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Monday, April 9
2018 Player Registration Open

Hello All,

  You can start to register for your teams on the form below.  Please ensure you use your birth day in the BirthDay field, just saves us all a little time later. you can fill out the form directly on the page.


Tuesday, October 31
Indoor 2017-2018
If you are looking for results on your outdoor opponents check it the links below.  If we missed anyone let us know.


Sunday, May 28
2017 Scoring Race
Handout: 2017 Scoring Race

Thursday, March 23
2017 Player Registration

Friday, March 10
2017 Team Registration

Wednesday, November 23
Indoor 2016-2017

If you are looking for results on your outdoor opponents check it the links below.  If we missed anyone let us know.




Ginis/Mavericks 95


Mavericks 09


Pink Ladies   

Wednesday, September 28
Outdoor Season Complete

The 2016 Outdoor season is complete.  Good luck to all teams competing indoor.  Watch for news on the 2017 outdoor season in early 2017.

Wednesday, August 17
2016 Scoring Race
Handout: 2016 Scoring Race

Friday, April 15
Schedule Posted

Hello All,

   The schedule posted is approved by SASA (assigning refs and fields) under 2 weeks to kickoff.

 Subscribe to the google calendar by using the links below:

Div 1

Div 2 

Sunday, March 20
Time to Register

This season we are going to try collecting registration forms online.  Please use the link below to register for your team.  If you are a new player looking for a team please email to find a team.

Player Registration Form  

Wednesday, October 7
Indoor 2015-2016

Looking to keep track of your outdoor opponents?  Here is a link to all of the SAWSL teams playing indoor in EDSA.

Pink Ladies -

Mavericks 95 -

Gini's -

Devils -

Kickers -

SA Blaze -

Snipe -

Cosmos -

Morinville -

Mavericks 09 -

If anyone was missed please let us know. 

Thursday, May 14
2015 Scoring Race
Handout: 2015 Scoring Race

Monday, May 4
Schedule Approved
The 2015 outdoor schedule is approved.  Please note the first 2 games are on Tuesday night to ensure we don't have to play on mothers/fathers day or too many midweeks in the summer.  Have a great season everyone!

Wednesday, April 29
SASA Turning 60

Wednesday, March 11
2015 Season Almost Here

Hello Teams,

  2015 is sneaking up on us.  The new forms are posted in the handouts section.  All the forms you need are there.  Please note the deadline for returning teams is April 10 and the deadline for new team is March 31.  Deposit and Team Application are due at that time.  Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming season!

Thursday, September 25
2014-2015 Indoor Teams

Below is a list of the teams from our league playing indoor.  Good luck to everyone!

Mavericks 09 – 2A

Morinville – 3A

Cosmos – 3C

Kickers – Chapman

Snipe – Collingwood

Mavericks 95 – 4A

Devils – 4B

Blaze – 4D

Gini’s – 4E

Pink Ladies – Rec B


Tuesday, September 16
Season Done
Thanks for a great season everyone!  Congrats to the Div 1 season and playoff champions Mavericks 09 and the Div 2 season champs, Cosmos and playoff Champs SA Blaze.

Sunday, September 15
Season Done

SAWSL 2013 is officially done.  Great job everyone, good luck indoors!


Jeanet and Shane 

Sunday, May 25
2014 Scoring Race

Handout: 2014 Scoring Race

Wednesday, May 7
Season Countdown

The season is less than a week away!  With the change in league format the first half of the season will be a bit different than the last few years, but once we get reseeded we'll be back to normal.  Best of luck to all of the teams!  Have fun, play hard! 

Monday, February 24
Outdoor 2014

Hard to believe but we are closing in on the outdoor season.  The new forms are posted to the website in the handouts sections under important forms.  All the forms you will need for the upcoming season are there (assuming you are playing in SAWSL).  Please note a few important dates below:

March 31 - New team application deadline and deposit due ($1000)

April 7 - Returning team application deadline  and deposit due ($500)

April 25 - Full registration package (including individual registration forms) due


Thursday, October 10
Indoor 2013-2014

Looking for updates on your favorite SAWSL team during the winter.  Click the links below to find out how they are doing in their respective divisions.

