The Sagemont Beverly Hills Little League Longhorns are scheduled to begin their third season of Challenger Baseball this Spring of 2014.  Challenger Baseball was created to allow youths with physical or developmental disabilities to have the chance to play the game in a safe environment. It was introduced by Little League Baseball in 1990, and leagues across the nation have taken hold of the program in recent years. Youth’s ages 4 through 18 are eligible to compete. But it is important to note that teams will be created based on an individual youth’s mental and physical capabilities rather than age.There will be no registration fee for players, and each player will receive a team jersey, pants and cap. As per Challenger League guidelines, each participant is guaranteed to receive one at bat offensively and will also be allowed to play at least one inning in the field per game. Typical Challenger League games complete three innings and last about one hour.

In the league, each player will also have a “Buddy” assigned to them to help with any of the game’s skills such as swinging a bat, running the bases or fielding the ball defensively. Players may also have the use of a hitting tee in order to make hitting the baseball easier.  The Challenger League uses bats that are lighter and balls that are softer than the ones used in regulation baseball. Players also wear helmets both at bat and in the field in an effort to further promote safety.
It is SBHLL’s intent on making Challenger Baseball a part of the youth sports scene in the South Belt area.  Our first objective for this upcoming season is to compile a list of candidates, returning and new, wishing to play in the Challenger League next Spring. Potential players or their families may contact us via email at

With this being said, we want this upcoming season to be a huge success and in order for that to happen, we need donations.  If you or anyone you know would like to help us by making a cash donation to our organization, please direct payments to the following address.

Please make checks payable to SBHLL / Challenger Division

SBHLL / Challenger Division
P.O. Box 34271 
Houston, TX 77234


Bronze Level: $50-$149      Silver Level: $150-$299      Gold Level: $300-$499
Platinum Level: $500-$999      Diamond Level: $1,000 +

Thank you for your support and we look forward to a successful Spring season!
Note:  Coaches and Buddies are also needed

Specifics involving the league such as game days, length of the season
and the like have yet to be determined.  We will be publishing more info as it becomes available.

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