Sarasota Heat 98: Welcome

There is no I ... only WE ... and WE are the Heat. Work hard or go home!

Tuesday, July 26
Montgomery Pool Schedule

The Heat is in Pool Q with the following teams:

1. Georgia Fillies

2. Texas Fusion

3. California Cruisers

Our 1st Game: v. CA Cruisers on Mon 8/1 @ 6:00 pm

Good luck to the other 3 Florida teams attending the event.  We will see you all at the fields.

Monday, June 20
Alabama Bound!!!!!!!


Alabama, here we come. 

2011 Florida State ASA Champion Sarasota Heat have qualified for and been invited to attend the:

USA/ASA 12U Fast Pitch Nationals Montgomery, Alabama -- July 31 - August 7

This community team was the ONLY 10U team representing the state of Florida in the 2009 National Tournament and have qualified for and will represent the state of Florida again in the 2011 National Tournament as a 12U team. The girls have worked hard to have the chance to represent the state of Florida at this prestigious National tournament. Please help support us in this endeavor.

Please feel free to download the "Alabama Sponsor Information" by clicking the link below.

Thank you for your support!!!!

Alabama by Stacy

Handout: Alabama Sponsor Information

Tuesday, June 21

Your Name and company information could be here

Contact Lou Ann Linn @ (941) 915-3215 to find out how.

Sarasota Heat Organization

Our 18s looking as fabulous as ever
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We're getting bigger and bigger. Now with teams in the 10's, 12's, 14's, and 18's (2 teams), the red, white and blue are taking over. Visit the 18's website and send a big thank you to Mark and Dawn for making all this possible. Good luck in your upcoming season, I know it will be fun to watch. Thank you again for everything, without you we'd still be floundering.


We will not quit
We will not alibi
We will not gloat over winning
We will not pout over losing
We will not take unfair advantage
We will never underestimate our opponent or overestimate ourselves
We will set the example by displaying excellent sportsmanship


We will inspire our girls through a love for the game and the knowledge to teach it
We will emphasize that is more important to lose fairly then win unfairly
We will lead our girls and our spectators to respect the officials by setting the example

We will let our coaches coach
We will cheer positively or not at all
We will appreciate a good play, no matter who makes it
We will never boo a player from either team or an official
We will always remember that our children are watching and they emulate our actions