Home of the SCA Lady Dragons: Practice Code


Teams will usually practice two times per week. Practice sessions provide time for development of individual skills and team concepts. Defensive and offensive strategies are covered. Players are expected to learn the system during these sessions, so that game coaching can reinforce concepts that have been taught.

Practices are teaching sessions and full attention and concentration is expected. Mistakes become learning experiences for all. Time is provided for feedback and questions. This is the time to share any difficulties that you have in learning the system. A player’s question(s) is encouraged and welcomed. If no questions are asked, then the coach expects that players know and understand what has been taught. Turnovers and missed shots are part of the game. Emphasis is placed on reducing the frequency of these occurrences. One the other hand mental errors, lack of hustle and not helping teammates are more serious concerns that require action by the coach.

A player will be told of these concerns and expected to modify her/his court behavior accordingly. Accepting constructive criticism is part of any learning experience. Always remember, a coach providing you with feedback is important to your development as a basketball player. It is not a reflection of your value as a person.