyne Frost

     100m Bantam Girls 13.72, 6th place

Kai Nickerson

     High Jump Bantam Girls 1.20m, 8th place

     Long Jump Bantam Girls 3.60m, 21st place

Alexa Bates

     Long Jump Midget Girls3.95m 30th place

Mikey Corrin

     Long Jump Midget Boys 4.50m, 18th place 

     High Jump Midget Boys 1.40m, 9th place

Lloyd Sicard

     400m Intermediate Boys 50.82, 7th place

Brandon Towns

     800m Intermediate Boys, 2:00.21, 6th place




2011 USATF Region 15 Junior Olympics

Jazmyne Frost

      100 Meters Bantam Girls 14.01, 1st place

Kai Nickerson 

     Long Jump Bantam Girls 1.15m, 5th place

     High Jump Bantam Girls 3.73, 5th place

     Triathlon Bantam Girls, SP 4.95m HJ 1.10m 200m 33.76 (679 points) - 3rd place

London Alexander

      800 Meter Midget Girls 2:34.02, 7th place

Alexa Bates

      Long Jump Midget Girls 4.27, 5th place

Courtney Corrin

      Long Jump Youth Girls 5.88m, 1st place

Isis Golden

      Long Jump Youth Girls 4.18m, 11th place

Taylor Thomas

      100 Meter Hurdles Young Women 15.66, 2nd place

      400 Meter Hurdles Young Women 1:06.34, 2nd place

Isaac Woodcock

      800 Meter Bantam Boys 2:35.72, 6th place 

      1500 Meter Bantam Boys 5:21.79, 6th place

Edgar Meneses

      100 Meter Midget Boys 13.66, 9th place

4x100 Meter Relay Midget Boys,

      52.57, 1st place

Mikey Corrin

      High Jump Midget Boys 1.36, 3rd place

      Long Jump Midget Boys 4.99. 3rd place

Terence Mitchell

      Long Jump Midget 4.52, 8th place

Alex Asturias

      Shot Put Midget Boys 7.35, 9th place

Nitai Chun

      1500 Meter Youth Boys 4:49.52, 11th place

Nick Adams

      100 Meter Intermediate Boys 11.86, 3rd place

Ronny Hall

      200 Meter Intermediate Boys 23.22, 4th place

      400 Meter Intermediate Boys 50.46, 2nd place

Lloyd Sicard

      200 Meter Intermediate Boys 23.28, 5th place

      400 Meter Intermediate Boys 50.44, 1st place

Brandon Towns

     800 Meter Intermediate Boys 2:01.21, 1st place

4x400 Meter Intermediate Boys

     3:40.26, 2nd place

Muhammad Mamood

     High Jump Young Men 188, 2nd place

     Triple Jump Young Men 13.57, 2nd place

     Decathlon Young Men, 6th place


Sunday, January 30
2010 So Cal Association Awards Banquet - Athlete and SCRC Team Awards Winners

Kai Nickerson 2010 SBG Athlete of the Year

Congratulations to Kai Nickerson, 2010 Southern California Association - Sub Bantam Girl Athlete of the Year!!!

Kai was the overall Best Sub Bantam Girl for the entire Southern California Association.  She earned this award due to her numerous 1st place wins in the Long Jump and 100m and 200m events. 

Way to go Kai!!!  Congratulations on your success!


Congratulations to our SCRC Team Awards Winners at the 2010 Southern California Association Awards Banquet:

COACH: Aaron Willard

BEST BOY: Makhai Husband

BEST GIRL: Heaven Taylor



MALE PARENT: Donovan Nickerson

Wednesday, August 4
2010 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships


Congratulations Makhai Husband, 2010 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships (Midget Boys) 400m finalist!  Makhai Husband place 6th overall in the Midget Boys 400m at the 2010 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships with a time of 59.88.  Way to go Makhai!

Sunday, August 1
Cougar Junior Olympic Final Results!

Kyra Anderson - Youth 100m hurdles – 14th, 15.78

Kayah Agudo - Intermediate 400m – 18th, 1:00.47

Omhunique Browne - Intermediate 100m, 6th place, 12.17  

Jordie Munford - Intermediate 100m hurdles, 3rd place14.14


Jordie Munford - Intermediate Triple jump, 8th place, 11.19m   36-08.50


Midget Girls 4x100

Prelims 19th place

 So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                      54.43
     1) Lake, Kendal 98                 2) Baker, Mariah 99
     3) Bates, Alexa 99                 4) Golden, Madison 98

Intermediate Girls 4x100


-- So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                      prelims 6th 47.69        Finals DNF
1) Munford, Jordie 95              2) Browne, Omhunique 94
3) Jackson, Christine 95           4) Munford, Brandie 95  

Intermediate Girls  4x400

Finals - 5th place So Cal Running Cougars  'A'       prelims  3:53.68  finals  3:52.08    

1) Agudo, Kayah 94                 2) Browne, Omhunique 94    

3) Munford, Jordie 95              4) Munford, Brandie 95


Jamias Jones - Intermediate 200m, 26th, 23.42


Jamias Jones - Intermediate 400m, 16th, 51.46


Eric McDaniel - Intermediate 100m, 36th, 12.12


Eric McDaniel - Intermediate 200m, 19th, 23.04


Khalfani Muhammad - Intermediate 100m, 10th, 10.93


Khalfani Muhammad - Intermediate 200m, 5th place, 21.90


Chris Hall - Young Men 800m, 4th place, 1:53.89


Aaron Harris - Young Men 400m, 13th, 49.37


Intermediate Boys 4x100

Finals - 5th place

So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                    prelims  43.11      finals 42.78
     1) Golden, Matthew 94              2) Jones, Jamias 94
     3) Pagano, Terry 94                4) Muhammad, Khalfani 94


Intermediate Boys 4x400

Finals – 6th place

So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                    prelims 3:25.36    finals 3:23.59    

1) Golden, Matthew 94              2) Jones, Jamias 94

3) Pagano, Terry 94                4) Muhammad, Khalfani 94

Tuesday, July 27
Congratulations Junior Olympic Qualifiers!

Congratulations JO Qualifiers!  


Cougar Girls


Kyra Anderson - Youth 100m hurdles

Kayah Agudo - Intermediate 400m

Omhunique Browne - Intermediate 100m

Jordie Munford - Intermediate 100m hurdles, triple jump


Midget Girls 4x100 - Alexa Bates, Kendal Lake, Madison Golden, Mariah Baker


Intermediate Girls 4x100 and  4x400 - Kayah, Agudo, Omhunique Browne, Christine Jackson, Brandie Munford, Jordie Munford, Jashonna Owens


Cougar Boys


Jamias Jones - Intermediate 200m, 400m

Eric McDaniel - Intermediate 100m, 200m

Khalfani Muhammad - Intermediate 100m, 200m

Chris Hall - Young Men 400m, 800m

Aaron Harris - Young Men 400m


Intermediate Boys 4x100 and 4x400 - Matthew Golden, Jamias Jones, Eric McDaniel, Khalfani Muhammad, Terry Pagano


Young Men 4x800 – Myles Andrews, Devon Blackmon, Chris Hall, Aaron Harris, Joshua Mance



Wednesday, June 16




Jajuan McKie, long jump 3.99 

Dallas Taylor-Cortez 200m dash 28.63 and 400m dash 1:05.41 

Tsahani Brown shot put 10.60 


Nitai Chun 1500m 4:57.08 and long jump 4.55 

Isaiah Diego Williams long jump 4.87 

Makhai Husband 400m dash 1:00.53  


Matthew Golden 100m dash 11.58  

Jamias Jones 200m dash 22.93 and 400m dash 51.72  

Eric McDaniel 100m dash 10.99 and 200m dash 22.20  

Khalfani Muhammad 100m dash 10.87 and 200m dash 22.05

Terry Pagano 200m dash 22.83 and 400m dash 53.02  


Myles Andrews 800m run 1:55.44  

Devon Blackmon 110m hurdles 14.23  

Chris Hall 400m dash 50.94 and 800m run 1:55.93  

Aaron Harris 400m dash 49.96 and 800m run 1:59.38  

Joshua Mance 200m dash 21.98 and 400m dash 49.07  


Midget 4x100m 54.17 (Terrance Beasley, Tsahani Brown, Isaiah Diego Williams, Jacobi Hardy, Makhai Husband) 

