SCCLIPPERS: Mission Statement

SC Clippers Mission Statement



 The fundamental purpose of the SC Clippers Organization is to provide a competitive outlet for serious basketball players from the York County as well as surrounding areas to pursue their perspective basketball dreams, goals and aspirations. Whether those dreams, goals and aspirations are making their local school teams, elite competitive teams or playing on the Collegiate level. We pride ourselves in developing kids on and off the court. We strongly encourage and support academic excellence in the area of academic production in the classroom. We believe in providing true leadership, sportsmanship while building strong residual character in all of the players that choose to be a part of the SC Clipper Organization.

The Clipper 10:

Coachable- An athlete that can learn, become an effective listener and good in communicating in order to obtain their maximum potential. 

Sportsmanship- An athlete that respects Rules-Officials-Opponents-Teammates-Self. One who can make his teammates better by raising their level of play.

Heart- An athlete with heart will set themselves apart from mediocre athletes. Usually an athlete with heart will practice hard, work harder and play at an extremely high level. They are the diamond in the rough, the man amongst boys and the lion amongst sheep.

Passionate- An athlete that is passionate about their sport will go to great lengths to be successful in it no matter the route they have to take to get there. This athlete will go the extra mile and even if they want to quit they won't.

Mentally Tough- An athlete that is mentally and physically tough can push through adversity in practice and during game time. When the tough gets going these individuals show calm and resilience during the storm.

Awareness- An athlete that can play the game with a high Basketball IQ is an asset to the team. This player will know where everybody is on the court at all times even during plays. This player will understand game time situations, know what is needed to accomplish task, have great court vision and plays smart under all circumstances. 

Confident- An athlete that can play at a high level of confidence in their game. No matter who they play, where they are playing at and what is happening during the game. These players have no fear of knocking down the big shot, taking a charge, shutting down top scorer, attacking the paint and taking the game winning shot.

Effort- An athlete that steps on the court and give 100% effort during warmups, training, practice and during game time. This player will do all drills the correct way no matter if they are not successful. These players will go hard all the time no matter what. These players get irritated by slackers, lazy players and unmotivated teammates.

Hustle- This is the athlete that will box out and rebound against a guy that is 6 inches taller than they are. This is the athlete that will dive for every loose ball. This is the athlete that will not let their man beat them one on one. This is the athlete that will run down their opponent and prevent the easy layup. This is the athlete that is going to be determined not to let anyone beat them on the court, period. High motor, high energy and a lot of pressure.

Development- An athlete that has a strong desire to get better in all aspects of their game. This athlete will humble themselves to their parents, coaches, teachers and others in authoritative roles. This athlete will absorb all the knowledge, teachings, training, practice and game time situations to learn then apply themselves to become a better player.