SCCLIPPERS: 2015 Spring Recap





It was a very successful Spring Season. Our orgnization won its very first tournament in the organizations history the 16U team went a perfect 4-0 beating the SC Blazers 34-33 in the championship game. The 16U would go on to win two more tournaments with one of those tournaments beating local rival Fort Mill Knicks in the championship game to capture the title. The 16U team also placed runner-up in two other tournaments.

Impact Player
Keaton Griffin SF:
Great all around game who led the team with 17pts 9rb 2 blks per game during the season. Keaton is a verocious competitor leaving everything he has out on the court. Rebounds well, attacks the rim well, runs the floor well and contest shots at the rim. Has the ability to make the shot after contact. Can knock down the midrange & 3ball.
Honorable Mention
Myles Byers SF-PF:
This is a player who is a matchup nightmare to strong to stop, to quick to cutoff and not afraid of contact. Finishes very well in the post often through contact. Decent ball handler with the ability to often blow by smaller quicker defenders. Strong rebounder and very efficient free throw shooter.Not afraid of a challenge.
Austin Grainger SG-SF:
Deep perimeter shooter that consistently shoot the deep ball well. Attacks well off the wings. Can beat you both ways in transition either layup/dunk at the rim or pull up jumper. Strong lengthy rebounder can defend smaller players. Rhythm shooter
 when hot it can be a long game for the defense.
Reed Strawhorn SG:
Smart athlete that shoot the deep ball well and has a nack for always being around the ball. This kid scores in bunches and scores well in transition whether its at the cup or pull up 3ball. Efficient free throw shooter. Nice spot up shooter. Once scored 28 points during a single game in tournament play.



Coach Joe led the charge in the inaugral season in which this group was playing together for the very first time in competition basketball. This group played better together down the stretch as the season came to an end.This groups hard work and determination did lead them to a winning runner-up during a tournament in the Spring.

Impact Player
Cole Schleif SF:
Cole is a shifty, gritty tough player who often find his way to the free throw line on the good end of an and1. This kid only has one motor and thats top speed on both ends of the floor. Hustles for all loose balls often diving on floor to come up with 50/50 balls. Very tough often playing and making the play through contact. Can knock down the midrange shot. Can defend and contest very well.

Honorable Mention
Blake Turner SG:
This kid is a balanced ball player utilizing a high basketbal IQ. Shoots the 3 ball well and can handle the ball when needed. Not afraid to attack the paint and consistently finds the open teammate then gets rewarded with the assist. Student of the game who studies his opponents then attacks their weaknesses.
Will Debboutt C:
During season play this kid picked up his play and began to emerge as a dependable big. Whether it was putbacks, blocking shots or grabbing the boards he turned it on late in the season. Will often alter the shots of opposing offenders attacking the paint. He can knock down the short corner shot and finish well in the post.



This group started out as two teams then came back together as one. During the Spring this group learned alot about competion basketball and what it takes to win on this level. The coaches did an outstanding job with this group of young men getting them to understand what it takes, what they need to do and the mentality it takes to play in a very competitive environment. Towards the end of the season this group came together and competed until the buzzer sounded in each game. Coach Steve led his team twice placing runner-up in two very competitive tournaments. Coach Eric challenged his guys to step up their level of game play and they responded by competing better against tough opponents during the final stretch of the season.

Impact Player
Austin Wilson PG-SG-SF:
Austin has the ability to play multiple positions and excel in each position. This kid is a smooth, decisive and smart basketball player when it comes to making the right play or move at the right time. His midrange game is strong and he has a nack for making the tough play getting the and1. Can also play tough intense defense. At times this kid carried the load for his team often scoring, defending and controlling the tempo of the game. Great playmaker.

Honorable Mention
Jawan Strong PF-C:
This is kid who has great upper body strength and has the ability to finish strong at the rim. He can defend on the other end of the floor and will contest shots at the rim. While grabbing boards and playing strong this kid also has developed a nice midrange shot. Plays very strong and determined in the post.
Harrison Cohen SG:
Harrison is a kid with great potential to be a really good shooting guard. He can handle the ball well and knock down the open shot whether its the 3 ball or in the midrange . Can play intense lock down defense. Runs well in the open court. Being more vocal can be the floor general when out on the court.
Tearance Darby SF:
Tearance runs the floor well on both ends of the ball. This kid can shoot the midrange well and knock down the 3 ball. Has a nice post game and finishes strong at the rim. Contest the shot on the defensive end and a really sound rebounder. Plays at one speed during the game and its called hustle. Once scored 28 points in a tournament game.



This group of young men are going to be special for years to come. They were playing together in competitive basketball for the very first time but seem to play at a high level and give it their all at all times. These guys understood what it took to win but came up short capturing the title during the tournament season. All was not lost this group competed to the very end against great competition and twice won runner-up in tournament play.

Impact Player
Ben Burnham SF:
Ben has a basketball game that is constantly evolving right before our eyes. This kid can shoot the 3ball, hit the midrange and finish at the rim. This kid also can handle the ball in tight spaces. He is an offensive juggernaut and when determined to score can't be stopped. Ben is a student of the game and often put the team on his back scoring a game high of 26 points once during tournament play which is awesome. Ben often finds the right person at the right time to make the right play.

Honorable Mention
Daeviaun Qwiy SG-SF:
Can play both ends of the court well. Can go baseline to baseline with ease. This is an athlete with freakish ability being in the 7th grade and already grabbing the rim off vertical. This kid is a monster in transition and often out work bigs in the low post grabbing boards and producing putbacks often with and1s. Great leaper and rebounder. Has an excellent motor that don't stop until the buzzer sounds in the second half. Can score from anywhere on the court with the midrange shot. Once scored 30 pts in single game during tournament.
Keshon Fletcher PF:
Contributed well this Spring being his first year in competition basketball. Contested shots at the rim well often resulting in block shots. Finishes well at the rim. Can pass the ball well out of high/low post. Also has a soft midrange shot. Can defend well against taller bigger opponents.
Chase Zeanchock PG:
A little floor general. Has good court vision. Able to take control of the game and run the offense. Often makes the right decision out in transition. Finishes well at the rim. Excellent free throw shooter. Can knock down the midrange and 3ball. Often in the right place at the right time resulting in tip balls and steals which leads to points.
Joshua Stradford SG: 
Has the ability to finish well in traffic. Can attack the paint at anytime and get the floater to drop with pinpoint accuracy. Runs in transition well often finishing with made shot at the rim. Anticipates very well often resulting in steals and  turnovers. Can knock down the open shot off of screens and in transtion. Plays good defense on a consistent basis.