Intermediate 4x100m 42.97 (Matthew Golden, Jamias Jones, Eric McDaniel, Khalfani Muhammad, Terry Pagano)  

Intermediate 4x400m 3:22.84 (Matthew Golden, Jamias Jones, Eric McDaniel, Khalfani Muhammad, Terry Pagano)  

Young 4x400m 3:13.00 (Myles Andrews, Devon Blackmon, Chris Hall, Aaron Harris, Joshua Mance)  

Young 4x800m 9:39.85 (Myles Andrews, Devon Blackmon, Chris Hall, Aaron Harris, Joshua Mance) 



Jazmyne Frost 100m dash 14.67  

Heaven Taylor 800m run 2:46.42 and 1500m run 5:44.58


Lauryn Anderson javelin throw 16.87  

Alexa Bates long jump 4.35  

Madison Golden 200m dash 28.16  

Hayley McCarthy 800m run 2:37.47  


Kyra Anderson 100m hurdles 15.57  

Hollie Harris 400m dash 59.33  


Kayah Agudo 400m dash 57.71  

Omhunique Browne 100m dash 12.43 and 200m dash 25.69   

Raven May discus throw 23.40, javelin throw 27.13 and shot put 8.98  

Brandie Munford 400m hurdles 1:08.49  

Jordie Munford 100m hurdles, 14.37 and triple jump 10.78  


Courtney Schulte 800m run 2:31.84  

Megan Thompson 400m dash 1:03.93 and 800m run 2:29.59  

Morgan Thompson 200m dash 25.49  


Midget Girls 4x100m 52.94 (Lauryn Anderson, Mariah Baker, Alexa Bates, Madison Golden, Kendal Lake, Hayley McCarthy)  

Midget Girls  4x400m 4:28.57 (Lauryn Anderson, Mariah Baker, Alexa Bates, Madison Golden, Kendal Lake, Hayley McCarthy)  

Youth Girls 4x100m 51.40 (Kyra Anderson, Chasity Ducre, Hollie Harris, Mya Luckett, Morgan Pecantte)  

Youth Girls 4x400m 4:08.21 (Kyra Anderson, Chasity Ducre, Hollie Harris, Mya Luckett, Morgan Pecantte)  

Intermediate Girls 4x100m 48.38 (Kayah Agudo, Omhunique Browne, Christine Jackson, Brandie Munford, Jordie Munford, Jashonna Owens)  

Intermediate Girls 4x400m 3:55.85 (Kayah Agudo, Omhunique Browne, Christine Jackson, Brandie Munford, Jordie Munford, Jashonna Owens)

Coach Chris and Teddy McCook
Coach Chris and Teddy McCook (IAAF Representative, Forner President JAAA's)
Monday, January 18
Coach Chris Wins Coach of the Year at 2009 USATF National Convention

Coach Chris was honored to receive 2009 Western Zone Coach of the Year at the 2009 USATF National Convention for his accomplishments in coaching youth - age athletes.

In 2009, under the direction of Coach Chris, the Southern California Running Cougars earned numerous medals and honors.  At the 2009 Western Zone Indoor Championships, the Southern California Running Cougars earned 8 Gold Medals, including a New Indoor Record in the Bantam Boys 4x300m and the Bantam Boys 800m.  The Southern California Running Cougars qualified in 28 individual events and 4 relay events at the 2009 Region 15 Championships for the 2009 Junior Olympics; won 5 individual gold medals and earned First Place overall in the Bantam Boys Division at the USA Youth National Championships; and won 2 silver medals at the 2009 Junior Olympics.

Coach Chris also coached Josh Mance, who placed second with a 46.22 (PR) in the boys 400m final at the 2009 IAAF World Youth Championships in Bressanone, Italy.

Congratulations to Coach Chris Faulknor for winning Western Zone Coach of the Year!  Way to Go!!!

Monday, January 18
2009 So Cal Association Track and Field Banquet - Carson, California

Best Intermediate Girl - Alexis Faulknor

The So Cal Running Cougars were honored to have received numerous awards at the 2009 So Cal Association Banquet.

2009 So Cal Association Best Overall Athletes:

Best Bantam Boy, Rasheed Nailor

Best Intermediate Girl, Alexis Faulknor

Best Intermediate Boy, Khalfani Muhammad

Special awards were also presented to Anaya Bailey, Rasheed Nailor and the Bantam Boys 4x100m Relay Team (Rasheed Nailor, Isaiah Richardson, Jalen Stokes, and Reggie Hughes) for their gold medal wins at the 2009 USA Youth National Championships.

Josh Mance also received a special award for his participation in the 2009 IAAF World Youth Championships in Bressanone, Italy.

2009 SCRC Team Awards:

Best Female Parent, Tiffany Davis

Best Male Parent, Donovan Foster

Best Coach, Carlos Taylor

Best Boy Athlete, Rasheed Nailor

Best Girl Athlete, Anaya Bailey

Special Merit, Isaiah Richardson

Sponsor, Kevin KC Campbell

Tiffany Davis, Isaiah Richardson, Anaya Bailey, Rasheed Nailor, and Coach Carlos

Monday, February 15
Congratulations Cougar Athletes on your Success at the Arizona Indoor Classic

The So Cal Running Cougars traveled to Flagstaff Arizona and competed at the Arizona Indoor 
Classic earning 5 Gold, 3 Silver, and 4 Bronze Medals. 
Arizona Indoor Classic 2/14/2010 - Northern Arizona University
So Cal Running Cougar Results
1st Place
60 Meter Dash Midget Girls 
Bailey, Anaya			(prelim) 8.56      (final) 8.56   
400 Meter Dash Bantam Boys
Taylor-Cortez, Dallas                                  		1:08.93  
800 Meter Run Midget Boys 
Chun, Nitai                                                  		2:39.14  
4x300 Meter Relay Midget Girls
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                                                   3:22.79   
     1) Baker, Mariah 10                2) Golden, Madison 11             
     3) Bailey, Anaya 10                4) McCarthy, Hayley 11            
60 Meter Dash Masters Men
Faulknor, Chris                                                                      7.33
2nd Place
800 Meter Run Midget Boys
Wiley, Randall                                       		2:39.15  
4x300 Meter Relay Bantam Boys
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                          3:39.11  
     1) Hassen, Solomon 9               2) Luckett, Tyler 8               
     3) Taylor-Cortez, Dallas 9         4) Willard, Aaron 9               

4x300 Meter Relay Youth Girls
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                                                   3:02.56  
     1) Ducre, Chasity 12              2) Harris, Holly 13               
     3) Pecannte, Morgan 12             4) Anderson, Kyra 12              
3rd Place
200 Meter Dash Bantam Boys
Taylor-Cortez, Dallas                                         		30.44 
200 Meter Dash Midget Girls
Bailey, Anaya                                                  		28.66  
4x300 Meter Relay Midget Boys
So Cal Running Cougars  'B'          3:33.34              
      1) Bates, Alexa 10                 2) Anderson, Lauryn 10                 
       3) Lake, Kendal 11                 4) Roby, Amaiyah 10                
4x300 Meter Relay Midget Boys
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'             3:19.73
      1) Beasley, Terrance 10            2) Chun, Nitai 11                      
      3) Husband, Makhai 11              4) Wiley, Randall 11              
FINALISTS (4th - 8th Place) 
400 Meter Dash Midget Girls  
 4 Baker, Mariah                                                		1:11.86    
200 Meter Dash Youth Girls 
 4 Harris, Holly                                        	                      27.63
60 Meter Dash Midget Girls  
 4 Golden, Madison                                (prelim) 8.64       (final) 8.65    
 6 Lake, Kendal                                       (prelim)  8.91      (final) 8.75   
Long Jump Bantam Girls  
 5 Taylor, Heaven                                                                  3.27m  
Long Jump Midget Girls  
 5 McCarthy, Hayley                                                                            3.82m   
400 Meter Dash Midget Boys  
 5 Chun, Nitai                                 			1:05.99    
 6 Wiley, Randall                          			1:06.09     
200 Meter Dash Bantam Girls  
 6 Taylor, Heaven 				32.92   
400 Meter Dash Youth Boys  
 6 McLachlan, PJ                                                                 1:02.13 
200 Meter Dash Midget Girls  
 7 Lake, Kendal				29.80  
200 Meter Dash Midget Boys
  7 Husband, Makhai				28.44   
60 Meter Dash Bantam Girls  
 8 Taylor, Heaven                                                 (prelim) 9.58      (Final) 9.58

Tuesday, August 4
3 Cougar Alum Represent TEAM USA at the 2009 Pan Am Junior Championships!!!

