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Monday, January 5

Welcome 2018 coaches

spring sign ups coming soon!!!




Important Safety Policy Info 

You have to complete all forms to be registered as a coach for 2017 including a background check. In the past background checks were good for 2 years. Not any longer. Every adult working with kids registered through SGSA beginning in 2014 will submit a back ground check every year.

No exceptions.

If you have parents that will work with players on or off the fields during practice or games, they must have a current background check on file with SGSA.

You as the Head Coach are responsible for any participants and their conduct during the season that involves this policy. SGSA has the right and will investigate any violations of this policy that arise at practices or games or any other SGSA function associated with players that are registered through SGSA  

Coaching forms can be downloaded from the Handouts page. 


(Age Group Coordinator)

Spring 2017 




Ginger Davis: text or call


Jimmy Haubert:


Gina Haubert: 

14U and 16U

Tim Handley: 

  NOTICE: Please email all questions and concerns to your AGC. 

     For any Umpire Related Questions or Concerns Please Contact our Chief Umpire:  LARRY NAGEL

Online Coaches Certification

All adults who are on the field durring game days, must have certification from one of these certification courses, and able to show proof upon request by the umpire of the game or SGSA staff.



Tuesday, January 10

City of Sapulpa Statement


Each youth sports association is responsible for ensuring that all of their coaching applicants are trained and certified via the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Program, which is administered and overseen by the Sapulpa Parks and Recreation Department.  The Sapulpa Parks and Recreation Department is the official Chapter to the National Chapter of the NYSCA.  As per City of Sapulpa law via City Ordinance Number 1634, passed and approved by the Sapulpa City Council on March 19, 1990, each youth sports organization is also responsible for ensuring that all its applicants are effectively being supervised and held accountable to the NYSCA's Coaches Code of Ethics.  Each organization shall also ensure that all of its parents are abiding by the NYSCA's Parent's Code of Ethics as well.

Sapulpa's New Screening and Criminal Background Check Policy The Sapulpa Parks and Recreation Department planned and implemented a new city-wide background check program for all youth sports coaches, due to the fact that it recognized that safeguards must be taken to protect youth while they are participating in programs conducted in the Sapulpa community.   The criminal history and background check (name and/or fingerprint) is performed on each specified applicant requesting to work with Sapulpa youth.   The Sapulpa Policy requires that prior to and as a condition of being appointed to work with youth, all prospective applicants must have a criminal background records check conducted.  All specified applicants, before being allowed to work with youth, must complete a Youth Sports Volunteer Application, which includes a Disclosure Statement and a Consent/Release Authorization form for a Criminal Background Check.  The Policy is selective in the quest to find the “best” volunteers for the positions

Wednesday, February 5
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