SCCLIPPERS: What Makes a Clipper?

What Makes A Clipper?


What makes an SC Clipper player?


 An SC Clipper  basketball player can come in any size, shape, or color. There is no common denominator except a love for the game of basketball and an intense desire to get the most out of their abilities. He does not care if he is the one to set the screen or the one who hits the game winning shot because fulfilling his role is important. He understands his commitment to his teammates and that basketball is a team game. He is first concerned with the good of the team, and knows that individual recognition will come through team excellence.


An SC Clipper player has the enthusiasm of an evangelist, the discipline of a monk, the heart of a warrior, and never loses the honesty and character of a small boy. An SC Clipper player is made, not born. He is constantly striving to reach his potential, knowing that he will bypass other players who cannot withstand this quest for excellence.


An SC Clipper player is a player who will never give up or quit on himself nor on his teammates no matter the circumstances. An SC Clipper player is what the small kid dreams of being one day, and what an old wise man can look back on with great pride and say that he once played for such a team. 



                                      "We are not a team, we are one big FAMILY!

What makes a Clipper