Pan Am Jrs 4x400m Relay 1st Place, 3:03.25

Cougar Alum - Joey Hughes, Duane Walker and Reggie Wyatt – All Earn Medals at the Pan Am Junior Champs



08-02-2009  PORT OF SPAIN - At the 2009 Pan Am Junior Championships at Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Cougar Alum - Joey Hughes, Duane Walker and Reggie Wyatt performed well and earn medals for Team USA.



The men's 4x400m was exciting, as Team USA was initially in second place when the first and second legs, Clayton Parros (West Orange, N.J.) and Cougar Duane Walker (Compton, Calif.), faced 2007 World Youth and Pan Am Junior champion Kirani James and Rondell Bartholomew of Grenada, who built up a 25 meter lead. But the third leg made all the difference and within 200m, Cougar Joey Hughes (Long Beach, Calif.) had passed Grenada and built up his own lead. With an unofficial anchor split of 44.9, Pan Am Junior 400m silver medalist Tavaris Tate (Starkville, Miss.) brought Team USA home in 3:03.25 to win the gold medal.



The 2007 World Youth gold and silver medalists in the men's 400m hurdles, William Wynne (Gainesville, Fla.) and Cougar Reggie Wyatt (Riverside, Calif.), brought home two medals tonight. The 2007 USATF Youth Athlete of the Year, Wynne broke his own Championship record, set yesterday in qualifying in the men's 400m hurdles, winning the gold medal in a world junior-leading 49.31. Wyatt claimed the bronze in 50.61.


Congratulations to Hughes, Walker and Wyatt and all of the members of TEAM USA!!! 


Tuesday, August 4
2009 Junior Olympics, Greensboro, North Carolina - SCRC Results

Isaiah Richardson - 2nd Place, 400m Junior Olympics
Congratulations to our SCRC Junior Olympic Medalists!  We are proud of you!
2nd Place 
Bantam Boys 400m - Richardson, Isaiah  (prelim 1:02.74q)                     1:02.16 (Final)
Young Men 400m - Mance, Josh             (prelim 47.70q)                        46.60 (Final)
5th Place 
Bantam Boys 100m - Hughes, Reggie      (prelim 13.53q)                        13.71 (Final)                            
Bantam Boys 200m - Hughes, Reggie      (prelim 27.86q)                        28.27 (Final)
Young Men 4x400 - So Cal Running Cougars 		(prelim 3:13.43q)	3:16.71 (Final) 
1) Bedford, Matthew			2) Holland, Dante
3) Koger, Michael			4) Mance, Josh
6th Place 
Bantam Boys Mini Jav - Lee, Andre                        28.74m      94-03
Bantam Boys 4x100m - So Cal Running Cougars                     (prelim 53.54q)        56.14 (Final)
     1) Richardson, Isaiah              2) Hughes, Reggie
     3) Hiles-Radley, Brendan        4) Lee, Andre	5) Rasheed Nailor
8th Place 
Bantam Girls 200m - Bailey, Anaya         (prelim 28.32)                         29.07 (Final)

Saturday, July 11
Congratulations to Josh Mance who Earned a Silver Medal in the 400m and the Gold in the Medley Relay at the IAAF World Youth Championship

Josh Mance - 400m, 2nd place, 46.22

ITALY - Josh Mance placed second with a 46.22 (PR) in the boys 400m final, behind Grenadian Kirani James who ran a 45. 24.

Josh said his only disappointment was not breaking the 46 seconds barrier.  However, in the end, he learned alot from the race.  He looks forward to coming home and working harder in order to win the Gold at the World Juniors next year.

UPDATE: BRESSANONE, Italy - The boys medley relay team of Colin Hepburn, Keenan Brock, Dedric Dukes and Josh Mance broke the World Youth best as Team USA brought home five more medals on the final day of competition at the 2009 IAAF World Youth Championships in Bressanone, Italy.

Colin Hepburn (Glenview, Ill.) led off the boys medley relay, handing off to Keenan Brock (Birmingham, Ala.) who took the lead over his 200m leg. Brock handed off to Dedrick Dukes (Miami, Fla.), who opened up a sizeable lead on the field before handing off to Josh Mance (Pomona, Calif.), who continued to gap the competition. Mance powered down the final straight to cross the line in a world youth best 1:50.33. The previous world youth best of 1:50.46 was set by Poland at the 2001 World Youth Championships.

Congratulations Josh and Team USA.  We are proud of you!




2009 USA Youth
Rasheed Nailor, Anaya Bailey and Reggie Hughes
Tuesday, July 7
Congratulations So Cal Running Cougars 2009 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Champions

2009 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships

So Cal Running Cougars Results

1st Place

BANTAM BOYS Division - 1st Place Overall

Jalen Rasheed Nailor - Bantam Boys 100m, 12.91

Jalen Rasheed Nailor - Bantam Boys 200m, 26.49

Anaya Bailey - Bantam Girls 100m, 13.91

Anaya Bailey - Bantam Girls 200m, 28.39

Bantam Boys (Reggie Hughes, Jalen Rasheed Nailor, Michael Isaiah Richardson, Jalen Stokes) 4 x 100m Relay - 53.65

2nd Place

Reggie Hughes - Bantam Boys 100m, 13.38

Michael Isaiah Richardson - Bantam Boys 800m, 2:23.93

Michael Isaiah Richardson - Bantam Boys 400m, 1:00.81

Alexis Faulknor - Intermediate Girls 200m, 24.37

Alexis Faulknor - Intermediate Girls Long Jump, 5.33m

Khalfani Muhammad - Intermediate Boys 100m, 11.07

Bantam Girls (Anaya Bailey, Mariah Baker, Alexa Bates, Heaven Taylor) 4x100m Relay - 57.36 

3rd Place 

Reggie Hughes - Bantam Boys 200m, 27.58

Raven May - Youth Girls Discus, 26.64m

Alexis Faulknor - Intermediate Girls 100m, 12.16

4th Place

Paula Hughes - Youth Girls Shot Put, 11.73m

5th Place 

Khalfani Muhammad - Intermediate Boys 200m, 22.64

6th Place

Raven May - Youth Girls Shot Put, 10.50m

8th Place

Raven May - Youth Girls Javelin, 26.79m

Paula Hughes - Youth Girls High Jump, 1.40m

Bantam Girls 4x100m Relay Team

Friday, July 3
Team USA roster announced for 2009 IAAF World Youth Championships

Josh Mance - 400m

Congratulations to So Cal Running Cougar athlete, JOSH MANCE, who has been selected to compete for TEAM USA at the 6th IAAF World Youth Championships, July 8-12, in Bressanone, Italy.

A total of 55 athletes, 27 girls and 28 boys, will be part of the U.S. delegation for the World Youth Championships.

Leading Team USA at the 2009 IAAF World Youth Championships will be World Youth Trials champion in the 400m, Josh Mance.   Josh Mance, 2008 Junior Olympic 400m gold medalist, won the boys 400m in 46.71!

 Way to go Josh!

Wednesday, July 8
CONGRATULATIONS So Cal Running Cougars - Region 15 Junior Olympic Finalists!




