St Albert Womens Soccer League: Meeting Information


Gamesheet 2014Gamesheet 2014

Important Forms

Registration ChecklistRegistration Checklist

2014 Team App2014 Team App

2014 Affiliation Form2014 Affiliation Form

ASA Form 2010ASA Form 2010

2014 Player Reg2014 Player Reg

2014 Transfer2014 Transfer

2014 Trialist2014 Trialist

Rain Out ProcedureRain Out Procedure

City of St Albert Map

Here are two different maps for the city fields

City of St Albert Facilities MapCity of St Albert Facilities Map

City of St Albert MapCity of St Albert Map

Rules & Regulations

This is a copy of our Rules & Regulations. If you have any questions on these please contact Jeanet.

Rules and Regs 2010Rules and Regs 2010

2005 to Current Record Book

2005 to Current Record Book2005 to Current Record Book

SAWSL Goal Scoring HistorySAWSL Goal Scoring History

2014 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2014Scoring Race 2014

2013 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2013Scoring Race 2013

2012 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2012Scoring Race 2012

2011 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2011Scoring Race 2011

2010 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2010Scoring Race 2010

2009 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2009Scoring Race 2009

2008 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2008Scoring Race 2008

2007 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2007Scoring Race 2007

2006 Scoring Race

Scoring Race 2006Scoring Race 2006

2005 Scoring Race

2005 Scoring Race - Final2005 Scoring Race - Final

Coaching Information

Here is some stuff that has been gathered through various sources over the years. Please take everything with a grain of salt as there is no right or wrong way to coach.


Basic Defending PrinciplesBasic Defending Principles

Basic Attacking PrinciplesBasic Attacking Principles

8 Deadly Sins of Soccer8 Deadly Sins of Soccer

Making the Killer PassMaking the Killer Pass

Oregon Coaching ManualOregon Coaching Manual

Soccer-L ManualSoccer-L Manual

Spooner ManualSpooner Manual

League History

League HistoryLeague History

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