South Bend Senior Hockey League: Welcome

Sunday, April 6
South Bend Senior Hockey League


please remember to add 3%


Rink manager Mike klute 574-250-7814 cell

Email the disciplinary board here





Jeff Sax

2804 s Twyckenham Dr

South Bend, IN 46614

219-898-5705 cell  773-945-1104 work  

PROSHOP People always ask me about the pro shop and when they are open. They have a webpage with their hours posted on it. Please bookmark this, the website is


IB-2 is rink 2 on the north part of the building and IB-1 is the old rink on the west side of the building. I will post the times on the eteamz website. All sessions are open to anyone 18 and older. You will need full equipment. Those new to the league, and who want to get on a team, please contact me. Many of the guys at the boot camp pool together to form teams. I usually gather names, and when we get enough players I throw something together. I will be putting together a rec team this summer assuming we have enough interest. I personally am also looking for goalie for them. If anyone has questions for Michelle her email is cell number is 574-286-0636

The IYHL is having their annual membership meeting 3/26 @ 6pm at the ice box. They will be having elections and more information is on their website

Wrapping up this winter session, we continue to see healthy growth of the league. Just a little history, when the C league started up in the 2003-04 season with 2 teams, we had 12 teams in the combined A, B, and C Leagues. This past season we ballooned to 35 teams. Last year we rented 519 hours of ice with 37 teams but this year we used 418 hours. Mostly due to the loss of the A league and a shorter 26 game season. Last summer we had 30 teams and used a total of 238 hours of ice. I anticipate the same or more teams this summer and its going to be incredibly tight once again. For those holding out for just the now and then pickup hockey, are going to find that there isn't much going to be available. Those looking for ice I have a feeling Saturday, early afternoon, is going to be the only time open. We might run some more clinics that time over the summer, if demand is there. There is dropin hockey at noon at notre dame and we have drop in at the ice box on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5pm.

If there are teams who want to only play spring, or only play summer, or want to only play 3, 6, or 9 games etc..., I can work with you and figure out a cost. Just let me know, I am somewhat flexible. I am thinking an 18 game schedule. Spring/Summer session will start April 13th. We will run through end of august. I am going to go with the same 18 games like last year. Team fee is going to be $3100. So if you have a 15 man roster it’s about $207 a guy or roughly 12 bucks a game. Obviously less if you have more guys rostered. More guys = less ice time= less $$$. My team rolls light and we pay more, but that's your call and I won't be telling guys who and how many they can roster. Tell your guys it's going to be between $195 and $235 per player.

I sometimes get criticized with sharing too much info, but that's how I roll. I like to back my figures up with facts, so here's how I came up with the $3100. Ice is $275 an hour and both refs make $25 a game. So its $325 a game split in half or $162.50 per team, per game. 18 games is $2925 just for the ice and refs. Insurance was more than last year and I usually cover it with fees from winter, but with the A guys getting their own insurance and not being part of our league, we were short this winter, even with my small surplus. Ill cover it with the sax tax, which I will get to later. Guys joining the league please note that our insurance requires all players to have either a cage or face shield on your helmet, in order to play. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

The rink charges a security fee, for the security guards in the parking lot during our games. The fee is $10 bucks a guy per season and I am going to base it on a 15 man roster, regardless if you have 12 or 17 guys on the team. I used to base it on a 14 guy roster, but it seems every summer the rosters get longer and longer. The average this winter was 16 guys. The money goes to the rink anyway, not in my pocket and whatever I collect doesn't come close to covering the expense the rink bears. In the past, before we had security, there have been break ins, but they have now been pretty much eliminated with the addition of the security. So, making it uniform across the board, it's based on 15 guys and it just makes it easier for me. I am not counting rosters or doing a head count. Some guys are on two or three different teams and have to pay these two or three times. I have heard every excuse in the book. Just pay it!!! So add $150 to the $2925 and were up to $3075.

There's a thing I affectionately call the "sax tax" which goes to cover my league fees, my time, creates a small surplus and gives me the peace of mind that I won't have to cover a deficit. Remember this late into the season, I am still chasing one team that has still not paid in full. I don't get rich off this, and it's extremely, extremely, extremely time consuming. I really enjoy running the league and hope nobody begrudges me. The continued growth of the league is testament, I hope, that things are going in the right direction. We're talking a summer budget of over 85k and a surplus of roughly $600 to work with. Not real huge margins here. Now, I was going to do $15 per team, but I am asking $25 which is just over a $1.50 a guy and I come out with a nice even number of $3100 total per team. I like even numbers?? Maybe I am greedy for that buck fifty? Regardless, that's what your team needs to collect, and that explains to everyone I didn't pull a number out of my ass. I need the extra few hundred to cover the shortfall from the winter insurance as well. Last year spring/summer was $2950 for both sessions (18 games), changes this year are: ice went up $10 an hour and refs went up $3 each a game. I think it's on target compared to last year.