The following athletes have qualified for the 2009 Junior Olympics in North Carolina in their respective events:

Alexa Bates, Bantam Girl: Long Jump 

Anaya Bailey, Bantam Girl: 200m 

Paula Hughes, Youth Girl: High Jump and Shot Put 

Alexis Faulknor, Intermediate Girl: Long Jump, 100m, and 200m 

Andrea Yancy-Williams, Intermediate Girl: High Jump  

J. Rasheed Nailor, Bantam Boy: 100m, 200m 

Reggie Hughes, Bantam Boy: 100m, 200m 

M. Isaiah Richardson, Bantam Boy: 400m, 800m 

Andre Lee, Bantam Boy: Mini Jav  

Khalfani Muhammad, Intermediate Boy: 100m, 200m, 400m 

Eric McDaniel, Intermediate Boy: 100m 

Terry Pagano, Intermediate Boy: 400m 

Chris Hall, Intermediate Boy: 800m 

Aaron Harris, Intermediate Boy: 800m 

Justin Bowie, Intermediate Boy: 110mh, 400mh  

Josh Mance, Young Men: 200m, 400m 

Dante Holland, Young Men: 800m 

Michael Koger, Young Men: 400mh  

Bantam Boys 4x100m Relay Team 

Intermediate Boys 4x100m Relay Team

Intermediate Boys 4x400m Relay Team 

Young Men 4x400m Relay Team 


Bryce and Kylan
Sub Bantam Boys, Bryce and Kaylan - Team Ranking 3rd Place Overall
Monday, May 4
2009 So Cal Running Cougars Phoenix Invitational Results - 4/4/2009 to 4/5/2009

Alexa Bates

1st Place  

100 Meter Dash Bantam Boys Nailor, Rasheed        13.96      13.25     

200 Meter Dash Bantam Boys Nailor, Rasheed        27.99      27.99      

400 Meter Dash Bantam Boys  Nailor, Rasheed               1:05.00    1:04.30   

800 Meter Run Bantam Boys Richardson, Isaiah            2:35.00    2:28.09P    (New Meet Record)  

400 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys Hall, Chris UNA         50.30      51.72  

800 Meter Run Intermediate Boys  Hall, Chris UNA          1:58.00    2:00.19    


2nd Place

100 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Boys  Wesley, Kaylan                     15.63      14.46 

100 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys Muhammad, Khalfani               11.50      11.40    

Long Jump Intermediate Boys Muhammad, Khalfani               6.18m      5.70m    

100 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys McDaniel, Eric Unattached       11.56      11.59    


3rd Place  

200 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Boys Farrell, Bryce                   31.42      30.88          

200 Meter Dash Bantam Boys Richardson, Isaiah                   29.18      28.99        

400 Meter Dash Bantam Boys Richardson, Isaiah                              1:06.00    1:07.49    

200 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys McDaniel, Eric UNA                   22.90      23.40   

400 Meter Dash Bantam Boys Richardson, Isaiah                   1:06.00    1:07.49  

Javelin Throw (300G) Bantam Girls Roby, Amaiyah                          9.58m     14.08m   


200 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys 4th Place Muhammad, Khalfani                    23.50      23.61   

400 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys 4th Place Muhammad, Khalfani                   50.81      54.22  

Long Jump Intermediate Boys 4th Place Blackwell, Jabrian                  5.83m      5.30m      

4x100 Meter Relay Sub-Bantam Boys 4th Place                       1:01.70    1:03.92          

 1) Farrell, Bryce 7                2) Luckett, Tyler 7                   

 3) Mincy, Charles 7                4) Wesley, Kaylan 7      


200 Meter Dash Bantam Girls 5th Place Bailey, Anaya                         29.92      29.97     


400 Meter Dash Bantam Girls

5th Place Bates, Alexa                         1:12.70    1:11.22     

8th Place Bailey, Anaya                        1:13.00    1:12.85   


200 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Boys

6th Place Wesley, Kaylan                     31.71      32.11        



Long Jump Sub-Bantam Girls

6th Place Kindred, Imani                        2.49m      2.68m    

7th Place Nickerson, Kai                      2.74m      2.65m    


Long Jump Bantam Girls

6th Place Bates, Alexa                           3.48m      3.66m      


Javelin Throw (300G) Bantam Boys

7th Place Lee, Andre                                       19.46m    


100 Meter Dash Bantam Girls

7th Place Bailey, Anaya                        14.90      14.77     


Bantam Boys Team Ranking – 1st Place 

Sub-Bantam Boys Team Ranking – 3rd Place


Anaya Bailey

Monday, February 16
2009 West Zone Indoor Championship, Flagstaff, AZ

SCRC Bantam Boys


First Place

BB 4x300m Relay 3:30.81 (New Indoor Record)

      Aaron Willard, DaJuan Birden, Michael Isaiah Richardson, Rasheed Nailor

BB 60 (8.35) Rasheed Nailor

BB 200 (27.90) Rasheed Nailor

BG 400m (1:18.20) Alexa Bates

YG Shot Put (10.75) Raven May

IG 60 (7.75) Alexis Faulknor (UNA)

IG 200 (25.76) Alexis Faulknor (UNA)

YM 400 (49.55) Josh Mance (UNA)

2nd Place

BG 60m (9.11) Anaya Bailey

BG 200m (31.24) Anaya Bailey

BG 400k (1:18.89) Amaiyah Roby

BB 800 (2:41. 97) Michael Isaiah Richardson (New Indoor Record)

IB 400 (53.96)  Chris Hall (UNA)

IB 800 (2:08.13) Chris Hall (UNA)

YM 200 (22.25) Josh Mance (UNA)

3rd Place

IG 800m (2:39.50) Kayah Agudo

YM 800m (2:09.93) Rico Wright III

Masters Men 60m (7.32) Coach Chris Faulknor

Anaya and Alexa

Thursday, January 15
CONGRATULATIONS Khalfani Muhammad - Southern California Association, Athlete of the Year - Youth Division

Khalfani Muhammad
Khalfani Muhammad has been selected Southern California Association, Athlete of the Year – Youth Division, based on his outstanding athletic performance for the 2008 Track and Field season. Khalfani’s achievements include: 2008 Junior Olympic Gold Medal wins as member of the Youth Boy 4x100m relay (44.26) and 4x400m relay (3:27.39).  Khalfani also earned 4th place in the 100m (11.39) and 6th place in the 200m (23.18) at the Junior Olympics.  At the Youth Nationals, Khalfani earned 2nd place as member of the 4x400 (3:38.99), 2nd place in the 100m (11.22), 3rd place in the 400m (51.14), and 4th place in the 200m (22.74). 

During the pre-championship season in the Southern California Association, Khalfani won every race, with the exception of one (2nd place, 400m, LA Jets track meet), between the time period of February and May 2008.


Congratulations Khalfani!  You are a fine example for all youth-age athletes. 


We are proud of you!  


Thursday, January 15
CONGRATULATIONS Solomon Hassen - Southern California Association, Athlete of the Year - Sub Bantam Division

Solomon Hassen has been selected Southern California Association, Athlete of the Year – Sub Bantam Division, based on his outstanding athletic performance for the 2008 Track and Field season. Solomon’s achievements include, but are not limited to: A Gold Medal win at the Western Zone Indoor Championships as member of the 4x300m relay (4:17.07); three 1st place wins in the Long Jump at SCA track meets (along with numerous 2nd and 3rd place achievements), and 1st place wins as a member of the 4x100m and 4x400m relay team at SCA track meets. Solomon is also a straight A, 3rd grader at Beethoven Elementary School. Congratulations Solomon!  We are proud of you!

Jeshua Anderson
Monday, July 7
Congratulations Jeshua Anderson!


Anderson wins 400 hurdle gold over Dutch, Jameson takes womens hurdle gold



Shawn Price
Special to USATF
USA Track & Field

Bydgoszcz, Poland - 12th IAAF World Junior Championships in Zdzislaw Stadium.

... an American duel in the men's 400 hurdle race where Jeshua Anderson finished strong to claim gold in a personal best of 48.68 while Johnny Dutch picked up silver with a 49.25.