Mavericks 09 - Division 1A

Morinville and Cosmos - Division 3A

Mavericks 95 - Division 3C

Kickers - Division 4 Chapman

Snipe - Division 4 Collingwood

Blaze - Division 4A

Gini's - Division 4D

Devils - Division 4E

Pink Ladies - Division Recreation A

Goal Diggers - Division Recreation B  

Wednesday, February 20
Outdoor is Quickly Approaching

Hello All,

  The outdoor season is just around the corner.  In preparation the website is updated with the key dates you need to know (March 31 Team Application and Deposit due for new teams, April 7 for new teams and April 28 for full fees and registration packages).  All the forms on the site are now updated to 2013 as well.  If you notice anything else you need to get your outdoor season rolling please let me know. 

Sunday, June 2
2013 Scoring Race
Handout: 2013 Scoring Race

Monday, November 5
Indoor 2012-2013

Follow your favorite SAWSL team as they go through the EDSA Indoor season.  Links below to each division and their standing.


Mavericks 09 and Morinville Division 2A

Cosmos 3D

Storm 4 Atterbury

Kickers 4 Chapman

Gini's and Snipe 4 Turner 

Mavericks 95 4A

SA Force and Pink Ladies 4C

Devils 4F

Goal Diggers RecA

Monday, April 30
Schedule Posted

Hello All,


Full schedule is now posted.  Please review for any conflicts.

  The schedule is now posted with the fields for your games.  We had to move the Monday May 21 games into a mid week.  For div 2, yours are scheduled the same week, either May 22 or 23.  For Div 1 yours have been moved into mid June.  We tried to not back load July and August too much because of summer and if we have rainout we wanted to leave some holes to reschedule.  Season starts in just over 2 weeks!

Tuesday, August 28

The Mavericks 09 wil be representing SAWSL in Tier IV Provincials on Sept 1, 2 and 3.  Gametimes are below!

Sat Sept 1 10am ESA Complex (Calgary 1)

Sat Sept 1 6pm ESA Complex (Edmonton 2)

Sun Sept 2 12:30pm ESA Complex (Edmonton 3)

Tuesday, May 29
2012 Scoring Race
Handout: 2012 Scoring Race

Monday, April 23
League Set Up Complete

Hi All,

  This has been by far the most challenging year getting SAWSL set up.  As of this weekend we have the league set up finalized.  Based on the 14 teams we have registered, we've decided to break the league into a six team Division 1 (triple round robin) and an eight team Division 2 (double round robin).  The top six teams in Division 1 from last year (Morinville, Mavericks, Goal Diggers, Lady Titans, Storm, Cosmos) will make up the top tier, playing for a spot in Tier 4 provincials.  The remaining teams will make up the second division.  We are confident that this format change will lead to more competition throughout the league.  Special thanks to Mavericks 95 and SA Force for being accomodating and agreeing to stay in Division 2 this season after winning promotion in 2011.  Same for Gini's and Kickers, who've agreed to move into Division 2 after avoiding relegation based on their team performance in 2011.  We are looking forward to two very competitive divisions this season. 

  The season will tentatively start on May 15, 16 or 17 for your team.  The regular season will wrap up Aug 12 and then both divisions will have playoffs. 

  Stay tuned for more information in the coming days!


Jeanet and Shane

Monday, April 23
Unapproved Schedule Being Posted

For those of you watching the website for the schedule, I am in the process of posting it.  This schedule is unapproved by SASA and not considered final.  In order to get it to SASA for fields I need to add it to the website.  This should give you an idea of when we'll be playing, but please do not use this for your teams, this is not the final schedule. 



Monday, April 2
Outdoor is Coming!

Returning teams are required to drop off the team application to 36 Kingsbury Cres.  Once we have the applications we will advise how the league set up will be for the upcoming season.  Thanks again all

 Jeanet and Shane

Monday, April 2
Indoor Success
Congratulations to all SAWSL teams on a successful indoor campaign with EDSA.  Special congratulations to Morinville who won there division 3 pool and are promoted to division 2 next year.  As well to the Pink Ladies for winning their recreational division. 

Friday, October 14
Indoor Links

Looking to follow your SAWSL teams through the indoor season?  Hit the team name below to link to their EDSA Standings page.

 Morinville, Storm and Kickers

Mavericks 09

Goal Diggers and Pink Ladies

Cosmos and Snipe


Mavericks 95 and Devils

SA Force and Falcons

Friday, July 22
All Star Game Rained Out

The weather is not cooperating, the game may be rescheduled but we are not sure yet.  If the game is not rescheduled each team will be given 2 shirts for their all stars.

 Shane and Jeanet

Saturday, July 9
July 10 games rained out

Hello all,

  Games July 10 are cancelled, the league will reschedule and let you know next week.  Thanks



Sunday, June 19
Games today are rained out

All SAWSL games are rained out today.  The league will reschedule them as mid week games some time in before the end of the season!


