Stanwood-Camano Junior Athletic Association (SCJAA): Rules

SCJAA Grievance Policy
It is our goal to keep politics and adult issues out of childrens games. We also realize this can not always be done. 

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Article IX

In the event of a written complaint, grievance or alleged violation of SCJAA rules or Codes of Conduct, the following procedure is hereby adopted:
1.        Anyone who wishes to address the Association regarding any alleged violation, breach of Code of Conduct must do so in writing no later than forty eight (48) hours from alleged incident.
2.        A committee will convene comprised of the SCJAA Vice President and four (4) Board Members chosen by the Vice President. This committee will investigate the allegation, hear any testimonies and review and document necessary to validate or not, the accusation. The committee will have a seventy-two (72) hour time frame in which to come to a decision regarding the allegations.
3.        The committee will rule and hand down any sanctions/ and or penalties as it sees fit.
4.        Punishments, sanctions, suspensions, expulsions, probation, etc will be decided by the committee.
5.        The actions open to the committee range from imposing probation to permanent expulsion from SCJAA
All rulings by the grievance committee are final. There will be no appeals.

Tuesday, March 29
SCJAA Codes of Conduct
What are the Codes of Conduct? Well, it is an attempt to list behaviors that will and won't be tolerated. Some programs such as Stanwood Youth Football and Stanwood Youth Lacrosse have the participants (coaches, parents and ballplayers) sign the conduct form. Other sports elect to inform and inforce the participants. Either way, it is a simple reminder that its a KIDS GAME FOR THE KIDS!

1) Coaches will always be fair, firm and consistent.
2) Coaches will promote a positive attitude and lead by example.
3) Coaches will stress teamwork and respect with each and every athlete.
4) Coaches will listen to their players concerns and try to help them any way they can.      
5) Coaches use of profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco during any SCJAA event is prohibited.
6) Coaches will allow each athlete the opportunity to compete and excel
7) Coaches must submit to a Washington State background check before allowed to coach, a copy must be on file with Commissioner.
8) Coaches will strictly adhere to the policies and procedures of SCJAA.
9) Coaches will not engage in violent conduct, or verbal abuse towards any player, parent, or referee / official in SCJAA.
10) Coaches who break or ignore the rules as outlined in SCJAA or sport rule package run the risk of expulsion.

1) Parents should support the efforts of the volunteer coaches and of SCJAA.
2) Parents should set the right example for your child by always showing good sportsmanship.
3) Parents will not argue with a coach, referee or official at any SCJAA event.
4) Parents use of profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco during any SCJAA event is prohibited.
5) Any parent who crosses the field barriers during a game risks their child being disqualified from SCJAA.
6) Parents who incur an un-sportsmanlike behavior penalty risks their child being disqualified from further participation.
7) Parents should never voice any complaints or concerns towards coaches, referees or league officials in front of the children.
8) Understand that your child will be given every opportunity to participate; however, the safety of our athletes is our #1 concern.
9) Parents should praise your child’s efforts and always offer your support. Please allow your child to play as a child and have fun.
10) Parents who break or ignore the rules as outlined in SCJAA or sports rule package run the risk of expulsion.

1) Players will try their very best to support their team.
2) Players will be team players and always put the team first.
3) Players will stay within the team areas of the sidelines during games.
4) Players will accept their coaching and be ready to learn and have fun.
5) Players will listen to the coaches and follow the rules of SCJAA and of the sport.
6) Players will demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off of the field of play.
7) Players will attend all practices, games, meetings and any other team function on time.
8) Players will show respect towards all coaches, players and referees / officials at all times.
9) Players will not fight, use foul language or argue with coaches, teammates, or referees / officials.
10) Players who break or ignore the rules as outlined in SCJAA or sports rules package run the risk of expulsion.

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