For Anderson, the World Junior title adds to an impressive collection of major victories in his freshman season with Washington State - Texas Relays (49.68), Pac-10 (49.55), NCAA Championships (48.69), and U.S. Juniors (49.28). Plus he was fifth in the semifinals of the Olympic Trials (48.92) before embarking on his trip to Poland.

The third consecutive U.S. winner in this event, Anderson becomes the fourth American gold medalist. Others include Kelly Carter (1988), Kerron Clement (2004) and Chris Carter (2006).

Anderson's winning time improves his position on the all-time World and American list by one spot as he equals the mark set by Bayano Kamani in 1999 for fifth best performer.


More Updates:

American men garner its 10th gold medal in the 4x400 event at the World Juniors with a winning time of 3:03.86. It marked the fourth consecutive victory in this event for the U.S. following a six-year run from 1986 to 1996.

During the first three legs Great Britain and Germany were in contention, but Mississippi State's O'Neal Wilder (45.4) and Washington State's Jeshua Anderson (46.1) completed the work put in by the first two legs, Baylor's Marcus Boyd (45.7) and Texas A&M's Bryan Miller (46.7).

The British were runner-up in 3:05.82 while the German squad placed third in 3:06.47. Jamaica finished a distant fourth in 3:08.58 ahead of Poland's 3:08.65.



 USA Track & Field today announced the Team USA roster for the 12th IAAF World Junior Championships, to be held July 8-13, in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

A total of 79 athletes - 40 men and 39 women - will be part of the U.S. delegation for the World Junior Championships. The U.S. roster was determined at the 2008 USA Junior Track & Field Championships, June 20-22, in Columbus, Ohio.

Nation's junior elite headline roster

Previous World Junior participants on the Team USA roster include 2006 World Junior 4x100m gold medalist Jeneba Tarmoh, 2006 World Junior 4x400m gold medalist and fifth-place finisher in the 400 meters Jessica Beard, and American Junior record-holding hammer thrower Walter Henning.

Other athletes to watch include 2007 World Youth triple jump champion Christian Taylor, 2007 World Youth 1,500m silver medalist and 2008 Olympic Trials finalist Jordan Hasay, 2007 Pan Am Junior 110m hurdle champion Johnny Dutch and 2008 NCAA champion Jeshua Anderson in the men's 400m hurdles, and 2008 NCAA pole vault champion Maston Wallace.

Head coaches for Team USA are John Moon of Seton Hall (men) and Patrick Shane of BYU (women). Head managers are Ken Brauman and Judy Harrison. For more information on Team USA and the World Junior Championships, visit




Jeshua Anderson

Josh Mance
Josh Mance IB 400m - 1st Place
Wednesday, July 30
Congratulations! 2008 Junior Olympic Champions

Terry Pagano YB 400m - 3rd Place
So Cal Running Cougars
2008 USATF Junior Olympic Results
400 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys Finals
  1st place Josh Mance                92 SC Running Cougars        46.61
  (7th fastest 400m time in the nation for H.S. Boys in 2008)

4x800 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys Finals
  1st place So Cal Running Cougars                              8:10.00
     1) Chris Hall 93                   2) Aaron Harris 93
     3) Josh Mance 92                4) Rico Wright 92

4x100 Meter Relay Youth Boys Finals
  1st place So Cal Running Cougars                                44.26
     1) Jamias Jones 94                 2) Terry Pagano 94
     3) Eric Mcdaniel 94                4) Khalfani Muhammad 94
     5) Anthony Luckett 94
4x400 Meter Relay Youth Boys Finals
  1st place So Cal Running Cougars                              3:27.39
     1) Jamias Jones 94                 2) Khalfani Muhammad 94
     3) Terry Pagano 94                 4) Eric Mcdaniel 94

400 Meter Dash Youth Boys Finals
  3rd place Terry Pagano              94 SC Running Cougars         50.69

Outdoor Pentathlon Youth Boys Finals
  3rd place Blake Gray                94 SC Running Cougars          2723

100 Meter Hurdles Youth Girls Finals
  3rd place Jordi Munford             95 SC Running Cougars         14.62   1.9

4x400 Meter Relay Youth Girls Finals
  3rd place So Cal Running Cougars                              3:55.17
     1) Brandi Munford 95               2) Alexis Faulknor 94
     3) Urina Harrell 94                4) Jordi Munford 95

4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys Finals
  3rd place So Cal Running Cougars                              3:18.73
     1) Aaron Harris 93                 2) Josh Mance 92
     3) Michael Koger 92                4) Rico Wright 92
Outdoor Pentathlon Youth Girls Finals
  4th place Jordi Munford             95 SC Running Cougars          2842


100 Meter Dash Youth Boys Finals
  4th place Khalfani Muhammad         94 SC Running Cougars         11.39   1.

200 Meter Dash Youth Boys Finals
  6th place Khalfani Muhammad         94 SC Running Cougars         23.18  -1.8
  7th place Eric Mcdaniel             94 SC Running Cougars         23.65  -1.8

Long Jump Youth Boys Finals
  7th place Blake Gray                94 SC Running Cougars         5.85m   2.4  19-02.50

Full results can be found at: 

Khalfani Muhammad (Anchor) - Youth Boys 4x400, 1st Place

Thursday, July 3
2008 USA Youth Outdoor Champions, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 24 - 29, 2008

100 Meter Hurdles Youth Girls
1st Place Munford, Jordie                                                        14.67 

4x400 Meter Relay Youth Girls
1st Place Southern California Running Cougars 'A' 3:54.15
     1) Harrell, Urina                  2) Agudo, Kayah
     3) Munford, Brandie           4) Munford, Jordie

 4x400 Meter Relay Youth Boys
2nd Place Southern California Running Cougars 'A' 3:38.99
     1) Blackwell, JaBrian              2) Muhammad, Khalfani
     3) Luckett, Anthony                4) McDaniel, Eric

100 Meter Dash Youth Boys
2nd Place Muhammad, Khalfani	11.22

400 Meter Dash Youth Boys
3rd Place Muhammad, Khalfani	51.14 
200 Meter Dash Youth Boys
4th Place Muhammad, Khalfani        22.74
200 Meter Hurdles Youth Girls
4th Place Munford, Jordie	28.30

Long Jump Bantam Girls
5th Place McCarthy, Hayley	3.58m

Thursday, July 3

Youth Girls 

Raven May                     Javelin

Christine Jackson           100

Jordie Munford                100H, 200H, 4x400

Brandie Munford             4x400

Urina Harrell                   4x400

Alexis Faulknor              4x400

Kayah Agudo                 4x400 

Youth Boys

Khalfani Muhammad       100, 200, 4x400, 4x100

Jamias Jones                 800, 4x400, 4x100

Blake Gray                    Long Jump, 800, 4x400

Terry Pagano                 Shot Put, 400, 4x400

Eric McDaniel                100, 200, 4x400, 4x100

Anthony Luckett             4x100, 4x400

JaBrian Blackwell           4x400

Kaelen Anderson            4x400

Intermediate Boys
Aaron Harris                  4x100, 4x400, 4x800

DeAnthony Thomas       100, 400, 4x100, 4x400

Josh Mance                  200, 400, 4x400, 4 x 800

Rico Wright                   4x100, 4x400, 4x800, 800

Michael Koger               4x100, 4x400, 400H

Evan Walker                  4x100

Chris Hall                      4x800 

Young Women 

Champagne Houston      Triple Jump 

Young Men 

Joey Hughes                 200, 400, 4x400

Duane Walker               4x400

Darrian Harris                4x400

Bryan Lowery                4x400

Tymon Jones                 Long Jump

Max Goldberg                Shot Put, Discus, Javelin

Wednesday, June 4
CONGRATULATIONS Cougar Athlete JOEY HUGHES!!! - 400M CHAMPION - 2008 CIF State Track and Field Championships

Poly senior Joey Hughes (Photo by Kirby Lee)
Event summary by Mike Kennedy
400 Meters