Shane and Jeanet 

Tuesday, June 14
City Field Rainout Website

Hey Teams,

  Based on the weather forecast there is a good chance we could run into some rain outs this week.  The link below is for the City fields.  During the week the link is updated at 4pm each day, so check it after that.  If the link says fields are closed games are off, regardless of current (a ref will not show up if the fields are closed).  If it says open, games are on, regardless of the current weather and it is up to the ref to determine if the game is to be played.  Not showing up if the fields are open is a forfeit and a $100 fine to the team.  If you have any questions please let Jeanet or Shane know.

Monday, May 23
Games are on tonight

Hello Teams and Players,

  Games will be played as scheduled tonight.  The ref will determine if a field is unsafe due to conditions.  Thanks


Jeanet and Shane 

Sunday, June 5
2011 Scoring Race

Handout: 2011 Scoring Race

Monday, May 9
Schedule Finalized

Hello Teams,

  The schedule is finalized.  While we may have the odd minor tweak, we are considering this the final version.  Any changes from this point will result in a notification email to the team managers.  A copy of this schedule will be placed in your package.  Please review your schedule and ensure there are no conflicting games (your team is not scheduled twice on the same date or time).  Also, please confirm that the schedule on the website is correct, especially if you direct your teams to the league website for game details.  The website is hand populated, so there is opportunity for errors. 

 Good luck this season!

 Jeanet and Shane

Sunday, April 24
Preliminary Schedule Posted

Hello All,

 A preliminary schedule is posted.  Please note that this schedule needs to be approved by SASA and is subject to change without notice.   The final schedule will be provided with the registration package.  Thanks

 Jeanet and Shane 

Monday, August 23
Congrats to Kickers

Congratulations to the Kickers for taking the Womens B division in the past weekends SASA Adult Tournament.  It's nice to see an SAWSL team take the tournament!

Tuesday, June 8
2010 Scoring Race
Handout: 2010 Scoring Race

Tuesday, March 23
Mavericks 09 to Indoor Provincials
Congratulations to Mavericks 09 who will represent our league at Provincials.  The Mavericks finished in first place in Division 3C and will represent EDSA as Edmonton III.  Provincials take place in Edmonton on March 27 and 28.

Tuesday, March 30
2010 Schedule

Hi all,

  Schedule is now posted for both Div 1 and Div 2 for the entire season.  Sorry for all confusion. 


UPDATE - We are expecting some further changes to the schedule.  Please remember the posted schedule is only tentative.


Over the coming days a tentative schedule will begin to be posted.  Please note this is a tentative schedule and not the final version.  The final version will be in your registration packages.


Tuesday, September 1
Morinville to Provincials
Congratulations to Morinville who will represent our league at Provincials.  Morinville finished in first place in Division 1.  Provincials take place in Edmonton on the long weekend in September.

Sunday, July 5
2009 All Star game

Just a note, the all star game is this Saturday, July 11 at 7pm at Riel Park.  Hope to see you all out there.

 Jeanet and Shane

Monday, May 25
2009 Scoring Race
Handout: 2009 Scoring Race

Tuesday, September 30
2008 Year End Survey

2008 Year End Survey
1) Do Monday games after long weekends work for your team?
2) Do the playoffs run too long into September?
3) Did you enjoy the playoff format?
4) Is the Allstar game meaningful for your team?
5) Did you like the new All Star format (1 game, both divisions)?
6) Does your team understand trialists?
7) Does your team understand affiliation?
8) Is the website contain the information that you require?
9) Do you find the website easy to use?
10) Would you be interested in playing games at 3pm, as well as 5 and 7?
11) Would you be intersted in sponsoring 5 new refs (about $500) into SASA as a league?
12) Other comments, concerns, recommendations...
         write-in your own answer above

Sunday, September 14
Pink Panthers Win A Pool Playoffs
Pink Panthers 2008

Monday, September 15
Mavericks Win B Pool
Mavericks 2008

Thursday, August 7
Playoff Schedule Update

Please note some locations and times have changed for playoff games.  Please ensure that you make note of any changes for your team.


Jeanet and Shane 

Monday, July 28
Playoff Schedule Posted

The playoff schedule has been posted, as well as the draw for the first round.  Please note the start time changes for the first 2 rounds of games.  As with last year we completed a random draw for playoffs.  The winners of the first game move to the A pool, the losers to the B pool.  From there we draw again, and play down in a single elimination format.  The only difference this year is that we will draw randomly for each round.  After the games the teams will be drawn and the website updated.  Good luck to everyone!



