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Hi All


SNLL League Meeting December 13th, 7 pm. 



1)      Vote on Redraft for Major and Minor League teams annually.

2)      Vote on Changes to League Constitution and By Laws


Our league has seen drastic changes over the past two years. We have a fairly new president in Tom Whittredge. We also have a lot of new faces on the board and lot more effort from people who want to make our league a place kids can develop while having a great experience with their families. We are headed in the right direction but there is plenty of work to be done. We have a number of issues to tackle. We will start at our next meeting on December 13th at 7 pm in the Police Station.


Over the last few meetings, we the board and other parents in our league have discussed ways to grow and develop our league. Many topics come up but two seem to stick out. How do we make the league more competitive and balanced? And how do we better develop the skills of all the players from T-Ball to Majors. 


We will have a meeting on December 13th at 7 pm to discuss and vote on some of the changes we are proposing. We will vote on redrafting the Major and Minor leagues on an annual basis. This is something more and more local leagues are turning too. This will provide a more balanced league which should result in more competitive games and development for the kids.


We will also be looking at our league constitution and By-Laws. We feel like there may be some updates and or changes in our rules that will help the league. We also would like to clearly define the roles of the SNLL Board, league directors and coaches. Clearly defining roles and expectations of our board and other volunteers should help set expectations for all of those involved.


If anyone would like to review the constitution and by-laws they are on our web site. We encourage folks to come to the meetings to share their opinions. In order to make our league great we will need participation and effort from parents at all levels. 



SNLL Executive Board


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