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A.S.A. of Upstate South Carolina: **14u Futures Times  

A.S.A. of Upstate South Carolina

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Last updated
05-21-15 11:29 PM
A.S.A. of Upstate South Carolina
Chad Greene
David Harris
864-630-4172, South Carolina

Diamond Classic
14u Futures
May 23-24

Parks Used:

N. Spartanburg Complex
1150 Old Furnace Rd
Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Coaches passes are for coaches only!!
Not for wives/husbands or others!!

Games Balls Furnished by tournament directors

**Directions to parks located under "Park Directions"**

Event Rules Are:


3 Seeded Pool Games/Single Elimination

Metal Cleats Allowed

Chin Straps ARE Required

2 EPs allowed in lineup

Free Substitution on Defense
(Saturday Only)

Courtesy Runner 
Can be Sub or Last Out

ASA Rulebook Governs all other rules



Tournament Director
@ N. Sptbg Complex

Billy Brown

14u - Pool Schedule

Pool Games - 1 Hr 20 min Finish Inning
Pool Games can end in a tie

3 Seeded Pool Games /

Single Elimination Bracket

Seedings determined by:

1.Win / Loss / Tie Record
2.Head To Head (If possible)
3.Runs Allowed
4.Runs Scored

Pool A                                   Pool B

Ga Titans                                Lady Lightning

Tigers Futures                        Carolina Curve

Carolina Cobras                     WNC Extreme

Sandhills Slammers                Carolina Comets Black

Venom                                      Carolina Thunder

Diamondbacks                         Pink Sox

Pool C                                      Pool D

Southern Bomb Squad             Carolina Elite Beth

Firecrackers                              Ohio Outlaws

FCA                                            Team TFS

Palmetto Elite                            Carolina Crush (Durham)

Team Vengeance                       Carolina Fire

Charlotte Magic                        Alexander Blue

Top 3 from each pool go

into the SHOWCASE Bracket

Winner will get Automatic spot in

Diamond Classic Fall Showcase

Sat. 8:00 AM – Cobras - Slammers F-A
Sat. 8:00 AM – Carolina Curve - Carlina Thunder  F-B

Sat. 8:00 AM – FCA - Palmetto Elite  F-C
Sat. 8:00 AM – Team TFS - Carolina Fire   F-D
Sat. 9:3
0 AM – Ga Titans - Venom   F-A
Sat. 9:30 AM
 Lady Lightning - Pink Sox  F-B
Sat. 9:30 AM – Firecrackers - Vengeance  F-C
Sat. 9:30 AM – Alexander Blue - Ohio Outlaws   F-D
. 11:15 AM – Lady Tigers - Diamndbacks    F-A
Sat. 11:15 AM  Carolina Comets - WNC Extreme  F-B
Sat. 11:15 AM – Bombsquad - Charlotte Magic F-C
Sat. 11:15 AM – Carolina Crush - Carolina Elite (B)  F-D
Sat. 12:45 PM
– Carolina Cobras - Ga Titans   F-D
Sat. 12:45 PM – Carolina Thunder - Lady Lightning F-C
Sat. 12:45 PM – FCA - Team Vengeance   F-B
Sat. 12:45 PM – Carolina Fire - Ohio Outlaws  F-A
Sat. 2:30 PM – Slammers - Lady Tigers   F-D
Sat. 2:30 PM – Carolina Curve - Carolina Comets   F-C
Sat. 2:30 PM – Palmetto Elite - Bombsquad   F-B
Sat. 2:30 PM – Team TFS - Carolina Crush   F-A
Sat. 4:00 PM – Venom - Diamondbacks  F-D
Sat. 4:00 PM – Pink Sox - WNC Extreme  F-C
Sat. 4:00 PM – Firecrackers - Charlotte Magic  F-B
Sat. 4:00 PM – Alexander Blue - Carolina Elite (B)   F-A
Sat. 5:45 PM – Carolina Cobras - Lady Tigers  F-B
Sat. 5:45 PM – Carolina Curve - Lady Lightning   F-D
Sat. 5:45 PM – Palmetto Elite - Team Vengeance  F-A
Sat. 5:45 PM – Carolina Fire - Carolina Crush   F-C
Sat. 7:15 PM – Slammers - Venom  F-B
Sat. 7:15 PM – Carolina Thunder - WNC Extreme F-D
Sat. 7:15 PM – Charlotte Magic - FCA  F-A
Sat. 7:15 PM – Team TFS - Alexander Blue   F-C
Sat. 8:45 PM
– Diamondbacks - GA Titans   F-B
Sat. 8:45 PM – Pink Sox - Carolina Comets   F-D
Sat. 8:45 PM – Bomb Squad - Firecrackers   F-C
Sat. 8:45 PM – Carolina Elite (B) - Ohio Outlaws   F-A



A.S.A. of Upstate South Carolina
A.S.A. of Upstate South Carolina
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