Home of the SCA Lady Dragons: Playing Time


A player is a contributing member of the team. She is challenged in practice sessions and is provided opportunities during game situations to display her basketball skills. All players receive playing time.  However, some players will receive more playing time than others. The amount of time that a player receives is determined by several factors such as skill, attitude, work ethic, attendance at practices and games, match-ups, and foul trouble.

Although during any one game an individual may feel that she didn't receive appropriate court time, over the course of a season each player is provided adequate opportunities to display her talents. The amount of playing time that a player receives has the potential to become a serious source of friction among players, parents and coaches. If this becomes a problem, bring this concern to the coaching staff to see if it can be reconciled. It is the player’s responsibility as a team member to address this with her coach personally. Parental involvement in this area is strongly discouraged.