Sawyer YSA 01b: News: Player Documents Prior to Play

Player Documents Prior to Play

Players MUST have certain documents turned in as soon as possible so the team can be formed.

- Player Registration and payment via  (deadline:  6/30/2013) 

- $25 late fee after deadline (registration timing is very important for team formation, uniforms, etc...) 

- KYSA Medical Release Form, notarized (deadline:  7/15/2013)

- COPY of a valid Birth Certificate, issued by the state or country the player was born in (deadline: 7/15/2013)

- NOT a hospital-issued certificate

- Player Card signed by the player (deadline: 7/15/2013)

- All players, certified Coachs, and Team Managers must have state-issued player cards

- The COACH will take your player's picture to print for the card

- The COACH will bring cards to Summer training sessions to get player's signatures

- The Team Manager will meet with the state representative to get the cards and team rosters approved and stamped