Stanwood-Camano Junior Athletic Association (SCJAA): Coaches

Coaches Needed!!

Interested in coaching Lacrosse, Football, Arena Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball or Football Camp? 

Good coaches are always needed in all sports. If your interested in coaching a youth sport, contact us at the following email addresses.









Tuesday, March 29
Coaches Code of Conduct
Coaches, you are the first line of inforcement of conduct issues. You are always under the microscope, either by children, parents, fans, officials or other coaches. Please think before you act!

Here is the Coaches Code of Conduct. These are inforced! Please strive to live up to them!

1) Coaches will always be fair, firm and consistent.
2) Coaches will promote a positive attitude and lead by example.
3) Coaches will stress teamwork and respect with each and every athlete.
4) Coaches will listen to their players concerns and try to help them any way they can.      
5) Coaches use of profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco during any SCJAA event is prohibited.
6) Coaches will allow each athlete the opportunity to compete and excel
7) Coaches must submit to a Washington State background check before allowed to coach, a copy must be on file with Commissioner.
8) Coaches will strictly adhere to the policies and procedures of SCJAA.
9) Coaches will not engage in violent conduct, or verbal abuse towards any player, parent, or referee / official in SCJAA.
10) Coaches who break or ignore the rules as outlined in SCJAA or sport rule package run the risk of expulsion.

SCJAA Codes of Conduct can be found in the Rules section of the website. Contact your Commissioner for more details.