Saugus National Little League: Welcome


The Winner of the Red Sox ticket Raffle is...

Dan Zeitz


Congrats Dan!!! 





Here are the 2015 S.N.L.L Raffle winners!

Checks will be sent out soon to the winners and the sellers! 


Day Winner Amount
1-May Denise D'Amato $250
2-May Linda Cicolini $50
3-May Alan Peters $50
4-May Dominic Calder $50
5-May Lori Cassier $50
6-May Carol McLaughlin $50
7-May Lauri DiVola $100
8-May John Cirame $50
9-May John Russo $50
10-May Ann Whittredge $50
11-May Carol McLaughlin $50
12-May Bob DiVola $100
13-May Andre Haddad $50
14-May Al Coppola $250
15-May Betsy Sheehan $50
16-May John Desmond $50
17-May Dominic Calder $50
18-May Roy Gagne $50
19-May Sharon Cocoran $50
20-May Leighanne Magnarelli $50
21-May Dan O'Brien $100
22-May Kerri Bozarjian $50
23-May Matt Dell'Afano $50
24-May John Cirame $50
25-May Betsy Sheehan $50
26-May Ann Whittredge $50
27-May Renee Kelleher $50
28-May Jackie Russo $100
29-May Kathy Imbrogna $50
30-May Bridget Forziati $50
31-May Jackie Russo $250


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