Spring Area Youth Softball: Coaches Corner

Friday, August 15
ACE Certification

Attention all Coaches


SAYS requires all head coaches to be ACE Certified.

We do reimburse the $25 if you pass the Ace Certification.


ACE Stands for:

A-chieve: A certain level of knowledge. 
C-ertify: To confirm that a coach has obtained a level of understanding 
over that which he/she has been tested on. 

E-ducate: To assist with the gathering of knowledge and information.

There are now more ways to become an ACE Certified Coach. 
Certifying as an ACE Coach is a simple, straight forward process. 

The best and quickest way to complete your ACE Coaching is online at www.registerasa.com. In each of the first three levels 
you will watch the ACE video that corresponds to your certification level 
and then be tested on the material in the video. The videos cover such 
topics as Principles of Coaching, Legal Issues in Sports, First Aid, 
Practice Organization, Coach/Umpire Relations, and Sport Specific Skills. 
Once you have passed the ACE Certification test you are an ACE Coach 
and receive full ACE Benefits. It is that easy! 

For more info contact Todd Spurlock @ (281) 235-8324 



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