SCCLIPPERS: Mission Statement

SC Clippers Mission Statement


 The SC Clippers Organization was founded for the purpose of providing sound basketball fundamentals and skills to each and every player. The ultimate goal of the SC Clippers is to build championship teams and players both on and off the court by helping players develop character, sportsmanship, and a hard work ethic that they can carry forward in school and through out the remainder of their lives.


“Anyone can teach the game of basketball, but you can’t teach Heart, which comes from within and brings the love of the game, the desire to get better and the passion of winning. You can’t teach Hustle, which makes the offense and defense work  and breaks down the competition at the same time, no one can take away your Hustle.”


The SC Clippers Organization believe in hard work, having a positive attitude no matter what, giving everything you got at all times while  never giving up.



Mission Statement