The two dominate personalities for the two teams most observers felt would
contend for the team title were both entered here with sophomore Leon Dillihunt
of Dominguez (Compton) in lane five and Joey Hughes of Poly (Long Beach) in
lane six. Hughes took a small lead down the back straight but Dillihunt ran a great
turn and drew up on Hughes’ shoulder with as both runners began their final drive
to the finish. Hughes had to have been feeling the presence of Dillihunt and
responded by pulling away to win in a nation-leading time of 46.28 with Dillihunt
finishing strongly in 46.60 for the fourth fastest time in the nation. Duane Walker
of Compton, at 47.05, and Nico Reaves of Lincoln (San Diego), at 47.20, were
the only other runners to better 47.50.
Event 8  Boys 400 Meter Dash
Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
1 Hughes, Joey     12 Poly (Lb)/Ss       46.28   10         
2 Dillihunt, Leon       10 Dominguez/ss     46.60    8         
3 Walker, Duane      12 Compton /ss        47.05    6         
4 Reaves, Nico         12 Lincoln/sd           47.20    4         
5 Winfield, Josh        12 Deer Vlly/nc        47.76    2         
6 Dawson, Brandon  12 Fairfield/sj           47.94    1         
7 Watley, Mark        12 Crespi/ss            48.03              
8 Hester, Aaron        12 Dominguez/ss     48.13              
9 Stoner, Zach         12 Yreka/no             48.35 
Joey Hughes of Poly (Long Beach), who entered the State meet with a state-leading 21.10 but 
was in the middle of a very difficult quadruple, got important team points with his fourth place finish in 21.53. 
Event 16  Boys 200 Meter Dash
National: * 20.13  5/11/1985   Roy Martin (Roosevelt, Dallas, TX)              
State Meet: & 20.43  6/2/2007    Bryshon Nellum (L.B. Poly)                      
Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind Points       
1 Carroll, Randall          11 Cathedral/ss          20.91   0.7  10          
2 Bigelow, Brendon       9 Central                   21.43   0.7   8          
3 Cooks, Joe                11 Mission Hills           21.47   0.7   6          
4 Hughes, Joey           12 Poly (Lb)/Ss       21.53   0.7   4          
5 Long, Adam               12 St Brnrd/ss            21.58   0.7   2    21.576
6 Banks, Gavin              12 Franklin  Eg/Sj     J21.58   0.7   1    21.577
7 Storrs, Rodney           11 Santiago(Co)        J21.58   0.7  21.580      
8 Curry, Tommy           12 North Jw/Ss            21.62   0.7              
9 Alston, Jamal             12 Rnch Buna/sd         21.81   0.7   

Wednesday, April 9
CONGRATULATIONS! 2008 Phoenix Invitational Champions

YOUTH BOYS Division, 2nd Place overall

4 Gold

4 x 400m Youth Boys Relay (3:48.45), 1st Place

       Anthony Luckett, Benjamin Ingram, Eric McDaniel, Khalfani Muhammad  

Khalfani Muhammad, 1st place 100m (11.58)

Khalfani Muhammad, 1st place 200m (23.33)

Khalfani Muhammad,  1st place 400m (53.20)

2 Silver

Alexis Faulknor, 2nd place 200m (26.01)

Heaven Taylor, 2nd place 100m (16.19);

2 Bronze

Alexis Faulknor, 3rd place 400m (58.73)

Eric McDaniel, 3rd place 100m (11.97)


Tuesday, March 18
CONGRATULATIONS! Khalfani Muhammad, 2nd Place Finisher, 400m (7th-8th Grade)

2008 National Scholastic Indoor Championship

Boys 400 Meter Dash 7-8th Grade
Sponsored by USATF-Metropolitan

  1 618 McClellan, Hasheem     8 St. Petersburg, FL       53.48

  2 2612 Muhammad, Khalfani    8 CA, CA         53.73

  3 2606 James, Jamaal         7 NJ, NJ                        53.77 

  4 2603 Blake, Eric           8 NC, NC                            54.48 

  5 2604 Carpenter, Austin     8 GA, GA                        55.07 

  6 2607 Larue, Andernee       7 NJ, NJ                       55.54 

  7 2613 Nausrudeen, Saifude   8 NJ, NJ                    56.90 

  8 2609 Mathis, Kevin         7 NY, NY                       1:00.30

Sunday, March 16



FEBRUARY 24, 2008


60 Meter Dash Youth Boys
  McDaniel, Eric 7.50 

200 Meter Dash Youth Boys
  Muhammad, Khalfani 23.84  

400 Meter Dash Youth Boys
  Jones, Jamias 55.41 

Shot Put (6#) Youth Girls
  May, Raven     10.18m 

4x300 Meter Relay Sub-Bantam Boys
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                                  4:17.07 
     1) Hassen, Solomon 7               2) Luckett, Tyler 6              
     3) Muhammad, Tariqq 7              4) Willard, Aaron 7              

4x300 Meter Relay Youth Girls
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                                 3:08.45 
     1) Agudo, Kayah 13                2) Faulknor, Alexis 13           
     3) Fulwilder, Imani 12            4) Jackson, Christine 12

4x300 Meter Relay Youth Boys
So Cal Running Cougars                                        2:44.91 
     1) Jones, Jamias 13                2) Luckett, Anthony 13           
     3) Mcdaniel, Eric 13               4) Muhammad, Khalfani 13


800 Meter Run Bantam Boys
Wiley, Randall   2:56.83 

800 Meter Run Youth Boys
Jones, Jamias    2:18.25 

400 Meter Dash Youth Boys
Muhammad, Khalfani   55.43  

4x300 Meter Relay Bantam Girls
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                                  3:55.27 
     1) Bates, Alexa 8                  2) Girmai, Malia 9               
     3) Lake, Kendal 9                  4) Mccarthy, Haley 9

4x300 Meter Relay Midget Girls
So Cal Running Cougars  'A'                                  3:30.12 
     1) Ducre, Chasity 11               2) Ferguson, Saude 11            
     3) Pecantte, Morgan 10             4) Wright, Imaiya-Milan 10     


400 Meter Dash Bantam Girls
McCarthy, Haley 1:17.43  
800 Meter Run Bantam Girls
Girmai, Malia  3:19.92  

400 Meter Dash Midget Girls
Ducre, Chasity   1:13.58

200 Meter Dash Youth Girls
Jackson, Christine  27.34    


60 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Girls
Taylor, Heaven 10.25

60 Meter Dash Youth Girls
Jackson, Christine 8.17  
Long Jump Sub-Bantam Boys
Hassen, Solomon 2.90m 


200 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Girls
Taylor, Heaven 36.69
400 Meter Dash Midget Girls
Wright, Imaiya-Milan 1:14.45 

200 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Boys
Willard, Aaron 35.80

200 Meter Dash Bantam Boys
Wiley, Randall 31.14 






Monday, August 6
CONGRATULATIONS! Southern California Running Cougars Athletes, Team USA, Hershey's Join Forces for International Youth Showcase

Laura McDowell

A new addition to the International Finals are "International Exhibition" races featuring USATF youth athletes chosen to compete based on their performances at the 2007 USA Youth Outdoor Championships in July. Dayvon Allen, Elias Geydon, Kenyattia Hackworth, Kristaan Ivory, Jamias Jones, Myer Krah, Laura McDowell, Khalfani Muhammad, Akawkaw Ndipagbor, Christian Penn, Robin Reynolds, Raena Rhone, DeAnthony Thomas and Taylor Williams will compete against athletes from Canada and China.


Gold Medalist - Girls 13-14 800 Meter Run

Laura McDowell 2:21.85





Gold Medalist - Boys 13-14 4x100 Meter Relay

USATF - SCRC                                                          45.86

1) Ivory, Kristaan                                2) Jones, Jamias

3) Muhammad, Khalfani                     4) Thomas, DeAnthony


Silver Medalist - Boys 13-14 200 Meter Dash

DeAnthony Thomas 22.93

DeAnthony Thomas

Monday, July 30

The Southern California Running Cougars capped off the meet with a record-setting run in the young men's 4x400 relay, where World Youth Championships 400 hurdles silver medalist Reggie Wyatt anchored a team of Joey Hughes, Nevin Gutierrez and Jeshua Anderson to a 3:06.22 to take down the old record of 3:06.50 set in 1998 by East Atlanta TC.

