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Why choose Cal Ripken baseball for your child?

What is Cal Ripken Baseball? It is basically a “brand” of baseball similar to the "Little League" brand of baseball we've played for years. Cal Ripken baseball is growing more & more every year with many leagues doing what SCYB did in 2012, converting from "Little League" to Cal Ripken Baseball. Many leagues are realizing that there is a need for the game to evolve with the kids as they develop as players and Cal Ripken Baseball offers just that.  The kids play by slightly different rules, mostly at the 9-12 years of age levels. The rules they play by prove to be very helpful as they transition out of youth baseball at age 12 and onto Babe Ruth baseball and/or modified school baseball at age 13.  We have found that kids of ALL playing ablities enjoy playing the Cal Ripken brand of baseball!

In a nutshell, the Cal Ripken style of play allows the kids to experience a more “real baseball” style of play where leading, stealing and bunting are introduced at an earlier age. In the Majors division (10-12 years of age), the kids play on a slightly larger field than a Little League field, which has been proven in many other Cal Ripken programs in the area to be extremely beneficial in the transition to the Babe Ruth level and modified baseball in 7th & 8th grades.  We have been told by many Babe Ruth and Modified coaches that they see a significant difference in the "readiness" of the players to play Babe Ruth & Modified baseball that transition out of a Cal Ripken program because they have already learned the Babe Ruth/Modified playing rules. The only adjustment is the larger field they play on at those levels.

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South Colonie Youth Baseball offers "Cal Ripken" baseball to boys & girls ages 4-12 years of age. Our boundaries are open to any child (ages 4-12) living within the South Colonie School District. SCYB is the only Cal Ripken program offered in the South Colonie School District.  

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