Saturday, July 12
All Star Game 2008

Tonight was the annual All Star game for the SAWSL.  Two teams were formed from the 15 league member teams and a great game ensued!  In the end the final score was 5-5, a treat for those watching.  It was a great game played by all!


Goal scorers for Red - Chantal (2), Kristen, Des and Ashley

Goal scorers for Grey - Lise (4), Angela


The Red Team The Grey Team

Alyssa, Ashley and Angie - Storm Lindsey and Disa - Revolution 

Megan, Steph and Des - Morinville Marcia and Brittany - Gini's

Kathleen, Kristen and Chantal - Mavericks Karen and Claire - Kickers

Rita, Julia and Andrea - Hi-Balls Lise, Ashley and Janine - Lady Titans

Tina and Niamh - Devils Angela - Fury

Fury 2 and Alleycats - no representation  Rachalle and Lindsey - SWAT

Darlene and Lee-Adele - Falcons

Pink Panthers - No Representation

A special thanks to the coaches and to Wyan from the Storm for organizing the game.  

Red Team All Star 2008
Saturday, July 12
Red Team

Grey Team All Star 2008
Saturday, July 12
Grey Team

Sunday, May 25
2008 Scoring Race
Handout: 2008 Scoring Race

Wednesday, April 9
Google Map of Fields

View Larger Map

Thursday, April 17
Schedule Posted

The schedule is up.  This version has been approved by SASA.  Please note that the games originally scheduled for May 4 have been moved to the end of July.  The City of St Albert will not release the fields for play until May 5.  Please check your schedule online to ensure no conflicts (the same schedule is coming on your package).  Thanks



Monday, March 17
Player Release Form

Player release form has now been fully updated.  All areas have confirmed contacts for this year.~Thanks...Jeanet

Thursday, March 13
2008 Pre Season Meeting

Hello Teams,

  Please remember the meeting this Sunday (March 16) at the Riel clubhouse.  Please make sure that your teams send a representative.

 Jeanet and Shane

Sunday, September 23
2007 SAWSL Survey

2007 Year End Survey
1) Do Monday games after the long weekends still make sense?
2) Did the playoffs run to long into September?
3) Did you enjoy the new playoff format this year?
         write-in your own answer above
4) Is the All Star game something that is meaningful for you and your players?
5) If you are a coach or manager, do you understand how trialists work and what a trialist is?
6) If you are a coach or manager, do you understand how affilliation works?
7) Is the website easy to navigate and use?
8) Any other ideas, comments, questions, concerns?
         write-in your own answer above

Saturday, May 19
Field Locations
I had a request to post the field locations since they are a little different this year. You can download a map of St. Albert fields from the handouts section. Here are the fields and their addresses!

Vital Grandin School, 39 Sunset Blvd.

Poplar Park, Park Drive

Lorne Akins Jr. High, 4 Fairview Blvd.

Grosvenor Blvd.

Eldorado Park, off Eldorado Dr.

Handout: City of St Albert Map

Monday, April 23
Rain out Information

Click to link to City of St Albert field condition web page.

Please see rainout procedure in the IMPORTANT FORMS section of the handouts.

Saturday, April 28
Slight Schedule Change
We accidentally scheduled on a FIFA U-20 World Cup night.

Update 2 - Games scheduled on July 9 at 5pm have been moved to July 10 at 7pm, same field as originally scheduled. Each team will be notified by email.

Update 1- All games on July 2 have been moved to July 3 or 4. The games have been updated on the website and a new schedule has been sent out. All 5pm games from July 2 were moved to 7pm on July 3 (same fields) and all 7pm games were moved to 7pm on July 4 (same field). Thanks

Tuesday, April 24
Schedule Posted

Wednesday, March 15
2006 Outdoor Season
Get ready for the new outdoor season. Looks like the league is growing a little so we are still working on a schedule. Please remember that your deposit is due March 31. Also, the sooner we have the individual registrations the more likely the cards will be ready for your first game. Enjoy the off season, because outdoor is around the corner!

New Handouts have been added. The 2006 Team and Player applications, as well as the 2006 Player Release form are in the handout section. Also, the game sheets for the upcoming season have been posted electronically (note seperate forms for Div 1 and Div 2).

The schedule has been added for Div 1 and Div 2. Please note that this is manually entered, the printed schedule you will receive in your package is the gold standard. If you notice any errors for your team please advise Jeanet as soon as possible!