Young Men 4 x 400m relay Champions - New National Record 3:06.22

Monday, July 30
Congratulations Reggie Wyatt - 400m Young Men Champion!

Reggie Wyatt - YM 400m Champion
Southern California Running Cougars and World Youth Championship medalist won the young men's 400 title, with Reggie Wyatt dashing to a 46.89.

Monday, July 30
Congratulations DeAnthony Thomas - 200m Youth Boys Champion!

200 Meter Dash Youth Boys
Thomas, Deanthony                         21.95   1.3

YB 4 x 100
Youth Boys - 1st Place 4 x 100m Relay
Monday, July 30
CONGRATULATIONS So Cal Running Cougars Youth Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Champions!

4x100 Meter Relay Youth Boys

1 16 33 So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                     44.17
    1) Ivory, Kristaan                2) Muhammad, Khalfani
    3) Jones, Jamias                   4) Thomas, Deanthony

Monday, July 30
CONGRATULATIONS! TO ALL COUGAR ATHLETES - 2007 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships - S C R C Results


Southern California Running Cougars Results


4 x 400 Meter Relay Young Men - NEW NATIONAL YOUTH RECORD
So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                   3:06.22J
    1) Wyatt, Reggie                   2) Hughes, Joey
    3) Gutteriez, Nevin                4) Anderson, Jeshua

400 Meter Dash Young Men
Wyatt, Reggie                               46.89

4 x 100 Meter Relay Youth Boys
So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                     44.17
    1) Ivory, Kristaan                2) Muhammad, Khalfani
    3) Jones, Jamias                   4) Thomas, Deanthony

200 Meter Dash Youth Boys
Thomas, Deanthony                         21.95   1.3


Shot Put 4kg Youth Boys
Ivory, Kristaan                     J14.84m   48-08.25

100 Meter Dash Youth Boys FINALS
Thomas, DeAnthony          11.37   1.7


Javelin Throw 300g Midget Girls
7th place May, Raven                29.81m      97-10

400 Meter Dash Youth Girls FINALS
5th place McDowell, Laura             56.82

800 Meter Run Youth Girls
5th place McDowell, Laura             2:16.92

4 x 100 Meter Relay Youth Girls
4th place So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                     48.23
    1) Faulknor, Alexis                2) Johnson, Lyssandra
    3) Williams, Brittneeh             4) May, Adrianna

400 Meter Dash Youth Boys
7th place Jones, Jamias                52.62

4 x 400 Meter Relay Youth Boys
4th place So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                   3:36.49
    1) Muhammad, Khalfani             2) Jones, Jamias
    3) Thomas, DeAnthony               4) Luckett, Anthony

400 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys FINALS
6th place Mance, Ronell Joshua       48.94


4x100 Meter Relay Bantam Boys
10 So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                     57.04
    1) Baker, Jason                   2) Brown, Aaron
    3) Norman, Stanley                4) Smith II, Viincent

Discus Throw 1kg Midget Girls
15 May, Raven                  21.54m      70-08

Shot Put 6 lb. Midget Girls
11 May, Raven                  9.67m   31-

High Jump Youth Girls
17 Yancy-Williams, Aundrea    J1.45m    4-09.00

Long Jump Youth Girls
9 Faulknor, Alexis                  5.17m   0.5 16-11.50

400 Meters Dash Youth Girls Preliminaries
14 Faulknor, Alexis            58.77

100 Meter Dash Youth Boys Preliminaries
20 Woodard, Rhasheed          11.99 -0.1

Long Jump Youth Boys
19 Ivory, Kristaan             5.59m   1.8 18-04.25

4 x 100 Meter Relay Youth Boys
13 So Cal Running Cougars 'B'                     48.31
    1) Baker, Jared                   2) Countryman, Cameron
    3) Luckett, Anthony                4) Woodard, Rhasheed

400 Meter Hurdles Intermediate Girls Preliminaries
9 Cousar, Nyjah               1:05.52

200 Meter Dash Young Men Preliminaries
13 Hughes, Joey                21.78   1.3

4 x 100 Meter Relay Young Men
9 So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                     41.58
    1) Henry, Thomas                   2) Gutteriez, Nevin
    3) Hughes, Joey                   4) Anderson, Jeshua

Monday, July 16
Congratulations Reggie Wyatt and Team USA

Reggie Waytt (So Cal Running Cougar Athlete) and William Wynne - Team USA
OSTRAVA, Czech Republic - Team USA romped to four golds Sunday on the final day of the 5th IAAF World Youth Championships. The U.S. finished atop the medal table with 14, including an all-time high of seven golds.

Reggie Wyatt (Riverside, Calif./So Cal Running Cougars)completed the sweep with a 50.33 in the 400 hurdles for silver.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heat 2 Swiss Medley Relay

Pos Team Country             Mark

1st   United States Youth USA 1:51.94 Q (WYL)

(Sweeney Isaiah, Gilstrap Kenneth, Wyatt Reginald, Shepard Howard)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

400 Hurdles

Pos Athlete Country Mark React

1st Wynne William USA 49.01 (WY) 0.163

2nd Wyatt Reginald USA 50.33 (PB) 0.196

Tuesday, July 24
CONGRATULATIONS SCRC Junior Olympic Qualifiers - July 24 - 29, 2007, Mt. SAC, Walnut CA

Monday, July 9
CONGRATULATIONS COUGARS - 2007 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships - July 3 - 8, 2007 - SCRC RESULTS

1st Place - Gold Medalists

        DeAnthony Thomas - YB 200m (22.58)
        Kristaan Ivory - YB Shot Put (15.19m)

        4 x 400 Meter Relay Youth Boys                                3:33.61

1) Khalfani Muhammad 2) DeAnthony Thomas 3) Anthony Luckett 4) Jamias Jones

2nd Place - Silver Medalists

        Alexis Faulknor - YG Long Jump (5.38m)
        DeAnthony Thomas - YB 100m (11.17)

       4 x 400 Meter Relay Youth Girls                4:02.23        3:49.92

1) Laura McDowell 2) Alexis Faulknor 3) Adrianna May 4) Brittneeh Willliams

        4 x 100 Meter Relay Youth Boys                                44.31        
1) Kristaan Ivory 2) DeAnthony Thomas 3) Khalfani Muhammad 4) Jamias Jones

3rd Place - Bronze Medalists

        Laura McDowell - YG 800m (2:17.86)
        Raven May - MG Mini Javelin (27.09m)

4th Place

       Aundrea Yancy YG High Jump (1.50m)
       Raven May MG Discus (17.18m)

5th Place

        Raven May - MG Shot Put (9.83m)
        Christine Jackson - MG Long Jump (4.37m)
        Adrianna May - YG 200m (25.78)

6th Place

        4 x 100 Meter Relay Youth Girls                49.32                49.11

1) Laura McDowell 2) Alexis Faulknor 3) Adrianna May 4) Brittneeh Willliams

7th Place

        Laura McDowell - YG 400m (56.72)

        4 x 100 Relay Midget Girls                        54.06                56.54
1) Imani Fulwilder 2) Christine Jackson 3) Nyah Wilson 4) Saude Ferguson

DeAnthony Thomas - Congratulations on your recent success at the 2007 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships

As a result of your outstanding performance, you have been selected to participate in an international exhibition event to be held in conjunction with the 2007 Hershey’s Track & Field Games North American Final (August 2-5).   

1st place - DeAnthony Thomas       200m (22.52 prelims) 22.58 finals

Team USA wins 20 medals on final day of 2007 Pan Am Junior Champs - Bryshon Nellum


Team USA concluded competition Sunday winning a total of 48 medals over three days at the 2007 Pan American Junior Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The men's 4x400m relay of Robert Simmons (Houston, Texas), Christopher Ward (Kissimmee, Fla.), Johnny Dutch (Clayton, N.C.) and Bryshon Nellum (Los Angeles, Calif.) ran their way to a silver medal in 3:06.15.