League fees can be paid by Cash, personal checks, money order, or by PayPal (please add a 3% fee). I also take several post dated checks to make it easy for everyone. The PayPal link is on the eteamz website. Checks can be mailed to my house or dropped at the rink and given to any of the rink workers who drop it in the safe and I pick it up Friday afternoons back from my week in Chicago, or Sunday nights after my games at the rink. I make it tremendously easy for everyone. Even with this flexibility, I still have issues collecting from teams and individuals. Team Fees will be due April 6st. Teams won't be scheduled until they are paid in full. Captains get rid of the deadbeats. There will be guys looking for teams willing to pay on the free agent list. Pick them up, drop the dead weight!!!

Captains, there will be a captains meeting on Monday march 10th at 6:00pm. If you can't make it, you MUST send a representative; otherwise your team won’t be playing. We will discuss the usual. Refs are welcome and encouraged to attend. The disciplinary board has been a complete joke and we are looking for people who have thick skin and willing to make decisions quickly and actually respond to an email. you raise your hand, please call me and I can explain the details to you of what being on the board entails. I would prefer a captain to fill these slots, but anyone including refs is welcome to join and a few guys have said they are interested. Currently the rink management, mike and michelle, have been filling this void and we are cleaning house. We have asked/told some guys to not come back and the refs have compiled a list of troublemakers who will be put on notice that the refs won’t tolerate their constant whining and ***ing. One of them is on my team, so I have some work to do to myself.

I was at notre dame Thursday night and was told this week by a guy who used to play in the ice box league that the guys in the league seem more jovial and friendly over at notre dame and people look so pissed off coming into the ice box. I think its a few bad apples that need to be weeded out and I want to discuss how to bring that back to the ice box at the meeting. The rink has taken a more hands on approach and filling in where my time just isn’t available. I know this sounds like a risky thing, but I think its in the best interest of the league and the rink to have their input. We will bring this up at the captains meeting.

I will be posting the team rosters as they come in. Captains please let me know ASAP if you're fielding a team and even if you have partial roster I can post. There will be a link on the eteamz site to get there and it will be visible to everyone. I will also be posting names and contact info of people looking for a team to play on. Please pick these guys up if you’re short. Many of these guys looking for a team are willing to pay up front, unlike a few of the regular guys on your team you have to beat the fees out of every season. If you are looking to play on a team, please email me with your contact info and what level you play at. Those looking for a team will be posted on the roster link, and I will try and shoot an email to the captains.

Michelle mensik is going to be doing the scheduling for the summer. With her having access to the rink schedule and having changes on a constant basis, she feels she can get the schedule up faster and out quicker. I wish her luck. If teams have scheduling requests, she would be the one to talk to. She will be at the captains meeting and you can get with her as far as what you guys want.

As far as game times. Last year we had 27(spring)/28 (summer) teams, and with one rink, we pretty much played every night of the week. I am anticipating the same amount of teams this summer. For the first few weeks in April and last few weeks in august we will pretty much play every night. Once we get to end of April we lose our Monday (co-ed) and Thursday (doc league) night’s slots. We will pick them back up in august. Guys need to be prepared to play any night of the week including Friday and Saturday nights. In the past, 7th day Adventists, fireman, policemen etc who have days they can't play, Michelle will do her best to look out for them, but with not much to work with, expect the worst and hope for the best. I can't be any more blunt.

I spoke to Kevin Deeth at NDU this Thursday night and they are planning on Thursday night time slots again. Many guys like me play in both leagues and don’t want a conflict. He is thinking 8 teams with game times @ 7, 8:10, 9:20 and 10:30. They might have some games Friday night too if there is enough teams. I will do my best to avoid conflicts with them. I know the doc league wants to have that go on, and I spoke to Charlie rice, and they might go to another night. Maybe co-ed will go to Thursday, maybe A league will go there. I am just not sure yet, but the senior league will not have games on Thursday night. That’s a promise I made to mike mcneill and Kevin deeth at notre dame. The draft league right now is going til april 17th and then again will probably have a week off for the next draft and will most likely pick up may 1st for another 10 weeks. They also are going down to 1 rink so that’s why they are only going to squeeze 8 teams. I will send out info to the senior league captains when that comes up or if youre in the league now you’ll get it from deeth.

I really like the draft idea, because you get to play with all kinds of players and no matter how much you don’t like a player, you might be playing with them the next draft. I was talking to some of the guys about players in the league that we love playing with, but can’t stand playing against and this really makes things interesting. This would never fly at the ice box, but its working over there and guys like me really enjoy it.

The senior league will be split up into B, C and rec. A league doesn't play in summer. We will talk about placing teams at the captains meeting. Captains if you want to voice your opinion where you think your team is, then be there. The Rec league is going to purge some of their "C" players this spring and hopefully kick them up a division. If you aren't sure if you belong in rec league, then ask your captain, or just move up. We really need to keep the level of play down for those who belong there and who are just starting out. The C league, which was the original beginner’s league, has gotten so much better, but then again so has pretty much everyone else. When the rec league was introduced it really filled a void. We are at that point again. If people are there to play with family members, we can try to make acceptations, but beware, we will be making sure the spirit of the league is followed and adhered to.

Right now co-ed is up in the air and klute had a hard time getting commitments last year. Until they find someone to organize it, mike would be the one to contact.

So to recap: Boot camp in march depending on interest

Captains meeting march 10th 6pm

$3100 per team 18 games

Spring/summer league starts April 13th