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ASA/USA Diamond Classic Events: 8u RULES  

ASA/USA Diamond Classic Events

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ASA/USA Diamond Classic Events
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  8u Tournament Rules – Coaches Pitch

  1. Teams can only play Defense with 10 players maximum
    A.  Only 6 players allowed in infield including Pitcher & Catcher
    B. Catcher must wear protective gear at all times on field.
    C. Only 4 players in Outfield, either in the grass or minimum of 10’ behind bases.

  2. Batting lineup can range from only the 10 starters or up to the entire lineup.
    A. If batting entire lineup and an injury occurs with no subs, an out will be taken for the injured player(s).

  3. The Coach pitcher must pitch the ball from inside the pitchers circle
    A. If umpire rules interference on the coach pitcher, ball will become dead & batter will be called out
    B. If a hit ball touches coach pitcher a deadball will be called and a redo will take place without losing a pitch in the pitch count

  4. The Player Pitcher must have one foot inside circle when ball is pitched

  5. The team on defense must stop the lead runner or the Player Pitcher must have possession of the ball INSIDE the circle before Time will be called by umpire. At that time the runners will either advance or return to the base using the Halfway rule.

  6. No intentional rolling the ball to any base to attempt an out

  7. NO BUNTING ALLOWED (Automatic Out)

  8. Batter receives 6 pitches or 3 Strikes (unlimited foul balls on 6th pitch)

  9. Games will be 6 innings or 1 hr 5 min time limit

  10. Teams may only score 7 runs per inning.

  11.  Teams may play with 8 players but an out will be recorded for the 9th player.

  12.  On an overthrow at 1st or 3rd base runners may advance only 1 base at their own risk. Overthrow at 2nd is get all you can get.

  13. When a team is on defense 2 coaches may be OUTSIDE the foul lines in the outfield to coach.

  14.  Infield Fly rule is NOT in effect.

  15. Runners may not leave base until ball reaches home plate.

ASA/USA Diamond Classic Events
ASA/USA Diamond Classic Events
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