Nellum wins gold on day 2 of the Pan Am Junior Champs


The second day of competition concluded Saturday with Team USA claiming eight titles at the 2007 Pan American Junior Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2007 Gatorade National Youth Track & Field Athlete of the Year and 2007 U.S. Junior champion Bryshon Nellum (Los Angeles, Calif.) won the men's 400 meters in 45.40 seconds.

Indianapolis - 2007 Finish Line USA Junior Track & Field Championships

2007 Gatorade National Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year Bryshon Nellum dominated the men's 400m, cruising to victory in 45.38.

Reggie Wyatt also earned 4th Place in the 400m Hurdles, 51.01

Reggie Wyatt

Monday, June 4
Congratulations to Cougar Athlete Bryshon Nellum and Long Beach Poly on the 2007 California State Team Title!


Bryshon Nellum/Long Beach Poly
6 Gold Medals equals State Boys record
4 Gold Medals in one meet equals State Boys record

Gold Medal 200m 20.43 - State record; #7 all-time!
Gold Medal 400m 45.54 - #14 all-time, #5 in California!
Gold Medal Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
Gold Medal Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

Nevin Gutteriez/JW North
Silver Medal 400m 47.86
Silver Medal Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
Silver Medal Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

Joey Hughes/Long Beach Poly
Bronze Medal 400m 47.86
Gold Medal Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
Gold Medal Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

Isaiah Green/Long Beach Poly
Gold Medal Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
Gold Medal Boys 4x400 Meter Relay


Boys 200 Meter Dash
1 Bryshon Nellum 12 Poly (Lb)/Ss 20.43S 10

Boys 400 Meter Dash
1 Bryshon Nellum 12 Poly (Lb)/Ss 45.54 10
2 Nevin Guttierez 12 North Jw/Ss 47.10 8
3 Joey Hughes 11 Poly (Lb)/Ss 47.86 6

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
1 Poly (Lb) /ss SS 40.81 10
1) Isaiah Green 12 2) Bryshon Nellum 12
3) Joey Hughes 11 4) Evant Orange 11

2 North, JW /ss SS 41.13 8
1) Thomas Henry 12 2) Nevin Guttierez 12
3) Tommy Curry 11 4) Reggie Wyatt 10

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay
1 Poly (Lb) /ss SS 3:10.92 10
1) Joey Hughes 11 2) Evant Orange 11
3) Isaiah Green 12 4) Bryshon Nellum 12

2 North, JW /ss SS 3:16.94 8
1) Thomas Henry 12 2) Reggie Wyatt 10
3) Tommy Curry 11 4) Nevin Guttierez 12

Thursday, May 10
2007 Penn Relays - Congratulations Cougar Athletes - Isaiah Green, Joey Hughes and Bryshon Nellum (also pictured, Evant Orange)

Long Beach Poly, 1st Place Champions of America

2nd fastest time in Penn Relays history!

253 HSB 4x400 Saturday, 5:25 pm
Championship of America

Place ID School/Affiliation Mark Runners
1 D Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, CA) 3:09.89
2 A St. Jago (Spanish Town, JA) 3:10.43
3 B Kingston College (Kingston, JA) 3:12.89
4 C Calabar (Kingston, JA) 3:13.22
5 E El Dorado (El Dorado, TRI) 3:17.02
6 G Deep Creek (Chesapeake, VA) 3:19.44
7 F Seton Hall Prep (West Orange, NJ) 3:19.50
8 H Tabernacle (Freeport, BA) 3:23.80

Evant Orange, Isaiah Green, Joey Hughes and Bryshon Nellum

Wednesday, April 11
2007 Cougar Elite Classic Results

Handout: 2007 Cougar Elite Classic Results

Wednesday, April 11
2007 Phoenix Invitational Results - Congratulations to the So Cal Running Cougars Medalists!

Youth Boys 100m Finals - Khalfani Muhammad

400m Youth Girls - 59.20
Alexis Faulknor

Long Jump Youth Boys - 5.20
Blake Gray

4 x 400 Youth Boys - 3:55.57
Justin Cooper, Anthony Luckett, Blake Gray, Khalfani Muhammad


100m Midget Girls - 13.38
Christine Jackson

4 x 100 Bantam Boys - 58.50
Jason Baker, Stanley Norman, Aaron Brown, Vincent Smith

4 x 800 Youth Boys - 9:46.49
Justin Cooper, Anthony Luckett, Blake Gray, Terell Willard

RESULTS - 2007 Cougar Relay Classic - March 10, 2007

Handout: 2007 Cougar Relay Classic Results

Tuesday, February 20
Western Zone Indoor Classic & Indoor Junior Olympics - February 18, 2007

1st Place
        Midget Girl Long Jump        Christine Jackson        4.80m
        Midget Girl Shot Put                Raven May                8.53m

Youth Boys 4x400 Meter Relay - New Indoor Championship Record
1 So Cal Running Cougars 'A' 4:12.69
1) Cooper, Justin 2) Jones, Jamias
3) Luckett, Anthony 4) Gray, Blake

2nd Place
        Youth Boy 200m                Jamias Jones                25.27
        Youth Boy 800m                 Jamias Jones                2:27.22
       Youth Boy 1 Mile          Justin Cooper                5:46.76
3rd Place
        Midget Girl 60m                Christine Jackson                8.54
        Midget Boy Long Jump        David Williams                3.99m
        Youth Boy 60m                 Anthony Luckett                8.19
        Youth Boy 400m                 Anthony Luckett                1:01.76

4th Place
   4 x 400 meter relay
   So Cal Running Cougars 'A'                         6:15.84
    1) Baker, Jason                   2) Brown, Aaron                  
    3) Norman, Stanley                4) McIver, Myles               

5th Place
       Midget Girl 200m       Christine Jackson          29.34
       Youth Boy 800m          Blake Gray                  2:35.04

6th Place
       Midget Girl 400m         Imani Fulwilder             1:09.11
       Midget Girl 800m         Imani Fulwilder             2:57.59
       Youth Girl 400m          Adrianna May                1:02.07   
       Bantam Boy 60m          Stanley Norman               9.12
       Youth Boy 400m          Cooper, Justin             1:05.03

Monday, August 7
2006 National Junior Olympics - SoCal Running Cougars

So Cal Running Cougars Track Club, at the 2006 JO's, Baltimore MD
4x100 Meter Relay Youth Girls                48.05        47.75
                                    1) May, Adrianna            2) Fowlkes, Ca'Ron
                                  3) Cabral, Brittany          4) Williams, Brittneeh

4x400 Meter Relay Young Men                3:12.62        3:08.28
                                1) Hall, D’Andre            2) Gutteriez, Nevin   
                                3) Jones, Ennis             4) Nellum, Bryshon

Long Jump Midget Girls                Faulknor, Alexis        4.92m        -1.3

400 Meter Dash Midget Boys       Jones, Jamias        57.96        56.01

400 Meter Dash Young Women        Williams, Sade        55.27        53.29

4x400 Meter Relay Midget Boys                4:03.47    3:58.21
                                1) Luckett, Anthony             2) Gray, Blake
                                3) Cooper, Justin                4) Jones, Jamias

200 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys        Hughes, Joey        22.13        21.75        2.0


4x800 Meter Relay Midget Boys        4        SCRC 'A'                        9:50.99
                                1) Cooper, Justin             2) Jones, Jamias
                                3) Luckett, Anthony          4) Gray, Blake

Shot Put 4kg Intermediate Girls        4        Williams, Shawnique        12.52m

400 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys 5        Hughes, Joey        48.23        49.24

4x100 Meter Relay Young Men        6        SCRC                41.18        41.56
                                1) Jones, Ennis             2) Nellum, Bryshon
                                3) Hall, D’Andre             4) Gutteriez, Nevin

100 Meter Dash Youth Girls        7        Fowlkes, Ca'Ron        12.29        12.60        0.3

200 Meter Dash Young Women        7        Williams, Sade        23.81        24.07        0.9

200 Meter Dash Youth Girls        8        Fowlkes, Ca'Ron        25.38        25.75        0.4

4x400 Meter Relay Youth Girls        8        SCRC                4:00.41        4:00.01
                                1) May, Adrianna          2) Williams, Brittneeh
                                3) McKesey, Nailah      4) Harvey, Jasmin

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