Friday, April 14
2006 Scoring Race
Handout: 2006 Scoring Race

Sunday, April 23
2006 Playoff Plan

The playoffs will be scheduled as such, this is the current plan, this is not written in stone.

Div 1

1st Place vs 8th Place Aug 27 (Game 1)
2nd Place vs 7th Place Aug 27 (Game 2)
3rd Place vs 6th Place Aug 27 (Game 3)
4th Place vs 5th Place Aug 27 (Game 4)

Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 4 Sept 6 (Game 5)
Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3 Sept 6 (Game 6)

Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6 Sept 10


Div 2

1st Place vs 8th Place Aug 27 (Game 1)
2nd Place vs 7th Place Aug 27 (Game 2)
3rd Place vs 6th Place Aug 27 (Game 3)
4th Place vs 5th Place Aug 27 (Game 4)

Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 4 Sept 6 (Game 5)
Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3 Sept 6 (Game 6)

Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6 Sept 10




2005 Outdoor Season Complete
Congratulations to all of the teams in the St Albert Womens League this summer. A special congratulations to Morinville 1 and 2 who both one the league and playoff cups. 2005 turned out to be a very good year for the league and each of its member teams. To those of you playing indoor good luck in the upcoming season, and to everyone else have a great off season!

Div 1 League Champs - Morinville 1
Div 1 Playoff Champ - Morinville 1
Div 1 Scoring Leader - Becky Himshoot and Melissa Hoskins (Both Morinville 1)

Div 2 League Champs - Morinville 2
Div 2 Playoff Champ - Morinville 2
Div 2 Scoring Leader - April Zembral (Morinville 2)

2005 Scoring Race Link
Handout: 2005 Scoring Race

Wednesday, August 23
2006 All Star Game Results
Both All Star games turned out to be quite good, although the Div 2 game was called a bit short by the threat of lightning. In both divisions the team made up of the 2, 3, 6 and 7 won. The Div 1 game was a final of 4-1 and the Div 2 game ended up at a 2-1 final. Thanks to everyone who participated and made the evening a success.

Monday, September 11
2006 Year End
Well, another year is done with the SAWSL. This year brought some new challenges and some new successes. It was full of great competition and comraderie. Congratulations to Morinville Blue for winning the league and playoff for the 3rd consecutive season. you have definately raised the bar for the rest of the teams, and we are closing in. Well done to the Devils who won Div 2 this season and to the Alleycats for coming from 3rd place and winning the playoffs. Great job this year everyone! Best of luck in indoor if you play, see you all next year!

Jeanet and Shane

Tuesday, October 3
2006 End of Season Survey
Please fill out our survey to help us make the league the best it can be. Each person may only fillout the survey once. Feel free to have your players fill out the survey if you wish to pass this onto them.

2006 Year End Survey
1) Did you find the games on Mondays after long weekend effective?
2) Did the playoffs ran to long into September?
3) Was the All Star game meaningful to your team?
   Didn't know there was an All Star Game
4) Does your team understand the term trialist and who qualifies as a trialist?
5) Do you feel comfortable with the Rules and Regulations?
6) Is the information on the website easy to use and navigate through?
7) Are there any improvement to the Website you would like to see?
         write-in your own answer above
8) Give us your feedback on the season. What worked? What didn't?
         write-in your own answer above

Sunday, May 6
2007 Outdoor Scoring Race
Handout: 2007 Scoring Race

All Star Logo
Wednesday, June 25
St Albert Womens Soccer League All Star Game

  The All Star Game will be held on July 12, 2008 at 7pm, at Riel Field #2.  The format this year will be to mix Division 1 and 2 together for one game.  Each coach or manager has been sent information in regards to the number of players. 

  New this season, all star t-shirts will be provided at the game and the participants will get to keep them.

  Come out and cheer on the all stars from your team!

Wednesday, June 11
Schedule Changes

Hey Everyone, 

  As you know we hate to change the schedules.  Unfortunately we have had to make a few changes due to scheduling conflicts.  Nearly all teams are affected, so please check your schedule.  Look for:

If you have any games at Fountain Park in July or August you will have new locations

The June 15 game at Riel between Fury and SWAT will now be at Grovesnor

All games on June 29 have been moved to July 2 or 3.


Thanks Shane and Jeanet! 

Thursday, October 6
SAWSL Teams Indoors!

Follow your fellow SAWSL teams through their indoor season.


Mavericks 09

Mavericks 95






Thursday, December 1
2017 Team Registration

Thursday, December 1
2017 Player Registration

Thursday, December 1
2017 Trialist Form

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