Smyrna-Clayton Pop Warner: Jr Pee Wee Football

Jr Pee Wee Football


Head Coach: Hal Moyer          302-423-2039

Team Mom: Heather Moyer         302-670-1698

 Assistant Coaches:              Jason Fretz

                                                Chad McLaughlin

                                                Andrew Ransome

Player Expectations:

 ·         Knowledge=Power

 o   Grades come first, homework should be done before practice

 ·         Discipline

o   Prompt – be there 15 minutes before practice, ready with all gear, shoes tied, pads buckled, etc.

o   Study playbook and know where you need to be on the field.

 ·         Respect

o   When coaches speak, players are quiet.

o   No back talk to coaches on or off the field.

o   Teammates, you are to challenge each other, help each other, and ultimately grow together without arguing or disrespecting each other.


Parent Expectations:


·         Knowledge

o   Emergency contacts – be sure to get cell phone contact and email to team mom.

o   Team mom (Heather) will inform you through email or text times and locations of practices and games.

o   Inform us of any medical conditions or treatments your child may need during practices or games.

 ·         Respect

 o   Respect all the athletes, coaches, and other parents.

 o   Any questions or comments will be directed to head coach away from the athletes, preferable before or after practice or over the phone if needed. 

 o   If you will be present at practice, please keep your distance so not to interfere with practice, please refrain from negative shouting.

 ·         Effort

 o   Volunteering your time will be greatly appreciated. Games will be forfeited if we do not have 4 volunteers for every game (3 on the chain gang and 1 play counter for the opposing team)

 ·         Responsibility

 o   You must submit all necessary paperwork prior to the 1st practice:

 ü  Copy of birth certificate

 ü  Completed physical form

 ü  Medical release form

 ü  Player contract and parental consent form

 ü  Copy of final report card 2014-2015 school year



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